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This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa
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Watson Devereaux

Full Name: Watson Buckley Devereaux
In an attempt at assimilating into European culture, Dev's grandfather changed the surname from Devar to Devereaux, and the family tends to give everyone the whitest names possible.

Nickname(s): Dev

Birthdate: April 9th, 1853

Age: 35

Occupation: Psych Patient

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: St. Bart's Hospital, London

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Cypress, 11", rigid, dragon heartstring brought back by Oliver as proof of Dev's death, his wand was buried in the empty casket. Dev would very much like it back.

Family:  Michael Devereaux II | Father
Jaya Devereaux nee Khurana | Mother
Frances -- nee Devereaux | Sister, b. 1850
Jane -- nee Devereaux | Sister, b. 1857
Victoria -- nee Devereaux | Sister, b. 1863
Harriet Devereaux | Sister, b. 1866

Oliver Devereaux | Cousin, b. 1853 | Noteworthy: Oliver's mother was a muggleborn witch.
Darvesh Devar Michael Devereaux | Grandfather
Dev stands at the mostly average height of 5'6". He has brown skin and black hair. Since his return, he has maintained a well-trimmed beard. Also since his return, Dev is notably more muscular than he was when he left. #rugged His body is riddled with scars, including a significant wound on his temple from his original fall that is covered in hair. He dresses well and speaks in a careful received pronunciation accent. Of his parents, Dev looks more like his mother. He is right-handed.
SHY. KIND. A formerly patient person, Dev has been significantly less so after almost being murdered and then gaslighted about it. DEVOTED. STUBBORN. ISFJ.

The second child born to Michael and Jaya Devereaux, Dev has a mostly uneventful, very middle class childhood punctuated by the births of more sisters. In 1858, when he is five, his cousin Oliver comes to join the family after his own parents die of cholera on a missionary trip. Oliver and Dev are fast friends and faster allies against the machinations of Dev's sisters.

Throughout Dev's childhood, weird things tend to happen around him and Oliver. This is dismissed out-of-hand by the mostly secular Michael and Jaya, who simply explain that weird things always happened around Oliver's mother. That Dev is sometimes alone when these things happen does not seem to matter to them.

Of course, they are very surprised when in summer of 1864, a representative from Hogwarts comes to tell them that their half-magic ward and their supposedly not-magic-at-all son are both wizards. While they'd rather keep the boys in muggle schooling, the representative explains that that would be dangerous to the boys and those around them. Michael and Jaya agree, and the pair are sent off to tackle life at Hogwarts.

1864 - 1871

Dev is sorted into Gryffindor, although he does not know what Gryffindor means until a few hours later. His school years are mostly uneventful - or, as uneventful as it can be to join a whole extra world - and he loves it. He loves magic. He does quite well in his classes - Oliver seems to do less so - and when OWLs come round (1869) it's suggested that Dev become a healer.

He knows - he knows - that his parents won't like it. So Dev decides to become a physician, instead, but still caters his NEWT courses around healing. Just in case. Predictably, when he graduates his parents are only concerned with where he can go to become a physician - so, with some *cough* magically doctored grades from a real Scottish boarding school, Dev goes to study to become a physician. When he has the time, he meets up with school friends in Diagon Alley.


For four years after schooling, Dev trains to become a physician. Once he's licensed (1876) Dev joins his grandfather's practice in the areas surrounding London.

In 1877, Harriet surprises them all by being the only other Devereaux child invited to Hogwarts. With all the trouble that year, Dev really thinks it would be easier if she wasn't a witch.

At a social event in the summer of 1879, Dev meets Miss Nathalie Jennings and falls head-over-heels for her. She's a muggleborn, like him - as is a not-statistically-insignificant number of her siblings - and the two exchange letters. In 1880, he asks formal permission to court her, and it's granted.

Dev's parents are... not ecstatic... that he is courting a witch, and he gets into several screaming matches about it with them. With every intention to propose, Dev agrees to go on a trip to North America with his cousin, a form of 'touring the continent' but on a different continent. The two take off. They arrive in January and go camping in the rustic wilderness of northern Canada for a week. On the day that they were to leave, Dev wakes up to find himself alone, in the snow, wandless.


Dev spends a week wandering the woods looking for Oliver, without the maps, before he realizes that his cousin must have left him here on purpose. Then, it's three weeks of hiking through the wilderness - he hadn't realized how far [i]in[/i] he got - until he found a small trapping village. Dev spends a few more months there recovering and offering his services as a physician before he continues to trek south, heading for civilization. This is how he spends the time until February of 1882 - being a physician in small villages, and continuing - before, finally, he reaches Vancouver, Canada.

Having found the magical community there, Dev discovers via the magical library and an old copy of the [i]Daily Prophet[/i] that his family had him declared lost at sea. As Oliver clearly made it home - there is no mention of him - and they would have been on the same boat, this means, more or less, that his cousin told his family that Dev pitched himself off the boat.

And they believed him.

Furious, instead of contacting any member of his family, Dev joins a muggle physician's practice in Vancouver. He does not reach out to Nathalie because, well, what would he say? After nearly being outed as a wizard - his employer becomes suspicious of how Dev survived the woods without frostbite - he begins to head east at the start of 1883.

For the next four years, that's how it goes - Dev travels alone, finds a town, acts as their doctor, moves on. He could have done this forever - would, perhaps, have done this forever - but finally a copy of the [i]Prophet[/i] reaches him, announcing that Oliver and Harriet are engaged.

He cannot abide that.

Dev books passage from Halifax to England, and sets off.


In the middle of May, Dev arrives at the family home in London, knocks on the door, and is greeted by his ecstatic family. As he feared - and perhaps this is part of why he stayed away for so long - no one believes him. Once he tells them what happened - namely, that Oliver left him to die - they tell him that his long absence must have addled him somewhat, and have him placed in a psych ward at the muggle St. Bart's hospital in London.

But Dev has a backup plan.

* Dev is supposed to be dead after being lost at sea in 1881.
* Dev is a muggleborn, but went to Hogwarts with his BFF/cousin.
* Dev worked as a muggle physician.
* Dev used to court Nathalie Jennings.
* Dev is claiming his cousin tried to kill him.
* "Lost at sea" was a cover-up in itself; Oliver Devereaux claimed that Dev tried to drown himself.
Played By: Beanie

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Watson: I'm pretty sure Porphyria Dempsey has actually killed a man.