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Wife & Silent Socialite
Wife & Silent Socialite

23 year old Muggleborn
5FT. 4IN.   ❤   Married
played by Lauren
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Ustinya Sleptova

Full Name: Ustinya Volyainichna Sleptova née Konstantinova.

Nickname(s): Usti.

Birthdate: 31st May, 1865.

Age: 23

Occupation: Wife and Silent Socialite.

Blood Status: Muggleborn.

Residence: Parkinson Street, Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade.

Hogwarts House: None. Koldovstoretz.

Wand: Unicorn hair, 11 inches, silver birch. Pliable. Usti is right handed.

Family: Nikolai Aleksandrovich Sleptov | Husband | 1837-
Eva Nikolaevna Humphrey-Mavis née Sleptova | Step-Daughter | 1866-
— Frederick Humphrey-Mavis, Viscount Corcrest | Step-Son-in-Law | 1858-
Petra Nikolaevna Sleptova | Daughter | 1869-
Ivan Nikolaevich Sleptov | Stillborn Son | 1884-1884
Standing at 5’4 in stockinged feet, Usti tends more towards a natural look, which puts her at odds with her glamorous daughter-in-law at times. She usually wears her long brown hair in the latest styles, however she never wears styles that are so extreme they make her look ridiculous. Slender with soft curves, her body feels different now after her pregnancy, which makes it even harder for her for reconcile herself to having nothing to show for it.
Quiet. Contemplative. Extremely lonely. Charming. Friendly. Empathic.
+ Speaks very limited English.
+ Despite that she is sensitive to tone of voice and usually understands peoples meaning through that.
1865: Ustinya Volyainichna enters into the wealthy, comfortable world of the Konstantinova family and it is not expected that her happiness will be troubled by anything. She is the third child of five and though she doesn’t know it yet, she will be the first of only two that display magic.

1871: In the midst of a happy childhood Usti displays magic and literally nobody notices, which is just as well because really, what would her family do with that?

1876: Despite a few nannies over the years finding her odd there is nothing in the world that could have prepared the household for the visit of a strange man in ostentatious robes the likes of which they have never seen before. They inform the family that Usti is a witch and after a few displays, one of which nearly gives her mother a heart attack, they accept the idea and Usti goes off to school.

1876-1883: Having not anticipated receiving any kind of formal education Usti struggles for several years to get the hang of schooling. She is bright enough but has no capacity for writing essays and frequently loses concentration in lessons, leaving her with a spotty grasp of many basic facets of magic for the first few years. Eventually she manages to concentrate long enough to pass her sixth year exams but she is quite relieved when her father suggests she leave before her final year and instead debut in society.

1883: Within weeks of her coming out ball Usti meets Nikolai Sleptova and she is immediately enamoured of his handsome face and charming manners. She believes herself in love and, rather blindly, assumes he feels the same way; a belief that is entirely backed up when, after a short courtship, he proposes and they marry only a few weeks later. By August she is bound for Hogsmeade. Once there the bubble breaks a little and she finds herself the mistress of household she can barely communicate with and mother to two girls, one of whom is only a year younger than her.

Fortunately, within weeks, as befitting her and Nik’s entire relationship, she is pregnant.

1884: It becomes painfully obvious to Usti that Nik does not love her at all when, upon their son Ivan being stillborn, he withdraws from her almost entirely. She realises quickly what his primary interest in her always was, and resents that she still wants him too. Him being away at school stretches the distance between them to breaking point and Usti wiles away her days trying to learn English: unfortunately her skill at learning is still not up to much.

1885: During the Christmas holidays Nik moves one of his colleagues and her son into their home after they lose their own house. At first a little bit confused as to why they are offering such hospitality Usti soon changes her mind when she realises there is someone else to talk to other than Eva and from the little she understands about why Rosaline Bennet is in her house, she decides she wants to be friends with her.

1886: Eva begins to court a member of the gentry and, largely because Nik does not, she decides that she likes him. He brings with him the possibility that Eva might marry and leave the household, which cannot come soon enough. Petra loses an eye in a duel and Usti tries to be sympathetic but struggles: Eva might get married but apparently this one will only leave one body part at a time.

1887: Petra graduates and for a summer Usti has a full household of husband, two step-daughters and both Bennets. She likes the latter two the most and is elated when Eva finally gets married and moves out.

1888: Enough is enough. When Nik comes home for the summer she is determined that they will finally have another child, and she fully intends to enlist the help of the only other woman she can communicate with to do it.

+ She married her husband, the Hogwarts DADA Professor, after a very brief courtship. There was never any suggestion of impropriety but still.
+ She rarely speaks in company.

+ She speaks very little English.
+ She is yet to give birth to a living child and there had been no hint of another pregnancy since her first.

+ She is genuinely in love with her husband.
+ She is painfully lonely.
Played By: Lauren

Contact: PM

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Ustinya doesn't speak much English so unless otherwise stated she converses in Russian.

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