Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Extended Profile

    Coraline Cattermole

    Debutante & Amateur Beauty Potioneer

    Debutante & Amateur Beauty Potioneer

    Played by Miri
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    Coraline Charity Cattermole

    “For the dancing and the dreaming.”

    - ※ -

    Early Life

    PRE-1868 | Despite the objections of his blood purist family, wizard archaeologist marries the halfblooded Wihelmina Whitledge in an intimate wedding ceremony consisting of mainly the bride's family. While he was never disowned publicly, the Cattermoles' utter silence after - even when they had extended the common courtesy of announcing the birth of their first son a year later - was further proof of their vehement disapproval, and Reginald rarely - if ever - heard from them since.

    AUTUMN OF 1868 | Coraline Charity was born on a crisp autumn afternoon in late September. As the couple's first (and only) daughter, she had been constantly doted upon and and shown off family accordingly, though had proved a difficult babe in the beginning.

    YEARS 1870 - 1871 | Avid travelers - especially so when her father was assigned an excavation mission, and her mother, equally as adventurous as her husband was, usually tagged along - Clara and her brothers were largely left under the care of their maternal grandparents in Southampton. They had frequently alternated between their city townhouse in the summers to a good-sized estate in the winters.

    WINTER OF 1872 | Clara and her older brother are joined by baby Archibald in mid-winter of that year. She was initially disappointed that he wasn't the little sister she'd been hoping for.

    AUTUMN OF 1874 | At five, Clara was given a governess by the name of Miss Sunderby, from whom she learned the finer points of what it meant to be a lady.

    SPRING OF 1875 | Clara's parents contracted a rare magical illness while abroad, and were detained from coming home. While her father had recovered, the illness was far too advanced for her mother's body to fight off, and Wilhelmina Cattermole (née Whitledge) passed away in the early hours of April 2nd.

    In his grief, her father Reginald takes off a day after the funeral, and they don't hear anything from him in over six months.

    AUTUMN OF 1875 | Despite the sad events of the few months prior, her grandparents were determined for Franklin's departure for Hogwarts to be a happy occasion, and the first Cattermole child was sent off to school where he'd been sorted into the ------ house.

    SUMMER OF 1876 | Clara displays her first act of magic by creating dancing figurines out of the water in the garden fountain. Transfixed by the graceful movements and twirling figures, Clara decided that she had wanted to learn ballet, and an instructor had been hired for the purpose. Unfortunately, ballet dancing required an agility and a certain strength that little Clara lacked, and it wasn't long before she had given up the pursuit altogether.

    WINTER OF 1877 | Her Papa spends the entirety of the Christmas holidays from the end of November to the start of January with his in-laws at their country estate. While Clara and Archie were happy to see their Papa, their grandparents and Franklin were a little less enthused, and the holidays had been a strained affair.

    YEAR OF 1878 | After the disaster that was the Christmas holidays, Papa takes off again, this time to Egypt. Clara had cried when he left, knowing that it could be months - or worse, years - before she saw him again.

    SPRING OF 1879 | At nine, her grandmother had permitted her to plant her own little flower garden in the backyard, an amusing diversion that eventually became something she takes pride in and still maintains to this day.

    SPRING OF 1880 | After nothing is heard from her Papa in over six months, Clara persuades her grandfather to investigate into his silence. Although initially reluctant to at first, his granddaughter's evident worry makes Mortimer relent to her wishes.

    SUMMER OF 1880 | Clara finally receives her own Hogwarts acceptance letter, and a trip into Diagon Alley to purchase school supplies had seen her return home with a very pretty red Siberian cat she'd named Rose and a slightly springy 14 1/2" pear wood wand with a unicorn tail hair core.

    Hogwarts Years

    SEPTEMBER 1880 - MAY 1881 | Coraline followed Franklin - who was by now in his sixth year - to Hogwarts where she'd been promptly sorted into Hufflepuff. A sweet, charming girl, she had little trouble making friends - among them being Miss Annabelle Scrimgeour (or Matilda Draper, as Clara had initially known her as), whom would become one of her dearest friends - though her sheltered upbringing and young, gullible mind had left her susceptible to be taken advantage of by students whose intentions were less pure.

    Despite that, she was an active student, having joined Garden, Potions, and Music clubs, and found her best subjects to be Potions and Herbology, followed closely by Charms.

    SUMMER OF 1881 | Her Papa is declared M.I.A when the Aurors investigating into his disappearance could find no trace of him. Of course, Clara was not explicitly informed of this, as her grandparents wanted to spare her even more worry, and all she was told was that her father was a little more difficult to track down than they thought. As a result - and unbeknownst to the children at the time - the Whitledges were given sole custody of their grandchildren.

    SEPTEMBER 1881 - MAY 1882 | Not much occurred this school year, other than Franklin graduating at the end of May, and subsequently going into a career at the Ministry.

    SUMMER OF 1882 | The family patriarch, Lawrence Cattermole, passes away from a prolonged illness of Cerebrumous Spattergroit. Having never met their paternal grandfather before - and believing that their father's family wanted nothing to do with them - the halfblooded Cattermole brood were surprised to have heard directly of the affair via their uncle, who had written in the hopes of making amends between the two families.

