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Rogue Vampire
Rogue Vampire

128 year old Vampire
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He'd only be half-surprised, really, if she had had something to do with it. Another horsewoman of the apocalypse come to wreak havoc. — Ishmael in Expensive Mistakes

Full Name: Azazel

Born: Inez Arcelia Domingo

Nickname(s): Zel, Zalia; she hates being called Zazie, yet people can still call her that

Birthdate: 31 October 1762

Age: 128

Occupation: 31 October 1762

Blood Status: Vampire

Residence: She’s just arrived in Hogsmeade, and has decided to slink around in the Forbidden Forest until she finds Ishmael

Hogwarts House: N/A

Wand: N/A

Family: Leticia Magdalena Domingo; Mother
Ximen Aurelio Domingo

Rosalie Leticia Domingo; Sister
Aurelio Tomás Domingo; Brother
Sebastián Rodolfo Domingo; Brother Adalina Fidelia Domingo; Sister

Standing at a slightly above average height of 5ft 6in, Zel always towered over the rest of her family. The product of two upper class diplomats (with one being a former captain), Zel was provided for and well bred. With her posture one that could rival a princess’, she still finds herself adjusting her stance every now and then; even after all these years. Her skin was once a golden-olive tone and her hair a shimmering bronze; features she sorely misses after having become a vampire. Not having to see her reflection in the mirror though, offers Zel the luxury of imagining she still looks the way she did over 100 years ago.

In reality, her hair - while still maintaining it's brown color - has lost it's luster, though is by no means lacking in abundance. The flawless golden skin for which she was once touted is pale, though not nearly as pale as those vampires who attempt to live off of animals. Nevertheless, whatever is left of her skin tone is normally drowned out by the moon's silver sheen.

While as a human she was dressed in lavish clothing and pastel colors, today she opts for darker clothing. Her methods of obtaining clothing are few and far between - most people hang their wash on their properties, which often extends to gated fences, however Zel has come by others who don’t have gated fences. It’s then that she opts to steal their clothing should they have ones that fit the stature of a physically twenty-two year old woman. Often she wears red and black dresses to help mask the stain that blood leaves lest she decide she is thirsty. Sometimes to completely mess with her victims, she'll wear nothing but undergarmets (to whatever degree of modesty she's feeling that day). She is ambidextrous.

Zel is brash, quick to judge and above all, has a shocking moral compass. She has a ravenous appetite and will willingly admit to playing with her food before she eats it. She is dramatic and most definitely certifiably insane. In her opinion, the fact that she knows it and will admit to being dramatic is remedy enough. The woman doesn't take to rules kindly, or to being questioned.

Being a female, Zel has gotten used to using her feminine wiles to get a lot of her prey. Most of the time, being alone, she's also not all that well censored. She thinks vampires who try to form a relationship with humans and the magical world are beating a dead horse.

Zel is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English, Farsi, Italian, French, Russian, German, and Khosa. She is currently working on Mandarin.
there's a black mark on her soul

She was born Inez Arcelia Domingo, daughter of Leticia Magdalena Domingo and Ximen Aurelio Domingo, two diplomats from Muggle Porto, Portugal. Straight from the womb she stayed silent; the midwife thought her dead until she was given a good slap on the bottom. From the beginning, with both parents being extremely religious and superstitious, this did not bode well for them. Then finally, after the slap, the wail that came from the baby was so disporportionate to its size that the midwife fair threw the child into the mother's arms. Even so, the baby refused to stop crying until it was handed over to the father.

Born the youngest of an upper class family, Inez was largely spoiled. Her sheets were made of only the finest materials, and the clothing provided to her were never second-hand. When it came time for her to say her own name, the only syllables she was able to utter were "Zel", taken from her middle name of Arcelia. Thus, the childhood name of "Zel" stuck. Being home schooled allowed the child to learn multiple languages by the age of 7. With her quick mind, the child proved to be rather sly and evasive, much to her mother's chagrin. Leticia always tried to keep her daughter seated and praying for penitence, but Zel would have rather watched her father and his friends spar. Where her mind came in handy was when she would get into small spats with her siblings; though smaller than them at the time, she knew of ways the human body worked – and couldn't work – from watching her father's sparring sessions. The physical fights never lasted long when Zel was involved.

Through all the secret disobeying, Zel made it easy for the outside world to believe she was the well behaved, God-fearing daughter of her parents. In public gatherings, Zel always answered to her first name without gripe and could go head to head with the local priests about what exactly was in the Holy Bible. No one was the wiser that the small bronze haired, chocolate eyed 11 year old in front of them had mastered the art of manipulation before she could speak her 7th language. She was good at hiding her rebelliousness until the age of 16 when she lost her virginity to a young man in her father's former cavalry. Though no child came from the fornication, Zel was still forbidden to go anywhere without a chaperone (a consequence she pointed out she already had to endure before the incident). That didn't stop her from finding ways of escaping, and one day she met someone who she knew was going to be her saving grace...so to speak.

