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Tansy Tatting

Full Name: Tansy Victoria Tatting

Nickname(s): None

Birthdate: March 31, 1877

Age: 11

Occupation: Child

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, Above Twilfit & Tatting

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: 9", Maple, Troll Whisker, Bendy

Mr. Tatting Father [1842]
Mrs. Tatting neé Twilfit Mother [1856]
Twin Tatting Brother [1877]

Miss Twilfit Aunt [1856]
Tansy is the epitome of sweet innocence. Her hair is long and a medium brown hue. Her eyes are bright and blue, her smile often reaching her rather expressive eyes. She’s short and slender, standing at four foot four though she hopes to grow a few inches at the very least in the years to come. While the fabrics of her clothing surely aren’t the top of the line, her mother still sees to it that she’s dressed in the latest styles deemed fashionable and are often new or at the very least in very good repair. She’s right handed but is rather craft and adept at using both her hands.
Playby: Aroa Renau
Sweet. Inquisitive. Creative. Polite. Accepting. Fashionable.
1877: Tansy was born late in the evening on the last day of March, the second of the twins to grace the Tatting family having newly relocated to the town of Hogsmeade.
1881: At just four years old, Tansy learns of prejudices toward blood of witches and wizards when the Minister is ultimately arrested for trying to rid Hogsmeade of any Muggleborns. She doesn’t fully grasp the concept entirely due to her young age but will come to understand it more in time. In the meantime, she begins to learn basic sewing skills at the hands of her mother and aunt.
1882: Neither the Tattings or Twilfits find themselves drafted into the Hogsmeade Trail and remain behind to continue with building the business. The twins begin learning basic education necessities in the evenings at the hands of their parents.
1883: The Quidditch World Cup brings along a variety of new types of people into Hogsmeade and Tansy finds herself quite intrigued. She often finds herself down in the shop and talking to any of the newcomers that have the time, and patience, to deal with an inquisitive child. She tries to replicate a rather bright and vibrate palette seen on a dress of a foreigner into a piece of embroidery work. She shows her first signs of magic when her frustration over not being able to get the right combination of colors results in the stitches flashing in different colors.
1884: The Laughing Plague hits and leaves the family quite concerned as Tansy’s mother and her twin are both pureblooded. Luckily, it seems as if they evade the plague but the fires that hit High Street in July don’t care what a witch’s blood is and seems determined to destroy all it can in its path. The shop ends up with some damage but luckily not to the extent of being unable to repair. It takes some time, but the shop eventually ends up in top shape once again.
1885: Tansy is actually a bit upset that she isn’t older and isn’t already at Hogwarts when the Pan Magical Games start. The idea of attending school with foreigners is exciting and she sincerely wishes she could have been there.
1886: With the World Wizarding Fair during the summer, Tansy begs and pleads to go whenever they can. She draws inspiration from the different cultures and eventually finds herself sketching clothing designs to go along with the different things she sees. She keeps them hidden, however, almost afraid to show her ideas to her mother for fear of them not being liked or up to par.
1888: Tansy can hardly wait to get her chance to go off to Hogwarts. Just one summer left and she’ll be away to school but she plans to enjoy the summer as much as she can, especially with the Solstice Festival to be renewed. While a bit wary of what it could bring, her mother assures her that precautions are being made according to the Daily Prophet. She also continues to design different styles of clothing in her sketchpad in secret.
Played By: Hawke

Contact: PM

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