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34 year old Halfblood
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played by Kit
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Pablo Medina

Full Name: Pablo Juan Cortez Medina

Nickname(s): Paul, Pabs, Pabby

Birthdate: April 17th, 1855

Age: 34

Occupation: Magizoologist

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Elsewhere

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Pablo's original wand was red oak, kelpie hair, pliant, 11 inches but it broke in the shipwreck and ended up lost. He then had to share a wand with Alfred which was acacia, phoenix feather, springy, 11 1/2 inches. When he returned, he got himself a new wand which is aspen, dragon heartstring, rigid, 10 inches.

Family: Diego Medina, father (Chilean)
Elizabeth Medina nee Clarke, mother (English)

@"Herbert Fudge" is his cousin

Pablo has brown eyes and dark hair. It got quite lengthy during his time lost at sea and he has kept it a tidy shoulder length. He stands at five feet, eight inches and has a lean build. Since his return, he keeps himself mostly clean-shaven though it isn't uncommon to see him with a bit of stubble. No longer quite used to new clothing, he mostly wears wizarding robes since they're a lot more comfortable than muggle clothing. Pablo also has a couple of tattoos which are usually well hidden by his clothing. He is right handed.

Charming. Intelligent. Passionate. Romantic. Sociable. Adventerous. Curious. Family-oriented.
- Pablo is bisexual.
- Speaks Spanish, English, Mapudungun, Mermish and Gobbledegook.
1855: Pablo is born to a Chilean man and his English wife that settled down together into Britian along with numerous Chilean relations that had immigrated to Britian. Despite his mixed heritage, Pablo grew up mostly hearing and speaking Spanish and Mapudungun, the language that his paternal grandparents speak.

1860: The signs that Pablo is a wizard manifest and is much celebrated by his family.

1866: Pablo gets his Hogwarts letter and goes off to Hogwarts. He is sorted into Hufflepuff. He is a very sociable boy and it isn't long until he amasses a decent amount of friends.

1867: Pablo decides to try out for the Quidditch team but is beaten out by other players. It was a fun experience but the tryout was enough for Pablo to decide that Quidditch is very much a game for him to enjoy spectating but not play.

1868: Pablo picks Ancient Studies, Care of Magical Creatures and Ghoul Studies as his electives. He shows a natural apitude for Care of Magical Creatures and it quickly becomes his best class.

1871: Pablo sits for his OWLs and scores reasonably well.

1873: Pablo graduates from Hogwarts and becomes an apprentice magizoologist.

1875: After two years of apprentice work, Pablo becomes a magizoologist in his own right.

1879: Pablo joins a small expedition in the hopes of finding a previously undiscovered creature. He isn't too fussy about whether they be a non-magical creature or not. He finds that life at sea agrees with him, really.

1882-1887: Pablo joins the Sycorax expedition which quickly is discovered to have been a very poor life choice. First, dragon pox breaks out which they do not have adequate medicine for and then they are sailing into a storm. The ship is damaged but manages to hang on for a while longer. They get lost since they are down a navigator and really, Pablo is regretting his life choices intensely. They crash into the Andes and in the end of it all, the only survivors are himself, J. Alfred Darrow and a cabin boy.

They manage to survive and end up more or less joining a local village. He doesn't quite get on well with Alfred at first but soon enough, they have a pretty solid bromance going on. This is pretty much his life now and Pablo settles into it well enough. Being Charming is a language that is universal so he is mostly okay when it comes to certain aspects of his life that he had been dearly missing while trying not to die in the wildnerness.

Finally, after Pablo had pretty much given up hope of ever going back home, they are rescued when Alfred stumbles across a small collection of colonists from Spain. Pablo is incredibly thrilled about this because he hadn't heard his native tongue in literal years. The cabin boy stays behind and Pablo and Alfred decide to leave him to it. They are shunted off to America and are provided with a portkey back to England.

Pablo's family is incredibly thrilled to have him back but his grandmama remains convinced that he and Alfred are actually ghosts. Well, okay then. He stays at the Sandition Resort as he gets his things in order.

1888: Pablo manages to adapt back to societal life pretty well - better than Alfred at any rate. He had wondered if their bromance was more "we're the only survivors of this shitshow" and would dwindle on their return. It didn't and so Pablo is more or less easily convinced to go on another expedition though he does wonder if they might have gone crazy during their forced exile after all. They soon set sail in search of [i]Avalon[/i].

Played By: Kit

Contact: PM, skype, discord

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