Like any typical night in Porto, Zel had snuck out to take part in her nightly swim. Convincing the local seamstress to make her peasant's garmets wasn't hard when she found out the woman had had a bastard son, unbeknownst to the husband. No matter, she'd paid the woman handsomely with her weekly allowance. She'd shed her garmets and jumped off the dock when no more than 3 seconds later she was snatched out of the water with surprising strength and hauled onto the dock. As stated before, Zel was no stranger to a grapple, and she was ready to fight. It turned out however that the man who pulled her from the water - a slender man who ended up being about an inch shorter than her (a fact which she would later find herself teasing him relentlessly about) – thought she had thrown herself into the water with the intention of never returning.

Zel, as much as she hated her family and her life, found this idea to be quite absurd, but felt herself attracted to the man nevertheless. He had an air of mystery about him, which Zel had seldom experienced. Her family were unsurprisingly and painstakingly boring, in her opinion. It wasn't soon after that she found out his true nature. Being from a religious family, she found that the superstitions and tales told by her family had some air of truth to them, and thus allowed her to figure out exactly what type of being this man was. And it fascinated her beyond all belief. Instead of cringing like her mother would have done, or running after the man screaming that she was going to kill his race like her father would have, Zel decided to befriend the vampire: Ishmael.

Her relationship with Ishmael was rather simple. He had a crush on her and she knew it. She liked the attention and mystery he brought along with him; eventually she became a willing blood bank for him, though took care to let him feed from places she could pass off as where she could accidentally injure herself. She was still an upper class woman and thus needed to be dressed by other people who would most certainly report this supernatural evidence to her mother.

This courtship persisted until one night, their impassioned entanglement went farther than it ever had before. Zel was drained of more than half her blood and woke up ravenous and bewildered. It was the first time in her life that she’d ever felt truly hungry. Her throat burned and her stomach felt like it was running on empty. It was when she felt two pointy canines at the front corners of her mouth that she realized what happened. Her first reaction was dread. How would she explain this to her family? They would most certainly disown her for sure. The second was a plan. This was her escape. [i]This[/i] was the way she would be able to escape her parents, her goody-two-shoes siblings and her annoying godforsaken loose-lipped chaperone...

The minute Zel realized she couldn't go into her own house without being invited was the minute she plotted her first kill. After dunking herself into the water, the vampire newborn approached the house, dripping wet and covered in her own blood. In the light of the moonlight, the doomed servant couldn't tell his mistress had been turned into the very thing the household had been warned against. Zel spun the tale of kidnapping and attempted murder. As she hoped, the servant bade her to come in. It was then that she struck. Moving quickly, she backed him up against the wall. The servant, who happened to be a very religious boy, saw the white fangs flash in the moonlight. Eyes wide in fear, he uttered his last word, "[i]Azazel.[/i]"

The moment his still-warm body dropped to the cement, Zel knew she had her new name. It was just as well. She never liked Inez anyways.  

felled in the night by the ones you think you love

Anyone who thought they knew Zel before hand would have thought that becoming a vampire meant you lost your humanity along with it. Her plans to get her inheritance had not involved simply asking for the money and leaving. Part of the reason for such violence was the bloodlust that lurked in front of her sub-conscious. It was deafening and hard to block out. She'd managed to leave them alive. She found it rather annoying she was only able to carry so much money with her, so she hid the majority of it and visited the spot every so often throughout the years when she found herself running on low.

The main methods of keeping up her lifestyle were taking advantage of the late sunsets and evenings. She'd find her way into the front of stores and don a cloak. Having still kept her teenager's soprano, she would ask frantically if she could come in really quickly, just when they were about to close. Most couldn't resist saying no to a girl. Once they invited her in, she acted quickly and thoroughly, taking what cash and what goods she could. Mostly it was clothes that she kept for herself, though sometimes she pitied animals and fed them vendors' goods.

