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Potion and Plant Poisoning Healer

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Kenton Yaxley

Full Name: Kenton Blaise Yaxley

Nickname(s): Yaxley by most, Kent by family but only because he can't stop a habit 21 years in the making.

Birthdate: January 1, 1867

Age: 21

Occupation: St. Mungo’s Potion & Plant Poisoning Healer

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Flat in Magical London

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Hawthorne, 13”, unyielding, dragonheart string

[b]Victor Yaxley[/b] | [1830] Father [b]Bethany Yaxley nee --- [/b] | [1838] Mother [b]Livia Crabbe nee Yaxley[/b] | [1857] Sister [i]and family[/i] [b]Gregory Yaxley[/b] | [1858] Brother [i]and wife[/i] [b]Elizabeth --- nee Yaxley[/b] [1861] Sister [i]and family[/i] [b]Natalie --- nee Yaxley[/b] | [1863] Sister [i]and family[/i]
If Kenton’s the opposite of his brother in personality he is as well in appearance. He stands at a confident and tall 5”11’. He is a masculine build with broad shoulders and yet he is still lean. He is fair toned and his hair is naturally a light brown. He has blue eyes that seem rather as if they are trying to see every secret about you. He doesn’t smile often but when he does it a broad and untamed smile or a teasing snear of a smile. He prefers wizards robes as they befit his position in life better but he knows he cuts an impressive figure in muggle suits and as such wears those to events with society. He wand hand is most decidedly his right hand.
Kenton is a very ambitious individual, perhaps because he sees himself as rather entitled and is out to prove people that he is. He loves knowledge and simply knowing things. This extends not just to academic material but also to the secrets of those who surrounds him. He is confident in his skills and despises criticism. He is also opinionated, judgemental and is not one to mince words for kindness of nicety. If his opinion is asked he believes it is wanted and as such is very blunt with his opinion.
-- Childhood --
Kenton is the youngest of the Yaxley siblings to be born. His saving grace - he’s not another daughter. But rather a spare son. Too young to acknowledge the fact of this he spends his days being delightfully baby like. He is known by the nurse as being the most colicky of the children born.
1868: Livia starts Hogwarts, Kenton is too young to realize one of his plethora of sisters is no longer at home much.
Gregory, the brother Kenton has heard much of in his young age heads to Hogwarts.
1870: Kenton has discovered that his sisters who do remain at home are boring, his older brother is not much better when he is home. He begins to resent his brother simply because he gets more attention than Kenton when he comes back from school. In a fit of jealousy Kenton displays his first sign of magic by enchanting one of his brother’s books to march on him through the family home. His parents are surprised at the very young display of magic and Kenton realizes their pride in him.
1872: Elizabeth goes to Hogwarts. Kenton doesn’t miss her.
1874: Natalie goes to Hogwarts, Kenton enjoys being the only sibling at home. He begins to notice how his family dotes on him and often resents the fact that his dull and almost stupid brother was born first as he is clearly the more gifted son.
1876: Livia not only comes home but debuts, Kenton learns what this means and hopes it all ends soon. He rather would like things to go on as they were. Gregory returns home, Kenton dislikes this turn of events and begins to chafe to go to Hogwarts himself and prove he’s even better than his brother. Luckily Livia is married off by the fall.

-- School Years [1878-1885] --

1878-79: Kenton gets his turn at Hogwarts, caring little about seeing his older sisters, he’s rather more interested in being away from his older brother. He often feels their home isn’t big enough for the two of them. The sorting hat places him in Slytherin almost instantly, Kenton is thrilled to not be placed in the same house as his older brother as he hopes to differentiate himself as much as possible from his siblings and show everyone who the best Yaxley is.
1879-1880: Elizabeth has graduated and Kenton doesn’t miss her presence at school. He keeps to a fairly exclusive group of people and his studies and discovers that he’s fairly good at manipulating people.
1880-1881: Adds Arithmancy and Earth Magic to his schedule.
1881-1882: Natalie debuts in the summer and Kenton is left as the only Yaxley still at Hogwarts, this fact does not disappoint him.
1882-1883: Spends most of the year studying for O.W.L.s he is proud when he pulls O’s across the board although annoyed at his ‘E’ in History of Magic. Feeling no love toward the class he determines to drop it along with Astronomy the next year.
1883-1884: Surprising the family Kenton decides he’d like to become a healer once he graduates. He is recommended to take Alchemy and he drops Earth Magic and Arithmancy from his schedule to focus on his other more interesting courses.
1884-1885: Kenton’s N.E.W.T.s go well and believes himself even more of a better choice than his brother. Since he can’t prove his worth as the first son he determines to do this in his career of choice, feeling it better to be doing something rather than nothing.

-- Academic Records--

Defence Against the Dark ArtsOO
Earth MagicE
Arithmancy E
History of MagicE

-- Adulthood --

1885: To add insult to injury his brother actually marries his betrothed, Kenton’s friend from school. Kenton starts his internship at St. Mungo’s in the Potion & Plant Poisoning division. He rents rooms at Black’s.
1886: Kenton is promoted to healer. Not content in this role he determines he will one day run the hospital. Moves to a loft of his own in London.
1887-1888: Things remain much the same in Kenton’s life. With his siblings married and settled down and a few years before he needs to think of it himself Kenton is looking forward to a life of freedom from obligation, or at least familial obligation.
Played By: Fallin

Contact: PM/Skype

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