    Mortimer and Euphemia were hesitant about allowing their grandchildren - whom they practically raised - to associate with their paternal family, aware of their values and their pureblooded ideals, but did allow them to attend the occasional family event when invited.

    SEPTEMBER 1882 - MAY 1883 | At thirteen going on fourteen, Clara begins to put more stock into her appearance, how she presents herself and what she can do to enhance it. Thus she begins to experiment with fashion, beauty potions, understated cosmetics, and different hairstyles.

    She had also chosen Divination and Earth Magic as her OWL electives. While she had enjoyed them both, Earth Magic had been her favorite of the two.

    SUMMER OF 1883 | Clara's good friend Tilly - she never could get used to calling her Belle - had been permitted to spend a week or two with her in Southampton for the summer. It's then that she starts to think about making her own beauty potions, and begins her forays into potioneering, with poor Tilly and whoever else was willing as her long-suffering test subjects.

    SEPTEMBER 1883 - MAY 1884 | Just before the Christmas holidays, Clara awakes one day to discover that she had completely bled through her nightgown and thoroughly soiled her sheets. Alarmed, she had almost believed herself to be dying until her house matron had taken her aside to explain - not quite in thorough detail, but enough for Clara to get the gist of what was happening - and Clara had gone back to bed in more relaxed spirits, though had been unsure of how to feel about now being regarded as a woman. She certainly hadn't felt like one then.

    Clara's younger brother, Archie, also began his schooling in September of that year, having been sorted into the ------ house. He is the last of the Cattermole brood - both pure and halfblooded - to attend Hogwarts.

    SUMMER OF 1884 | Plague and Fiendfyre ravished through Hogsmeade that summer, claiming many lives and rendering most of the wizarding population in mourning, and the Cattermole/Whitledge brood, were no exception. Uncle Alexander's wife, Leonora, and their only son - the heir apparent - were both lost to the plague.

    SEPTEMBER 1884 - MAY 1885 | Despite being in mourning, life had gone on for the family, and Clara and her younger brother returned to Hogwarts for their fifth and second years, respectively. While Clara couldn't claim to be the most studious of students, she thought she had done well-enough on her OWL exams, all things considered.

    SEPTEMBER 1885 - MAY 1886 | While her examination scores were average at best, they allowed Clara to continue her NEWT studies with Alchemy, Charms, Earth Magic, Herbology, and Potions - all of which were suited to her interests and her budding aspirations of establishing herself as a successful Beauty Potioneer.

    SUMMER OF 1886 | The fogginess of Clara's future is lifted when one of her grandmother's good friends, Mrs. Wakesfield, came round for tea one day in early June. Mrs. Wakesfield was known for her own potioneering success, and according to her, had only heard high praise from Euphemia on Clara's potions experiments, and wondered if Clara would be open to some expertise from a more seasoned potioneer. Clara had only been too quick to accept, and the rest of summer had seen her working under the older woman's tutelage.

    SEPTEMBER 1886 - MAY 1887 | Her seventh and final year. She had rather looked forward to her debut at the end of May, and came out in a rather beautiful dress of pearl white and bloomed roses for the occasion. She graduates with rather satisfactory scores.

    After Hogwarts

    SUMMER OF 1887 | Tigerpocalypse. Tilly was caught in the chaos, and Clara had been beside herself with worry for her dear friend, but while Annabelle hadn't survived the ordeal unscathed, she was at least alive, which was all that mattered.
    Present Day

    Clara is currently enjoying her first Season whilst working on her potions on the side, secretly working with Mrs. Wakesfield on developing her own line of beauty potions, which she'll devote to properly once the Season ends.


    General Information

    ※ Etymology: Latin, means "from the semi-precious sea growth, coral"

    ※ Birthplace: Southampton, England

    ※ Born: September 24th, 1868

    ※ Zodiac: Libra; Kind, Gentle, Dependent, Naive

    ※ MBTI: INFP

    ※ Wand: Pearwood, 14 1/2", Unicorn Tail Hair, Slightly springy

    ※ Scent: Florals with a faint whiff of potion herbs

    ※ Languages: English, French, (semi-fluent) Italian

    ※ Interests: Fashion, cosmetics, music, potioneering

    ※ Amortentia: Potion herbs, sea air, roses

    ※Patronus: New Zealand rabbit; has never cast one


    ※ School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

    ※ House: Hufflepuff

    ※ Years Attended: 1880 - 1887

    ※ Clubs: Garden, Music, Potions

    ※ OWLs:

    Astronomy | Charms | Defense | Divination | Earth Magic | Herbology | History of Magic | Potions | Transfiguration

    ※ NEWTs:

    Alchemy | Charms | Earth Magic | Herbology | Potions

    Coding for this compiled by Lady, but taken from various things around the site. Soph coded the quote at the beginning, the headers are integrated into the site's coding, and the coding for the justified paragraph format is taken from a letter coding also by Soph!

    Last updated 8/3/17

    “So plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.”