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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Emilia Wright for Jude Wright. Casually alienating offspring since 18882.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

Barnabas Skeeter in CYOA: Group D

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Head of Dueling Commission Office & Gimpy Asshat
Head of Dueling Commission Office & Gimpy Asshat

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Barnabas Skeeter
"Mr. Skeeter is a modern hero. It is men like him that make this world a better place. Let us all take example from this extraordinary man. If you ask me, he should at least get his own chocolate frog card as a reward of his heroic deeds."
Witch Weekly

Full Name: Barnabas Skeeter

Nickname(s): Skeeter, or Barney - which he will not respond to. Also commonly used are Asshat, Grumpy Stumpy, etc.

Birthdate: June 27th, 1859

Age: 29

Occupation: Head of Dueling Commission Office

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Thimblewit Turn, Hogsmeade
Rents a narrow two-story, 1 bedroom flat with a nice view of Padmore Park from his upstairs bedroom window. Downstairs has a sitting room in the front, a water closet and the back of the house has the kitchen. Upstairs has his bedroom and a small loft area. Rather plain and minimalist, the few items he does have are made of decent quality.

He has a housekeeper who comes in the mornings three days a week and a cook who is supposed to come in the evenings, but typically is so busy with her brood of children that he has to manage on his own.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Cedar, 9 3/4", Unyielding, Dragon Heartstring

Maxwell Skeeter | Father 1829 -
Martha Skeeter | Mother
Mortimer Skeeter | Brother
Archibald Skeeter | Brother
--- Irina Skeeter | Sister-In-Law 18** - 1885
--- Reginald Skeeter | Nephew 1885 -
Antonius Skeeter | Brother
Thompson Skeeter | Brother
Tamsin Skeeter | Sister

Edison Skeeter | Uncle | 1825 - 1862
Morwenna Skeeter nee Flynn | Aunt |
Mason Skeeter | Cousin | 1856 -
Quite short in stature, Barnabas only comes in at a meager 5'3" tall and 143 lbs. He has a shock of light blonde hair that he has trimmed on a weekly basis so that it remains pristine. A strong jaw, thick brows and an unfortunately wide mouth are what most people notice about him. His grey eyes are often cold and judging. He wears rather boring attire and usually can be found in traditional wizard robes of a black or grey color - exquisitely tailored. He is right handed.

The summer of 1884, he added a tattoo of a ~botanical~ nature one drunken night with the lads on his left ass cheek, inspired by a hatecrush. In the summer of 1885, he lost the lower half of his left leg in a troll attack. He now uses a prosthetic and a cane.

Know-it-all, judgemental, ambitious, hot tempered, suck up, traditional, competitive and insecure over his size.

Barnabas Skeeter


Barnabas was born the second son to what would later be a rather large family. He was a small for his age, even in infancy. There was speculation that there may be a birth defect that caused this, but as he grew, he seemed to be able to function perfectly well - he was simply short. As the years passed, more siblings joined them.

Barnabas gave special attention to his studies, even as a youngster. From a young age, he realized that if he were to do well in everything, his father would praise him. It was because of this that he was proud to rattle off facts and recite difficult Latin and classical literature in his father's presence. It gave him a rather large ego and he quickly became a child that did not like to be wrong. He gleefully pointed out when others were, and was quite difficult to get along with. Because of this, he did not become particularly close to any of his siblings. They would call him "Barney" to tease him, though he hated it. He believed nicknames to be demeaning of his intelligence.

He attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin. He did well in his subjects and was elected prefect in his fifth year. He continued on as prefect in his sixth year and hoped for head boy for his seventh, but was beat out by (name here.) Barnabas is still bitter over it, as he does not like to lose. He did retain his prefect position that year, however.

Slytherin Prefect
1874 - 1877

OWL Scores
Charms . . . O
DADA . . . A
Herbology . . . P
Muggle Studies . . . O
Potions . . . E
Transfiguration . . . E

NEWT Scores
Charms . . . O
DADA . . . E
Muggle Studies . . . O
Potions . . . A
Transfiguration . . . O

After completing his education, he landed a job at the Ministry in the Improper Use of Magic Office as an investigator. He hoped to continue moving up along the ladder rungs until he becomes a department head.

Post Hogwarts life saw some dramatic changes in his life: his brother Archie's wife dies in childbirth. The child named Reginald, survived.