Often, she would find late night traveler's groups and operate under the guise of an extremely ill girl; it wasn't hard to cough repeatedly into her kerchief, and the dark circles under her eyes spoke for themselves. Sometimes the con wouldn't last long, and she'd only have a brief moment to take what clothes she could from those in the group. Occasionally she'd bring along a snack. By listening to nearby travelers, she'd pick up different languages. She was quick at picking them up as a child, and that ability hadn't changed with her transformation. Soon, however, she got bored with the language - she was fluent enough anyhow - and took off to other countries.

she's a got a beast in her belly that's so hard to control

Wars were such a bore, though by the time she turned 103, Zel had come to relish one perk. Death. Such wars provided Zel with ample opportunity to partake in her favorite activity: [i]feeding[/i]. Especially with so many opportunities to take cover under the darkness of the night and convince some pig-headed, sex-starved soldier that she was a damsel in distress. Needless to say, Zel thoroughly enjoyed the prospect of entertaining herself throughout the ages. After all, history had a habit of repeating itself and Azazel fully intended on capitalizing upon man’s greatest flaw.

got teeth like a razor blade and we’re out for blood

Up until this point, Zel’s life as a vampire had been kept fairly under wraps - at least on her terms. She hadn’t gotten in trouble thus far, however that was all about to change. Plus, in retrospect, it was time for her to slip up. It almost cost her her life, however.

Up to her usual antics, Zel had been clad in a simple chemise and lace corset. Sometimes before her meal, she would partake in the simple pleasures of the flesh before she’d go in for the kill. It really depended upon what she felt at the time. The human she’d managed to ensnare that evening was one she was particularly looking forward to enjoying. All of her senses could feel, hear and taste the blood that was pounding underneath the victim’s skin. It was just as she was about to sink her teeth into him that she felt a sting against her skin. Hissing with rage, she spun around to see she was confronted by a girl - looking to be only a few years younger than the age she was turned at. She looked so much like Zel, that it gave the vampire room for pause.

That was her mistake. There was a deafening thud at the back of her head, and everything went black.

She woke up gagging on the smell of garlic. It's acidity stung her eyes, and she hissed, fangs fully bared as she was poked and prodded with wooden sticks. Shouting ensued and she was soon dragged away from the original holding place and placed in a cell. Ultimately, Zel figured out that her end was near - she could understand enough of the language to know they were preparing to make an example of her in the next morning. Torture by sunlight and death the next day as she anguished in the middle of the town square. Amidst all the rising fear in her chest, Zel had to roll her eyes at the unoriginal tactics they'd laid out for her. Really, she thought, make up something original - I deserve better than that.

In the end, it was love that saved her life. While in her prison, she had a rotating amount of guards. In the middle of the night, two of them were rotating. Unlike the first shift switch, they didn't just take each others places - they left the cell unguarded. Hurried whispers made Zel grateful she had better hearing than a human's. Elation surfaced in her as she realized the two were in love; she also realized one of the guards had disguised himself and was in actuality, the woman who had hurt Zel in the first place. If the vampire had any qualms about killing the both of them in the first place, they were past gone.

Her plan was hatched before the two got back to the cell door. Acting quickly, Zel threw herself against the gates, reached out, and had the girl's neck in her hand before the two could even blink. Despite her not having been able to even start that delicious morsel of a man before she'd gotten captured, she was still stronger than they were. Eyes glittering, she slyly convinced the man that his precious lover was going to die if she wasn't handed the keys immediately. It was a last ditch attempt, one that Zel wasn't entirely sure would work; it did. Zel, keeping a firm grip on the woman's neck, unlocked her cell and slipped out.

The last thing she did was throw the male into the cell, lock it, and slice the girl's throat. With her mouth sticky and red, she blinked at the agonized cries of the man.

Sticking a bloody finger in her mouth, she sucked on it, savoring the taste of her first meal in days. "What? I was hungry."

couldnt fix me, I accepted it

Zel had never been a sentimental person. It was when she'd almost gotten caught that she figured she might need a new way of living - eventually, she knew she'd be punished for her actions, but she honestly figured she'd have more time than less than 150 years. The time when she made the decision truly came when she had a run in with a group of vampires. Throughout her life, she'd made acquaintances here and there with other beings of her kind, but she never thought to seek anything further than that. Seeing their camaraderie got her thinking she might try her hand at running with a crowd. It didn't take long to track down the vampire she was looking for. After asking around across a few countries, she was led to what looked like a sleepy little village covered in fog called Hogsmeade.

As Azazel stepped foot into the village, she had a feeling this was going to be interesting.

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Happy Belated Birthday, my love! <3
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I blame Té and now Tilda wants Vernon back [Image: http://cdnw.nickpic.host/vKZMu8.gif]

(November 15, 2018 – 1:11 AM)Prudence Browne Wrote: Happy birthday, dear! <333333 have a link to a bday gif b/c idk if it's M rated xD

Sweet Jesus H. Christ deliver us from our sins. Someone put a festive twist on this so I had to follow up.