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This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa
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Sponsor of the Wimbourne Wasps
Sponsor of the Wimbourne Wasps

29 year old Pureblood
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Beckett Longbottom

Full Name: Beckett Remington Longbottom

Nickname(s): Beck(s)

Birthdate: April 13th, 1859

Age: 29

Occupation: Sponsor of the Wimbourne Wasps

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Excalibur's

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: 10” poplar, dragon heartstring, flexible

Eldin Longbottom | [1825]  Father
Hermione Longbottom née Potter |  [1831] Mother
Annabelle Bones née Longbottom | [1850] Sister and family
Gladys Wilde née Longbottom | [1853-1884] Sister and family
Rufina Mulciber née Longbottom | [1855] Sister  and family
Matilda ____ née Longbottom | [1856] Sister and family
Louisa Lovegood née Longbottom | [1858-1885]  Sister and family
Marcella Weasley née Longbottom | [1861] Sister and family
 Lithe like most of his family, Beck stands a little taller than average at 5’9”. He possess long, lean muscles from his time spent playing quidditch at school and is generally athletic in build, though not very broad. His hair is a rich brown and his eyes a clear blue. Beck is often sporting some kind of facial hair, if only to make him appear his proper age; everybody in his family teases him about his baby face. He typically dresses comfortably, erring on the side of fashionable, but really he’s not always the epitome of clean-cut. He is right-handed.
Gryffindor-y, it’s a thing; outgoing; chivalrous; flirtatious; quick-witted; hot-tempered; quick to act without thinking; brash; somewhat romantic; easily distracted; driven; fun uncle.
[April 13th, 1859] | Beckett joins a horde of sisters, the celebrated boy, finally! Everybody breathes a sigh of relief and Beck is treated very carefully as an infant, despite being pretty sturdy and healthy.

[1861] | Marcella is born, Beck is pretty amused by the babe, but doesn’t form any immediate attachment either. Belle goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Slytherin. Beck is kind of sad about this as Belle has always been good to him, but one less sister isn’t really all that bad. Rufina displays her first sign of magic as Belle is leaving.

[1864] | Gladys heads off to Hogwarts, oh another sister down. Rufina seems saddened by this and Beck does his best to try and cheer her up, but he’s kind of flaky at best when it comes to more serious things like that.

[1865] | While riding his horse Beck is thrown when it spooks and instead of crashing to the ground, he somehow gives himself a bubble of a cushion, that continues to bounce him up the path. It takes several people, several tries to get him out of the bubble after that. Meanwhile he’s laughing his head off hysterically.

[1867] | Rufina and Matilda head off to Hogwarts together thanks to their birthday situation. So many sisters leaving the nest, maybe Beck will get some peace and quiet! (Hard with Marcie around, but since they’re close in age he’s never minded her as much.)

[1868] | Belle graduates and marries rather quickly! Mr. Bones doesn’t seem all that bad, but considering their age gap, Beck doesn’t exactly get to be the overprotective brother in this respect; he’s not even ten.

[1869] | Lousia is off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff.

[School Year 1870-71] | FINALLY HIS TURN. Beck is swiftly sorted into Gryffindor, but he saw that coming. Really, there was no doubt he’d be anywhere else. He is also an immediate pest to his housemates, especially the boys, because HI GUY FRIENDS. It is so damn nice to have some other dudes around. Beck shows an interest in quidditch, but doesn’t try out first year.

[School Year 1871-72] | Rufina is made prefect, but that really doesn’t slow Beck down. Second year sees Beck gathering the nerve to try out for quidditch and lo and behold me makes it as a beater! Life is damn good now and it keeps him occupied.

[School Year 1872-73] | Beck adds Care of Magical Creatures and Ghoul Studies to his courses; meh, they both look like fun. Gladys is apparently done with school this year and marries before moving to New York. That’s fun. Beck would like to get over to visit her in the States sometime.

[School Year 1873-74] | Rufina is set to graduate and marry except gasp! tragedy strikes when her betrothed is killed in a splinching accident. Ouch. Beck is as sympathetic as he can be and he really does feel bad for her, it’s kind of a hot mess.

[School Year 1874-75] | OWLs ew. Becks does about as well as anyone expects him to. Really, academic aren’t his thing and there are a couple of Ts in there, but he’s scrapes by in a few classes to continue on.

[School Year 1875-76] | Rufina comes close to death after prematurely delivering twin boys in December. Neither baby survives and it’s generally deressing.  Despite his poor OWL performance, Beck continues on with Astronomy, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Ghoul Studies. It’s good enough. Louisa graduates and subsequently marries.

[School Year 1876-77] | NEWTs are not exactly thrilling, but again, he does about as expected. Really graduating holds more promise in his favorite thing quidditch. Beck accepts a second string position on the Chudley Canons where he meets Catigern Weasley. Louisa is widowed this year.

[1877 - 1885] | So caught up in the world of quidditch, Beck is a terrible brother and uncle; he misses several things going on in his sisters’ lives, including the birth of their children without a direct announcement. Marcella marries Cat Weasley in 1880 and Louisa remarries in 1881 to Orlando Lovegood. Becks is happy for both of them, even Marcie who took the class drop to follow her heart. Gladys and her husband die in the laughing plague of 1884; Belle loses her husband as well. This shakes Becks a little more than he would like to admit, as losing a sister is quite the unwelcome shock to any system, even when you have a lot of them. At twenty-five now Becks is starting to slow down, just a little. He continues to play professional quidditch for another season, retiring in 1885 after spending several years on first string for the Canons. This year the family feels another blow with the loss of Louisa in childbirth.

[1886] | Retirement doesn’t really suit Beckett all that well; he’s bored. And though he knows he could live the leisurely life, it really isn’t something for him and so, with his father’s assistance, Becks purchases the Wimbourne Wasps to keep him busy. It’s not as easy as he would have imagined, but it’s a good way to keep him busy.

[Presently] | Becks has the team to keep him busy even if they aren’t having the best season and he’s starting to feel the pressure of being the Last Longbottom Standing in regards to marriage, but he’s nonplussed… for now.
Beckett played professional quidditch for the Chudley Cannons from 1877-1885.
Played By: Bee

Contact: PM Elsie Beauregard

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