Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Drusilla Travers



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    Drusilla Irene Travers

    “None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives.”

    - ※ -

    Early Life

    Autumn of 1858 | Drusilla Renata is born as the third child and second daughter of Charles and Augusta Burke.

    Autumn of 1859 | Though far too young to remember it, Dru's eldest brother, Kingsley, left for Hogwarts where he was sorted into the ------ house.

    Spring of 1863 | Daniel Burke is born in spring of this year, fulfilling Charles' wish for a second son. The then five-year-old Dru had initially not been too fazed by this, her only concern having been that she now had to share her nursery, but after witnessing how much her father seemed to favor Kingsley and Daniel over her, she had naturally felt a bit slighted by this. She had tried to prove that she was just as worthy of attention through her studies, as a result.

    Autumn of 1865 | Dru's efforts in her lessons pay off when, as a birthday present, her father had gifted her with an Andalusian pony and a private riding intrustor. Generally active, she had discovered an affinity for the activity, and had begun spending more time outdoors as a result.

    (Late) Winter of 1866 | Dru's position as the only surviving Burke daughter was usurped by the arrival of Cordelia in the New Year. At eight, Drusilla had had little interest in an infant, though she did have to admit to a certain jealousy in no longer being the sole girl of her generation.

    Kingsley graduated in May of that year, and after a few months abroad with their father, had settled down into a respectable occupation.

    Summer of 1867 | A late bloomer at nine, both she and her parents were relieved when she finally displayed her first act of magic. Unprepared for having been bucked from her horse, Dru had gone flying, and she liked would have ended up with a life-threatening injury had not her bout of magic kicked in, and instead of landing hard on the gravel, she had felt herself float steadily to the ground, injury-free. As a prize for having proved herself a witch, Charles had given her a small British shorthair she had named Cato.

    Summer of 1868 | A not so subtle dig at her mother during a children's tea party saw Drusilla fiercely come to her defense. A normally passive and well-behaved child, this reaction was certainly out of character, and she'd been reprimanded for it.

    Autumn of 1869 | Dru began to take an interest in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Magic Theory.

    Summer of 1870 | Drusilla received her Hogwarts acceptance letter at the end of July, and it wasn't long before she became the proud owner of an 11 3/4" Pine wand, with a Dragon Heartstring core.

    Hogwarts Years

    1870 - 1871; First Year | Having expected that she would have been sorted into Slytherin, or perhaps even in Ravenclaw for all that she enjoyed accumulating more knowledge, Dru was pleasantly surprised when she didn't go to either house, but to Gryffindor instead. And her first year was filled with all sorts of learning opportunities and eye-opening experiences, particularly where socialization was concerned, for she'd not been too restrictive where her social circle was concerned - unlike most of her pureblood peers.

    And as far as academics went, Dru had done unsurprisingly well in her classes. She had excelled in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, and Transfiguration, with Magic Theory and History of Magic coming in as fourth and fifth.

    1871 - 1872; Second Year | Dru's second year saw her befriend a student in the year below her, whom couldn't read or write. She had been somewhat shocked by this, and had tried to help them along as best as she could, but despite her best efforts, the end of the Christmas holidays had saw the students return to Hogwarts one student less. Dru thought that that was grievously unfair, and had wished to help other (lower class) students who were in the same predicament.

    1872 - 1873; Third year | Though she had been intrigued by Muggle Studies, Dru decided upon Ancient Studies and Arithmancy instead. She found the latter more stimulating than the former.

    1873 - 1874; Fourth year | Still a little indignant about the friend she had lost the two years prior, Drusilla finally came up with a plan to help those with little to not literacy (as well as those with subject trouble) to pass their classes. She gathered a group of like-minded individuals - those who believed that everyone was entitled to an education, and all the benefits that came with it - and they formed a sort of unofficial tutoring service of sorts.

    Summer of 1874 | At nearly sixteen, Drusilla began her monthly courses. She hadn't been quite sure what to make of this, though had no choice but to accept it.

    1874 - 1875; Fifth year | Drusilla was quite pleased to have been made female prefect for Gryffindor. She naturally takes to the position (even if it pained her to take points from her own house), and had taken the appointment quite seriously - for they had chosen [i]her[/i] to be a leader - and that, combined with her studies, tutoring sessions, and club duties made for a particularly busy year.

    Kingsley had married Miss Eleanore Burke in November of 1874. Dru had been allowed to leave school premises, where she had been one of the bridesmaids.

    1875 - 1876; Sixth year | Though a little disheartened by her Potions OWL, Drusilla had continued her NEWT studies with Ancient Studies, Arithmancy, Charms, DADA, History of Magic, and Transfiguration.

