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Proprietor of Dulcibella Winery, Independent Financial Advisor

36 year old Halfblood
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Errington Warbeck

Full Name: Errington Justice Warbeck

Nickname(s): Erri

Birthdate: June 1, 1852

Age: 36

Occupation: Proprietor of Dulcibella Winery & Independent Financial Advisor

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Swallowbury District, Irvingly

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Aspen , 12.25", inflexible, dragon heartstring

Cedric Warbeck | Father | 1823 Dulcibella Warbeck née ____ | Mother | 1831 Favoretta ____ née Warbeck | Sister | 1850 Jossima Warbeck | Sister | 1859 Carmelina Cramming | Sister | 1854 --- Walter Cramming | Brother-in-Law | Muggleborn | Cursebreaker | 1848 - 1885 Marmaduke Warbeck | Brother | 1863 Goodluck “Lucky” Warbeck | Brother | 1872
His mixed heritage gives him a darker complexion, thick curly hair and dark brown eyes. He is 5’7.5” and uses his right hand for writing and wandwork. Typically, he doesn’t match because he has difficulty distinguishing the difference between black/navy and brown/red. He wears bowties daily with crazy patterns such as ducks, stars or wine bottles.
Analytical, very literal, curious, patient, asks the questions people want to know but you aren’t supposed to ask, good with numbers, oblivious to emotions, assertive
He is a seer.
1852 | Born the second child to a healer and his wife. As time goes on, it is apparent that he is the quiet, studious sort and is often overlooked - understandably so - given his siblings’ big personalities.

1860 | Erri has his first vision and is informed that his great-aunt on his mother’s side was gifted with the sight. Rather disappointingly, it is a bland one and he foresees his father getting a promotion - it happens six months later.

1863 | Erri goes off to Hogwarts and join the ranks of Ravenclaw. He feels much more at home here, as there is little chaos in the common room full of like minded individuals. Word soon gets out that he is a seer, and between actual visions and just general gut feelings, he becomes the go-to Ravenclaw for questions about the future when it involves schoolwork, chance or finances. As he gets older and visits Hogsmeade on the weekends, he finds himself giving financial/investment advice to shop owners.

1870 | He graduates Hogwarts with decent NEWT scores. His reputation precedes him and he goes into business as an independent financial advisor for shop owners in Hogsmeade and London.

1880 | Ten years later, he’s set up very comfortably and his mother begins to push him into wife hunting. Carmelina’s marriage  still hasn’t produced any children, so the pressure is on. He tells her outright that he prefers men and plans to be a confirmed bachelor - a fact he will only share if pressed.

1882 | The draft happens and Irvingly is established. After a vision, Erri proceeds to take out a business loan from Gringotts and funds a well-functioning winery set back in Hawthorne Hollow. He names it Dulcibella Winery (after his mother.) It is equipped with atmospheric charms and the like. The wines he produces are incredibly popular in the wizarding community, which only furthers his financial gain.

1888 | The winery and his financial advising keep him very busy, but he manages to support his family and attends his sister’s Holyhead Harpies games frequently, despite not understanding the appeal of the sport.
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