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    Annabelle Scrimgeour

    Seventh Year

    Seventh Year

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    Annabelle Louisa Scrimgeour

    “She builds others up because she knows what it's like to be down.”

    - ※ -

    Early Life

    1868 — Annabelle and Araminta Scrimgeour are born the first daughters to Charles and Dorothy Scrimgeour. With Dorothy already having produced a heir, their birth is celebrated; however, during their second month of life, Annabelle is kidnapped by a group of muggle criminals. They take her to the countryside with the hope of getting ransom from the family. They're sorely disappointed when the story of the disappearing infant fails to show up in the muggle newspapers; they are stuck with the child.

    1869 — After a month of housing Annabelle in their base, their kidnappers discover that the child they kidnapped is farm from ordinary. Things begin to break and fly around the house when Annabelle is excited or recklessly handled; soon enough, the whole group of thugs believes she's one of the devil's witches. They abandon her in a park in the town. Less than a day later, the child is discovered crying at the bottom of a bush by a lower class muggle couple. They asked around about missing children, but no one had any answers as to who the child was. Following the decision that they would keep her until someone stepped forward to claim her, the baby is given the name Matilda Draper—a name that she begins to respond to within a month. The couple realize that there is something unusual about the child almost immediately; however, they are more interested in understanding her rather than frightened by her.

    1871 — The Drapers give Mattie a younger sister whom they name Elisabeth. Though only three years old, Mattie is fascinated by the newborn. By this time, the Drapers are almost certain their is something special about their adoptive daughter; because of this, though, they make sure to keep an eye on her when she's around Elisabeth, for the fear that something might happen to her if Mattie gets spooked. Luckily, there are no accidents during the year.

    1874 — Mattie's mother begins working at a finishing school in the outer parts of town. Enchanted by the little girl with the big, blue eyes, the owner of the finishing school allows Mattie to "work" alongside her mother. Her chores mainly consist of scrubbing plates and dusting the furniture.

    1875 — Mattie's "unusual" abilities become more apparent. During a day of play, Elisabeth finds herself bloodied up after a tumble. Mattie reaches her younger sister immediately after her fall, and a few dabs to the wounds with the washcloth see the wounds disappear without a trace.

    1877 — Muggles discover the wizarding world. Firmly believing that their daughter is one of these "witches", the Drapers hide their daughter for fear that she will fall victim to their violence if her abilities are discovered.

    1868 — Mattie catches an older, wealthier boy performing magic in one of the slums' allies. When he notices her presence, he tries to explain his way out of the predicament; not at all fazed by the events, Mattie reveals that she can do mystical things without meaning to. The boy is conflicted; he's quite confident that his muggle-repelling charms were successful, but he also knows that there's a chance he failed. He asks her for proof; when she is unable to do anything through willpower, he once again tries to explain his way out of the situation. After suddenly attempting to flee, the boy finds himself flat on the ground after running into an unknown field. Dazed, but now firmly believing what Mattie told him, explains what he was doing and tells her about the existence of the wizarding world. He makes her promise not to speak of what he's told her, for exposure of the magical world to muggles in the city could cause violence to spread there. She agrees, and continues to keep her word.

    1879 — More oddities occur at the Draper house, though for once Mattie is quite positive that she is not the cause of them. She begins to suspect that her younger sister is also a witch; she keeps her mouth shut, however.

    Hogwarts Years



    After Hogwarts

    Present Day


    [Image: JbxfP6E.jpg]
    Alchemy & Charms & DADA & Earth Magic & Herbology & Potions & Transfiguration
    Annabelle was kidnapped at the age of two months and, at the beginning of her first year of Hogwarts, was discovered to living with lower class muggles under the the name "Matilda Draper". This may influence how your character sees Annabelle.
    [Image: kZuCust.jpg]