During his work at the Ministry, he has been bayoneted in the gut, had fingers sliced off and required them be reattached (by botanical named lady), and was also hexed to have a very difficult to remove donkey's tail. (He'd had to have special robes sewn to keep it hidden for four months until its removal.) He has also traveled to Boston for a month to assist in the improper use of magic there and developed a penchant for coffee (he takes it black.)

Socially, he's made some people angry, others charmed and has a sexual-tension/hate relationship with ~botanical named lady~. She was the sole inspiration for the tattoo on his left ass cheek that he got one drunken night, thanks to his friends. It is a very misshaped ~botanical~. He is glad that he can't see it unless using a looking glass, needless to say.

During the summer of 1885, he defended Padmore Park against a troll attack and in reward, a troll bit off the lower half of his left leg. Rather than be an invalid, he was able to switch to a department that did not require so much physical activity - the Dueling Commission Head of Office. With the promotion and his newly one-legged status in mind, in January 1886 he proceeded to propose that female sanctioned duels should be illegal in The Daily Prophet.

In March of 1886, it was brought before the Wizengamot. The proposal sparked a lot of public attention and in the end, the Wizengamot decided to allow women to fully duel each other as well as men without any restrictions. Barnabas quickly turned his viewpoint around and "saw the light" in the Wizengamot's decision... publicly, at least.

Socially, he's made plenty of people angry, others charmed and has a sexual-tension/hate relationship with Mrs. ~botanical name~ and Miss Maeve Connolly. The former was the sole inspiration for the misshapen ~botanical~ tattoo on his left ass cheek that he got one drunken night with the help of his friends' encouragement, whilst the latter wounded his pride by openly combating his stance on female dueling. He had also fallen in love with Miss Amelia Evans, who has a dog that he pretends not to be terrified of. Though rocky at first, their relationship turned into a full on courtship. He had acquired an engagement ring and had planned to propose marriage. It ended rather abruptly upon his original stance against women's dueling.

In the winter of 1887, he ran for the position of Minister of Magic as a centre-right candidate. Though he did not win, he was third runner up.

  • He heroically lost part of his leg in the troll attack on Padmore Park in summer of 1885. (It was featured in Witch Weekly.)
  • He and Amelia Evans courted from # - #. Several Witch Weekly articles covered them, even mentioning a possible engagement.
  • He ran for Minister of Magic in the 1887 elections and lost. (3rd runner up)
  • He's an asshole.
1. He had been cursed with a donkey tail for four months.
2. He has a tattoo on his ass.
3. When he's drunk, he writes terrible, melodramatic love poems.
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I will plot out specifics if asked. I won't pre-plot romance, I prefer for that to happen organically. I am willing to toss characters together to see how they get on, but if there isn't any chemistry I won't force the relationship.

My most favorite threads are comedic threads where I am humiliating my characters and angsty threads where my characters are at their worst. I don't pay attention to post count and generally write whatever I'm inspired to at the moment. I have found that my average is anywhere from 200-500 words per post.

As for limits, I don't have many. I do draw the line at bestiality and pedophilia, but I'm totally fine with violence, cursing and sexual situations.


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Ship Index

Amelia Evans

  1. Amelia gives him a bloody nose after he accidentally gropes her.
  2. Barnabas apologizes for accidentally groping her.
  3. Amelia sends him a letter.
  4. Barnabas rescues Amelia from hexed owl cages.
  5. Barnabas imposes on the crime report interview for hexed owl cages.
  6. They consume amortentia'd pastries at the Summer Solstice Celebration and can't keep their hands off of each other.
  7. Barnabas saves Amelia and Ivy Scrivenshaft from a troll attack - though gets maimed in the process.
  8. Amelia visits him in the hospital and proceeds to flee when things get serious.
  9. The pair run into each other at Winkle's birthday party and he proceeds to declare that they have something special, propose marriage and get shoved into the Black Lake all in one conversation.
  10. They makeup enough for her to agree to let him see her again.
  11. He asks her uncle for his blessing for courtship.
  12. They begin to court officially.
  13. Amelia finds Barnabas sick with dragon breath potion.
  14. They nearly rip each other's clothes off at her family's Christmas party and declare their love for one another.
  15. Amelia reacts to his anti-female dueling stance and breaks the courtship off.
  16. Barnabas sends her melodramatic letters that get ignored.
  17. Barnabas rescues drunk Amelia from Padmore Park for the Leap Day Mini-SWP. She puts on the engagement ring he was going to give her and when they wake up the next day, they assume that somehow they became engaged.
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