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Wandmaker & Owner of Ollivander’s Wands, Hogsmeade
Wandmaker & Owner of Ollivander’s Wands, Hogsmeade

35 year old Pureblood
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played by Hawke
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Gideon Ollivander

Full Name: Gideon Nicolas Ollivander

Nickname(s): None

Birthdate: June 3, 1854

Age: 35

Occupation: Wandmaker & Owner of Ollivander’s Wands, Hogsmeade

Blood Status:

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Apple, 12”, Pliant, Mermaid Scale
Apple, 10”, Rigid, Phoenix Feather Broken in ‘87

Gerbold Ollivander, Father [1827-1884]
Gervaise Ollivander, Brother [1853] Violet MacFusty neé Ollivander, Sister [1860]
-and family

Calypso, Snowy Owl
Adonis, Turkish Angora Cat
Gideon stands at an even five foot seven inches and has a decently muscular build to him. His hair is dark brown and he often sports a bit of a facial hair that matches in the dark hue. His eyes are hazel in color. He wears decent clothing though doesn’t really care to follow fashion much. He updates his wardrobe on occasion, mostly when items get worn out. He’s ambidextrous when it comes to all facets of hand use and doesn’t really seem to favor one hand over the other.
Eccentric. Jovial. Intelligent. Confident. Flirty. Ambitious. Overachiever.
1854: Gideon Ollivander is welcomed into the world one bright and early June morning. He’s a vocal child from the start full of smiles for all those that should gaze upon him.
1860: A sister is welcomed to the world but with her arrival, their mother is taken. An almost six year old Gideon is most displeased with this and as a result shows his first signs of magic by lighting a new teddy bear meant for the little girl on fire. He ends up quite smug with this fact though not so much when he receives his discipline for it.
1864: Gervaise goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor.
1865: Gideon goes to Hogwarts and finds himself sorted into Ravenclaw. He actually quite enjoys not being in the same house as his brother.
1867: Ever the overachiever, Gideon adds Ancient Studies, Care of Magical Creatures and Earth Magic to his schedule.
1870: Gideon finishes up his fifth year with impeccable marks on his OWLs. He, however, is pulled from school to begin learning the family trade. He’s not pleased in the slightest and is quite vocal about it but his protests fall on deaf ears. In what he thinks is an act of defiance, he focuses on learning new languages when he isn’t being cooped up with his father learning about wandlore and crafting wands. He begins focusing on bettering his French and Latin.
1873: Feeling his French and Latin are strong enough, he moves on to German and even Gobbledegook. They sound similar enough anyways.
1874: Gideon takes notice that his brother seems to be putting more focus into wandlore and crafting. Not to be outdone, he focuses on his own craft as well.
1877: A change of scenery! The family is moved to Hogsmeade with all the unrest in London but the shop remains under the supervision of a store manager. Crafting, however, is moved to Hogsmeade where Gideon has actually started quite enjoying it. He’s still working on learning Gobbledegook but feels his German is much better. He eventually decides to enlist the help of a goblin from Gringotts to help him with the tough language.
1883: Violet finds herself a husband. Gideon is pretty ambivalent about it, far more focused on his own life. With Gobbeldegook under his belt, he starts to delve into Mermish. He’s taken an interest in what they could offer by way of cores and would quite like to barter with mermaids directly.
1884: Learning Mermish is put on hold when the plague hits and soon after fire. Gerbold is lost in the plague and the Hogsmeade shop is burnt to the ground. The brothers decide to split ownership with Gervaise moving off to London and leaving Gideon to rebuild in Hogsmeade. To say he’s a bit salty about it is an understatement but little can be done for it. He sets to work as soon as possible in rebuilding the shop.
1885: Gervaise takes on an apprentice, quite surprising Gideon though he does see the logic behind it. He, however, has other things to worry about and isn’t in any place to take one on. The shop is reopened at the beginning of the year, however, and Gideon focuses on getting it back up and running to what it should be. He picks up learning Mermish once more in his spare time and seeks out a local that knows the language.
1887: While Gervaise is off smoozing some girl, Gideon finds himself with a broken wand after getting a little too flirty with a married woman. In his defense, he was unaware of her attachment but her husband doesn’t take well to seeing his wife about to kiss another man. A fight ensues, the man a muggle so strictly fists, but in the process Gideon gets his ass handed to him and after being thrown out of the London pub, breaks his wand in the process. Luckily, he’s able to floo back home and is stuck without a wand for a bit. Wanting to test his Mermish, he heads on over to Padmore Park so that he can visit the lake. He knows of a particularly flirty group of mermaids in the area and manages to flirt his way (his Mermish apparently well enough) to get one to gift him with some of her scales and hair. With the new core items in hand, he returns to his shop and spends the entire night crafting a wand for himself (with the use of a loner wand for the time being). The resulting wand is quite fabulous in his opinion, thank you very much. On a roll, he continues on through all of that next day to use up the other pieces gifted to him and they’re prominently put on display in the shop as a result.
1888: Gervaise gets engaged and Gideon finds himself cursing his older brother once more. Not because of the engagement, no he has no interest in a wife still, but because Gervaise got the London shop and goes unhindered with the ridiculous magic killing fog that descends upon Hogsmeade and ruins his wand crafting spree.
Just prior to the fog, Gideon finds out that the little street urchin Billie that runs amok is actually his daughter. Oh, also that he is actually a she. He adds a bedroom into the back of his shop meant for her and they put on a show that "he" is his apprentice in the making. He begins the wife hunt with vigor. 1890: Billie will be getting her Hogwarts letter in jsut a few months. He still has no wife to help him with Billie. Knowing she needs a woman's touch in her life, he's growing all the more desperate.
He was pulled from school after his OWLs to learn the family business. He got Hogsmeade's shop while Gervaise got Diagon Alley's.
Little Billie Farrow has started living in the shop, in her own room in the back.
That Billie is not a boy and is actually his daughter.
Played By: Hawke

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