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Charles Caulfield

Full Name: Charles Caulfield

Nickname(s): Charlie

Birthdate: August 11th, 1860

Age: 28

Occupation: Squad Chief

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Irvingly

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Blackthorn, 11.5", rigid, dragon heartstring

Walter Caulfield, father - 57
Grace Caufield née Kildare, mother - 48
Bishop Caulfield, brother - 19
Tessa Caulfield, sister - 13
With an athletic build, Charles is fairly swift on his feet. He weights 182lbs and stands at a firm 5ft 7in. He has light brown hair that he opts to keep fairly well trimmed and short; sometimes preferring to have it cut to almost ‘buzzcut’ length. His eyes are green and he has a scar that extends from his right shoulder blade to the middle of his back from an incident in his past.

He wears his ministry attire most days though when not working, he’ll adorn a suit inspired by muggle fashion. His preferred hand is his right though he is ambidextrous.

Charles is very proactive about his job and believes he should be the Squad Chief regardless of what others may thing.
1860 | Charles is born to Walter & Grace Caulfield, a working class pair of a muggle seamstress and security wizard. The pair live in a muggle village in London though his father works within magical London and so Charles doesn't see him often.
1864 | Charles' father introduces him to Wizarding London and he is introduced to the world of magic. His father explains that he does not practice magic at home as they are in a muggle community and does not wish for the judgement from those. He mentions the law though Charles doesn't realize until he gets older that his father was referencing the Statute of Secrecy.
1867 | Charles displays his first act of magic when he gets frustrated with one of his toys. His father is quite frustrated: putting out a small fire isn’t that fun.
1869 | Charles brother, Bishop, is born.
1871 | Charles gets his invitation to Hogwarts and starts in September. Wanting him to have a full wizarding education, his parents begin working extra hours and jobs, doing everything they can to ensure he can afford his education. They sell their small house and move into a small boarding home to live so as to ensure he can finish his education. Charles is sorted into Gryffindor and is immediately enthralled with the Wizarding World.
1875 | Focusing immensely on his studies, Charles passes OWLs with flying colours – achieving a good amount of Os and Es in his subjects. His sister is born during the summer. His family continue working all hours of the day to ensure he can finish his schooling; putting every sickle, knut and galleon they can into his education.
1878 | Charles graduates from Hogwarts and is able to achieve a few NEWTs though struggles to get the best grades. He finishes with the following grades:
Potions - Outstanding
Herbology - Exceeds Expectation
Defense Against the Dark Arts - Oustanding
Transfiguration - Outstanding Charms - Exceeds Expectation
Care of Magical Creatures - Acceptable
Astronomy - Acceptable
History of Magic - Acceptable
Defense Against the Dark Arts - Exceeds Expectation
Transfiguration - Acceptable
Alchemy - Acceptable
Potions - Pass

He also passes his apparition class.

Charles also applies to become an Auror though is refused due to his temperament during school and grades. He is, however, offered the chance to train as a Hit Wizard which he eagerly accepts.
1879 | Charles officially begins training as a Hit Wizard
1881 | He passes his training and becomes a fully fledged Hit Wizard, determined to become the best he can be. He also moves to Hogsmeade though lives in the slums, living in shared accomodation.
1884 | With a fire raging in Hogsmeade, Charles goes on an assignment to take down a violent wizard. He leaves in a stretcher and is admitted into St. Mungo’s for several months. He comes to though is left with a scar along his back; his first battlescar. This year is spent turning to alcohol to deal with the pain the scar is inducing and he wastes most of his money though remains a favoured employee. His social class drops to working following his living arrangements and drinking habits.
1887 | Having saved up most of his wages, Charles sends his parents a letter asking them to move with him to Irvingly. The family pool their money together and move into a reasonable house in Irvingly. It is the best they've lived in a long time though Charles refuses to use any of his parents money, believing he should only spend what he earns himself. He puts as much of his money as he can to ensure his siblings can also finish their schooling though he knows his sister will not be able to get past her OWLs when she starts; money is tight. 1888 | Currently, Charles is still a Hit Wizard with the hopes of becoming the Squad Chief in the near future. He has gained control of his drinking habits and is steadily working towards a promotion; attempting to exhibit to his bosses that he is, in fact, suitable for the position of Squad Chief. He becomes Squad Chief in the autumn of 1888.
Played By: Jon

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RE: the cold grip of death 1
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We can probably wrap Paxra soon in a few posts, if you'd want.

I feel like we also have some other threads but I also 100% don't think we do.