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This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa
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Junior Assistant to the Minister

23 year old Muggleborn
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Wriothesley Amess

Full Name: Wriothesley Baptist Amess

Nickname(s): None

Birthdate: March 4th, 1865

Age: 23

Occupation: Junior Assistant to the Minister

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: Wellingtonshire

Hogwarts House: Former Hufflepuff

Wand: 12'', Applewood, Dragonheart string core

He is slightly above average height at 5'8'', with a decently fit build. He has light brown hair, and a short tight beard that comes in an auburn colour. He is happy wearing either Wizarding or Muggle attire, but always of the finest quality. He is right handed, and on his left hand he wears a gold ring on his smallest finger, engraved with his great-grandfather's initials. A gift he was given on his coming of age, which has been passed down through the generations.
Intelligent - Progressive - Work-A-Holic - Charming - Ambitious - Caring - Proud - Boastful - Confident
Patronus - A Horse, he insists it is a Stallion
Wriothesley was an only child, born to Mr. Baptist Amess and Mrs. Elizabeth Amess. His father was the head of an ancient family who had become immensely wealthy in the early 1800s when vast quantities of coal was discovered on not one, but two of their vast estates in Staffordshire and Worcestershire. To this day the coal is far from depleted, but Baptist Amess diversified the families interests, investing in canals, railways and foreign trading ventures. The Amess family built factories in Stoke and Birmingham. He built three country houses with the wealth. All in Worcestshire, and a large London townhouse was purchased from an old, yet improvised, noble house. Wriothesley was born late in his Father's life, he was 54 and had been married three times before. His wife, Elizabeth, was 30 and was chosen largely because she had two daughters from a previous marriage and so had proven her fertility. Elizabeth was a kind and loving mother, and Baptist was ecstatic that his hated younger brother, Hezekiah, would  not inherit his wealth. While Baptist could not care less about religion, Elizabeth was a devout Anglican. His young life was entirely charmed. His parents were happy enough, he got on well with his elder step-sisters. And the family moved from house to house, hosting balls and attending those of other rich families.  There had been early signs of magic, but none that were so obvious that worried his parents. Not long before he was to leave for Hogwarts an elderly Wizard appeared at Belloc House. He was denied entry, but then appeared inside the house somehow. He told Wriothesley's parents that magic was real, that his son was a Wizard, and would be invited to Hogwarts. His parents were horrified. And at first scared of their young son. They agreed to send him to the weird magic school, paying the fees easily once they'd worked out how to change the money from British pounds to Wizard money. Wriothesley found Hogwarts very hard at first. He would become a brilliant student in his later years, but struggled greatly at first. Everything was so alien. When he found out Dragons were real it blew his mind! But what really confused him was the change in his social standing. Back home he was Master Amess. Son and heir to the richest man in Staffordshire. His father had been a Member of Parliament, his uncle was a London Judge. But now he was a Mudblood. Looked down on by many of his fellows. It was easily the most confusing part of this new chapter in his life. And it would shape his attitudes greatly. His father hated the idea of his son being anywhere but at the top of the social ladder, and almost pulled his son from the school at the end of first year. But Wriothesley insisted he remain. And over time he learned to ignore the taunts from the other students. He proved to be an excellent student. His favourite class, once he could take it, was Arithmancy. In his fifth year he also became engaged to a young Muggle girl. She was a few years older than Wriothesley, and the heir to her father's estates in Gloucestershire. From a young age Wriothesley made friends easily. He was gregarious, even charming. And before he left school he had begun to charm women into wanting to sleep with him. Despite this Wriothesley was in full support of his father when he decided to break of his engagement to Miss Patricia Evans when it became known she had slept with a Naval officer. Wriothesley left Hogwarts with very strong NEWTs, a lot of close friends, and a couple of secret lovers. For the first few years after Hogwarts he returned to the Muggle world. His father was now 71. He was still as sharp mentally as ever, but he was ready to begin passing on the families myriad of business interests to his son. Wriothesley took to it very well, and within a year was managing all of the families Worcestershire mines. His time at Hogwarts taught him what it was like to be seen as a social inferior. And it had bred in him a belief in the need to help others. So he began a program of improvements. Safety considerations, time off, pay and help for widows were all considerations. He went about building new small cottage like homes for the men and their families. Profits did decline, but his operations continued to make vast amounts of money even after these changes. And productivity increased, and the workers were much happier. His father died just before he turned 19. Leaving him as the sole heir of his vast estate. For a year all he did was get to grips with the various branches of the business. He made similar reforms in the factories and other mines. During this time he kept one foot in the Wizarding world. So when he decided he wanted to get into politics, with the hope of bringing about progressive changes, he was unsure whether he wanted that to be in the Wizarding or Muggle world. He settled on the Wizarding world in the end, and applied for a position in the Goblin Liason Office. He wanted to be involved in the economy, and it seemed like a perfect place to start. He enjoyed his work, learned the language of the Goblins, and was seen as a rising star. He slept very little during this time, as he continued to keep an eye on his Muggle business interests. He has gotten into the habit of sleeping only four or five hours a night. After a few years at the GLO he applied to work for Minister Ross as his Junior Secretary. His first challenge will be helping the Minister and the Senior Undersecretary to solve the fog crisis.
Wriothesley is heavily involved in the Muggle economy, owning factories, mines, and dealing in trading across the globe He was engaged in his teens, his father broke it off when he found out she wasn't a virgin
Bit of a man-whore
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