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Potion & Plant Poisoning Healer; Activist
Potion & Plant Poisoning Healer; Activist

27 year old Half-Blood
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Kingsley Wells

Full Name: Kingsley Pleiades Wells

Nickname(s): King

Birthdate: 1 January 1861

Age: 27

Occupation: Potion & Plant Poison Healer at St. Mungo’s Hospital; Activist and the Reasonable Friend™

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: London; a modest flat with his best friend Jude Wright

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Larch, Dragon Heartstring, 12 in, fairly pliant

Allegra Wells née _______; Mother, b. 1835
Jericho Wells; Father, b. 1830
Selene [pronounced Sel-ah-nee] Novella ________ née Wells; Sister, b. 1858
Malcolm Perseus Wells; Brother, b. 1863
Cimber Orion Wells; Brother, b. 1866
Standing at 6ft even, King stands far above the average height for a Victorian era male. At first impression, his tall figure and habit of surveying his surroundings lends to the notion he is about to lean into the wind and take flight. His sepia skin makes it incredibly and blissfully hard to burn in the summer months, a time of year where - during his Hogwarts years - he loved jumping into the Black Lake. He can often be seen wearing his healer’s robes and round spectacles which he has a peculiar habit of leaving in random places. His wand arm is his right.
Though extremely out of the normal height range for a man of the Victorian Era, King is quite docile in his presence. Given his profession, he has to, but even before he decided he wanted to be a healer, he was the one in his family to mind his parents the most; always looking after his mother’s health and taking care to help around when he could when she was pregnant with his younger brothers. With a rather outstanding IQ, King sets himself apart from most people, though doesn’t care to flaunt the matter unnecessarily (when with his social group, he exercises that right a tad more freely).

While considered a down-to-earth human being, King can have his moments. In addition to being highly intelligent, he also is a work-a-holic and has a propensity to stay up all night. This lends to interesting nights for his poor room mate: King will forget where he left his glasses and will cast a summoning spell to find them. If his room mate happens to be up at the same time as him, the spectacles making their way back to their owner will sometimes end up in Jude’s path and poke him unnecessarily. He leaves his spectacles around and forgets where he left them. To avoid constantly clocking Jude in the nose, eye, head, arm etc with his summoning spells, King often purchases multiple pairs at once, but promptly leaves multiple pairs in odd places.

Mysteries of Missing Spectacles aside, King’s passions are divided into two but are conveniently tied together to prevent him from having to choose: healing, and activism on the behalf of those uninformed, and less fortunate. Being a healer provides him with access to help those who are in need, and it also gives him an outlet for his excellent bedside manner. Activism is a way for King expand that desire to help outside of the hospital and helps him inform those who might not be aware of what unfair practices they are being subjected to.

☙ Language & Literature ❧

☙ Magical Proficiency ❧

☙ Patronus ❧

☙ Amortentia ❧

☙ Boggart ❧
| 1861 - 1871 |
Kingsley Pleiades Wells is born to the Wells', a modest middle class family living in London. He is the second of 2 children so far. His parents are Allegra, a muggleborn, a former museum curator and art fanatic, and Jericho, a high-level Ministry Employee. IN 1863, Malcolm is born, with Cimber soon after him in 1866. King is greatly interested in both new additions to the family. Cimber's birth however, results in the near death of Allegra. The family pushes through it and Allegra is eventually able to return to normal life after a long recovery. Around this time when King is first learning to talk, they realize he is rather chatty; not only that, but he is able to remember things that Jericho and Allegra figure people aren't normally able to remember. Through a series of intelligence and memory experiments, the two realize that King has a photographic memory. Any hope of them being able to trick their impeccably rational three year old into reason went out the window. In 1869, Selene goes to Hogwarts and is admitted into Hufflepuff, like her mother. When King is 10 years old, he is helping his mother make pastries when he inadvertently performs his first count of magic; while fetching flour for his mother, he trips over a bump in the rug. Normally, the flour would spill everywhere, but in this instance, the flour bag bobbed peacefully along to King's mother without needing any further assistance.

| 1872-1879 |
King's admittance to Hogwarts coincided with Selene's 3rd year. While Selene always thought King to be kind and gentle [and wanted him with her in Hufflepuff], she had an inkling that with King's tendency to be a smart-mouth as well as his photographic memory would land him in Ravenclaw. True to her assumption, the Sorting Hat barely touched his head before it shouted out the bronze and blue house. He soon falls into step with a group of lads who quickly become his closest friends despite them all being in different houses. As Jude begins to observe the injustices their less privileged classmates, so does King, which reminds him why he and Jude were friends. Both see the atrocities suffered by their classmates and both have a desire to help.

| 1879 - 1888 |
King's urge blossoms into him deciding to become a healer. His goal is to provide care and services to those in need at a discounted price. With this planted firmly in his mind, he's well on his way to ace his finals and soon after graduation, gets offered an internship at St. Mungos. He discovers he likes the job much more than he thought he would, and continues on into becoming a trainee healer, and then a full-time healer.

All the while, he follows Jude to London and proceeds to spend his free time talking animatedly with Jude about the social issues surrounding and slowly consuming their society. When the Laughing Plague strikes, King has reached word his two younger brothers have caught it. Mercifully, Malcom and Cimber end up surviving, and King takes a few weeks off to spend with his family.

In 1885, organizing the event in the name of blood equality was one of the proudest moments in King's life (aside from becoming a healer). The relish he got from knowing that much of the society who were part of the problem were able to witness their work was exhilarating, and enough to fuel him for quite a while. He's still energized as ever, working non-stop with Jude and The Revs to plan their next big move.

Played By: Lady

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