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Healer at Irvingly Infirmary
Healer at Irvingly Infirmary

25 year old Halfblood
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Miriam Trelawney

Full Name: Miriam Trelawney

Nickname(s): MT, Meer

Birthdate: November 9, 1862

Age: 25

Occupation: Healer at Irvingly Infirmary

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Swallowbury District, Irvingly

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Hawthorn, 10", firm, dragon heartstring

Family: Freya Trelawney| Father | d. 1884
Unknown Father | A Muggle military man, presumably still alive, fat lot of good he's ever done Miriam
Sarah Townsend nee Trelawney | Sister| b. 1857
  and husband, who is on thin fucking ice
Cassandra Trelawney | Sister | b. 1858
  Theo Trelawney | Nephew | b. 1885
Leopold Trelawney | Brother | b. 1865
Abraham Trelawney | Sister | b. 1866
Matthew Trelawney | Brother | b. 1882 - d. 1883
  Standing at 5'2", Miriam has a boyish figure like Sarah, and soft facial features like Cassandra. This is where many of the similarities end - MT takes heavily after her father, who was certainly of African origins, although she has never met the man.
  Miriam boasts dark, curly hair that falls past her shoulders if left down. Her skin is dark as well, marking her apart from her paler sisters. She has brown eyes. She tends to wear bright colors when out of her work-robes, and is an expressive woman. Meer is right-handed.

A woman who is vibrantly loyal and a tad snarky, MT presents a serious exterior. She is a confident, clever and occasionally charismatic person. Once one gets to know her, they'll learn that she's actually a softie, unless you fuck with her siblings, in which case the machinations of her revenge will be swift.

As far as the Trelawney vices are concerned, Miriam acknowledges that, like everyone else in the family, she has terrible luck when it comes to romance and yet is somehow still a romantic. Bollocks.


In 1862, Miriam is born, the third bastard child produced by Miss Freya Trelawney. Not far off from her birth, her father flakes -- reportedly a muggle military man, although no one who still speaks to her remembers his name. Miriam's early childhood is primarily cheerful memories of playing with her sisters, until 1865, when Leo joins them as a boy playmate.

In 1866 Abraham is born, and her father actually seems likely to marry Freya! Their grandparents are ecstatic. Until, of course, Sarah accidentally kills him with a broken wand. The Trelawney lot are finally cast out by their grandparents.


Life is, very suddenly, very hard, although MT will mostly remember this life as an adulthood. Freya is constantly working and the girls are often responsible for each other, although Miriam must assume more responsibility as first Sarah and later Cassie go to Hogwarts.

Her first sign of magic occurs in 1871 when she accidentally summons a bottle of milk from the porch of their tenement home. The only witnesses are Leo and Abe, but Meer very happily lets Freya know later. The trouble, of course, is that she still does not know how long she can go to Hogwarts for - Sarah leaves after her OWLs, in 1873, which is before MT can even go. Cassandra also leaves in 1874 - again, before Miriam is enrolled. She gets her Hogwarts letter in July and is terrified to be facing school alone after a life of never being far from a sibling.


Miriam begins in 1874 and is enrolled in Hufflepuff, although her family would not have been surprised by Ravenclaw, either. She throws herself into schoolwork, at first because no one wants to be friends with Freya Trelawney's daughter, and then because she's found that she really likes practical spellwork.

She does make friends, eventually - mostly other working class students, and mostly those who are not reputable enough to judge her too harshly. In 1877, the Trelawneys move to the Slums of Hogsmeade, where Miriam can find herself on school breaks from now on.

In 1879, Meer sits her O.W.L.s. Miraculously, her scores are exemplary - enough so that she's able to keep going to school on a heavy scholarship, with goals of being a healer. Also that year, Sarah gets married!

Over the summer she works constantly, and during the year she offers her tutoring services to other students - all so that she can get her N.E.W.T.s. She sits the exams in 1881, and does very well - becoming an Artifacts Incidents Intern at Hogsmeade Hospital.


MT moves up to being a real healer in 1882. This also corresponds with no small amount of family drama - Freya is pregnant again (at her age!) and her lover is killed in an accident in 1883. This ought to be the end of it, except Freya goes missing... and is arrested when she's found with her dead baby.

A healer, Miriam feels rather guilty about this. She begins to work even more, and bonds with her superior, Mr. Baxter Keene. Before long, she's rather infatuated with him.

Freya is murdered in 1884. It's only when at the start of 1885, when Miriam finds out that Cassandra is pregnant, that she moves to join her sister in Irvingly. Someone has to help Cassandra with the baby, and MT feels awfully guilty abut Freya's death still.


Cassandra's son, Theo, is born in June, and MT is immediately infatuated with the lad. She's lucky in comparison to Cassandra -- Theo is very obviously not her son, given the child's paleness. In August, Mr. Keene proposes! Miriam is delighted to agree.

Miriam realizes in 1886 that this engagement has lasted for a very long time. Thinking that perhaps it's because she is his subordinate, she makes a lateral move to work at the infirmary. But that doesn't fix it. Baxter just won't set a date, and she cannot figure out why: until he finally breaks things off in March of 1887. This is also the year that MT becomes aware of her sister Sarah's husband's infidelity, and she has been inching ever closer to kicking his ass since.

In the aftermath of her broken engagement, and with Frederick's failings in mind, MT has perhaps become a bit crankier. Especially after getting news that Baxter Keene is directing Hogsmeade Hospital -- are you shitting her, universe?!

* Miriam is Freya Trelawney's bastard.
* Miriam's sister Cassandra is a nigh-notorious seer.
* MT used to be engaged to Baxter Keene.
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<blockquote>Miriam: It makes me suspect you're all starting to believe I have feelings. This is counter to my personal brand.</blockquote>