    Summer of 1876 | In a move that she now deems as rather foolish, Drusilla let slip to her eldest brother in confidence that she would not mind having a career. A little concerned, Kingsley had naturally relayed this information to their parents, and it went about as well as one might expect - and perhaps the only thing that kept her from being withdrawn from Hogwarts and sent to a finishing school was the arrival of her Head Girl badge at the end of summer. Her relationship with Kingsley - what little of it there was - soured as a result, and was never the same again.

    Her sister-in-law was safely delievered of a son, Dru's nephew, sometime in July or August.

    1876 - 1877; Seventh year | The fact that she could have potentially been withdrawn from school had made Dru appreciate what time she had left before graduation, and while not very superstitious, she had viewed her position as Head Girl as a positive omen and she'd tried to do the position justice. Dru came out at the end of the year as one of the very first to be presented, leading her fellow female yearmates down the stairs to adulthood.

    After Hogwarts

    Years 1877 - 1878 | While at the times attending the Season had not proved very stimulating, Drusilla was nothing if not a good actor and she'd played the role of a debutante quite well. Albeit somewhat restlessly, though she'd tried to balance it with volunteering her time and services at a local wizarding school to help promote literacy, conducting further research on magic theory, and participating in various ladylike sports.

    Summer of 1878 | Another son, named Peter, is born to her brother and his wife.

    Spring of 1879 | Two years had come and gone before anything had happened for Dru on the marriage front. Though Zachariah Travers' occupation in international relations required him to travel constantly for work, his position as a first son in a well-respected, pureblooded family was enough to endear him to Charles and Augusta. Which was fortunate, for he was the first suitor whom Drusilla could evision herself happily marrying, and she had made an effort to pursue this potential match.

    Winter of 1879 | December saw Mr. Travers acquire permission to court Drusilla, which Charles had granted, much to their relief.

    Summer of 1880 | A particularly romantic setting under the stars one summer night saw Zach - a nickname he requested she call him - propose marriage, and Drusilla had happily accepted.

    Winter of 1880 | Drusilla became Mrs. Zachariah Travers in December, exactly a year after they'd begun their courtship. They had spent a few weeks in Italy for their honeymoon before settling into the recently established village of Hogsmeade. Dru hadn't been particularly sure she liked it there, but she did enjoy their house, which they had created together during the months of their honeymoon.

    Years 1881 - 1886 |

    Drusilla spent the next few years following her husband around for his international work, and establishing herself as a socialite for all that she assisted him with making connections with other notable figures to help further his career. And her social events, while charitable in all areas, have a heavy emphasis on trying to improve education.

    While abroad, they had rented homes as opposed to buying, though they own residences in both Lincolnshire and in London. They used to have a home in Hogsmeade, though it had perished in the Great Fiendfyre Incident of 1884. Luckily, the Travers' were spending the summer with Dru's parents in Bath at the time.

    They have always had trouble conceiving, though what children they did have did not survive infancy. Their first son, Thaddeus, had been born four months premature in 1883, and their second Domenic, she had managed to carry to term in 1886, but while he had been born healthy, he'd passed away unexpectedly in the night at three months. Something Dru can never begin to understand.

    After the death of her second child in November 1886, Dru had fallen into a bit of a depression that had made her largely absent in society for the holiday season, and she and Zach had spent the winter months at their countryside residence.

    Present Day

    Though still saddened, Drusilla now feels strong enough emotionally to rejoin society, and for the first time since the start of their marriage, she opts out on joining Zach on his trip to Germany at the beginning of April. On the day that he left, she made the transition to the London house, and it's there that she plans to stay for the duration of the Season.


    General Information

    ※ Etymology: Feminine form of Drusus, meaning "fruitful" or "dewey-eyed"

    ※ Birthplace: Bath, England

    ※ Born: October 18th, 1858

    ※ Zodiac Sign: Libra; Diplomatic, Fair-minded, Social, Grudge-holder

    ※ MBTI: ESTJ

    ※ Wand: Pine, 11 3/4", Dragon Heartstring, Rigid

    ※ Scent: Calla lillies with a hint of vanilla

    ※ Languages: French, Italian, Latin, (some) German

    ※ Interests: Magic Theory, international affairs, education rights

    ※ Amortentia: Fresh-cut grass, Calla lillies, Zach's cologne

    ※ Patronus: Lynx


    ※ School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

    ※ House: Gryffindor

    ※ Years Attended: 1870 - 1877

    ※ Prefect: 1874 - 1877

    ※ Head Girl: 1876 - 1877

    ※ OWLs:

    Ancient Studies | Arithmancy | Astronomy | Charms | DADA | Herbology | History of Magic | Potions | Transfiguration

    ※ NEWTs:

    Ancient Studies | Arithmancy | Charms | DADA | History of Magic | Transfiguration

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