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Arabella Wood

Full Name: Arabella Elaine Wood

Nickname(s): Arya

Birthdate: August 21, 1877

Age: 11

Occupation: First year Hufflepuff

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: TBD

Family: Father: Wellington Wood
Mother: Nella Wood nee. Hughes
Sister: Mabell Wood
Brother: Alphonse Wood (Rhys)
Uncle: Edgar Hughes (Jon)
Standing at a willowy 5'2" tall, Arabella is a little tall for her age but probably won't grow much more than a few more inches as she ages. She tends to dress conservatively, preferring longer sleeves than what is fashionable and tends to wear things that emphasize her small waist. She's left-handed and will hopefully be a left-handed wand user when she gets her wand soon.
Shy- sweet- quiet- docile
Born the youngest of three children, Arabella was doted on by her father, and tolerated by her older siblings. She was born the year that Hogsmeade was established and moved there when her father and mother decided that they needed to be closer to Hogwarts when their children would eventually attend. Although Mabell and Alphonse are okay at their classes, Arabella hopes that she will ace them and eventually become a prefect. Once she's Sorted of course!
Arabella's first instance of magic came when she was seven, when she accidentally set a curtain on fire with a candle that was across the room. She was quite surprised and if it wasn't for Alphonse, the entire curtain could have gone up in flames. Luckily he was there and the curtain and the house were spared.
Now that she's been accepted at Hogwarts and Sorted by the Hat into Hufflepuff, Arya is quite happy. She's making friends, doing well in classes and learning as much as she can.
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I make new characters constantly because I'm afraid that if I don't, people will forget about me. It makes me feel better to have a million links to everyone because they'll be like Bubbles has so-and-so so she HAS to thread with me because they're fambly. I make characters with no ties to anyone and I don't know why. I'm even taking Arabella's mum at Thanksgiving (and killing her into a ghost) because I'm afraid no one wants to take her because she's related to one of my characters.