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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Emilia Wright for Jude Wright. Casually alienating offspring since 18882.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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Clarence Bennet

Full Name: Clarence Jules Winters Bennet

Nickname(s): Clay or Clee

Birthdate: June, 18, 1867

Age: 20

Occupation: Potioner Apprentice

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Cyprest, 11¾", nice and supple, unicorn's tail hair

Paternal Side
Arlington Bennet, grandfather

Constance (née Prince) Bennet, grandmother

Maternal Side
Harry Winters, grandfather

Elizabeth (née Morgan) Winters, grandmother

Oscar Bennet, father

Myrtle (née Winters) Bennet, mother

Matilda (née Bennet) Thompson, sister

Prudence Bennet, sister

Lucian Bennet, brother

??? Bennet, sibling

Dimitri Lancaster, secret lover

Theodore Thompson, brother-in-law

Letitia Thompson, niece

Bartholomew Thompson, nephew

Lancelot, Dutch Warmblood Horse

Clarence is like the rest of his family of pale complexion, with mesmerizing blue eyes and bronze hair, normally combed to the left. He rarely let grow his bear and when he does he left well trimmed to assure his youthful looks prevail. Has for his garments, they normally are darker colors and of the finest fabric, though he may bring something more light occasionally in his scarfs and fancy bow ties. Although, when in private, he wear more casual clothes especially when taking care of Lancelot, there is no way he would wear his expensive garments while cleaning his horse stable. He gives preference to his right hand when holding his wand or his quill, although, when carrying a gun he prefers his left hand for a precise aim.


His grandmother, Elizabeth Winter, had once told he had the Sun in Gemini, although, behind the Gemini hide a Cancer, making of him a charismatic introvert with a creative mind. She further adds that his Moon rests in Virgo, making of him an overcritical and harsh when voicing his opinions, that if it was not for his Sun sign he was doomed. Thought his true ally was on his Rising sign: Scorpion, giving him a cloak of mystery and wonder in the eyes of others.

Defence Against the Dark ArtsEE
History of MagicAE
1867, 18th June||Clarence Jules Winters Bennet is born, in Ireland, Myrtle is excited after what happened in her last pregnancy. Oscar is pleased with another boy.

1870, 5th April||Clarence contracts dragon pox, after a visit to a dragon sanctuary, and Myrtle was afraid to lose him like she lost Prudence. She requests her absence from the St. Mungo's Hospital, and took care of him at their residence.

1872, ~September||Clarence began his Arithmancy studies and learning how to play cricket, yet, he always end up running up to the stables to watch the horses, so his mother signs him for horse riding classes.

1874, 21st March||His sister, Matilda, weds Theodore Thompson and moves to his residence in Scotland, while Clarence and Lucian kept living with their parents at the Bennet's Estate, in Ireland.

1876, 16th October||Lucian, at the age of 21, leaves the household in a market expedition to New Zeland, in hopes to expand the family business. While Clarence began participating in horse racing tournament. After his first winning, Myrtle gives as presence a brown Dutch Warmblood horse that Clarence name Lancelot.

1877, ~June||The Queen discover the wizardry society and exile them. The Bennet's move to Theodore Thompson's newly built residence, the husband of Matilda, where they stayed along with the other residents, Theodore's parents and his sister, Charlotte.

1877, 1st July||Grandmother Elizabeth pass away. Matilda is heartbroken since she was very close to her. While Clarence follows his mother everywhere she goes. In front of everyone, his mother shows a strong cold facade, yet, when the two of them were alone she grief her mother's death while Clarence promises to never leave her alone.

1877, 7th July||Letitia Elizabeth Bennet Thompson is born, inheriting his grandmother's name "Elizabeth Winters" due to her recent death, Clarence come see his niece and was a bit disgust at the site of the baby, however, the child release a joyful laugh at his presence.

1877, 21st September||His father, Oscar, nominate Lucian Bennet, the successor of Bennet's trading company, a company devoted to the exportation and proper trade of value magical resources across the globe, being the main offices in Ireland, Egypt, Singapore, India, and Brasil. Myrtle is not pleased since she wishes the company to be in hands of Clarence, yet Clarence reassure he much rather becomes like her.

1877, 21st December||The family celebrates their first Winter Equinox in the town of Hogsmeade, a majority of the family is pleased with the residence in Wellingtonshire, however, Charlotte and Clarence were displeased with the new social standards since they both enjoy the aristocratic parties, particularly Clarence, he got used to the after parties among the nobles in his tournaments.

1878, 1st September||Clarence initiate his academic instruction at Hogwarts, where he is sorted in Slytherin and be quite pleased to be near the potion classrooms, ever since his mother allows him to watch her brew potions for her patients he had been mesmerized and looking forward to those classes.

1879-1880||Clarence join the Potion Competition as well becomes a member of the Potion Club. Lately, in the same school year, he expands his extra-curriculum activities by enrolling on the Dueling Club and Leisure Sports Club.

1881, 23rd January||His sister gives birth to her second child, Bartholomew Thompson, which bring great joy to the family, especially to Letitia. When she was permitted to see her mother and her brother, Letty show the first sign of her magic.

1881, 1st-2nd March||A body is found in Hogsmeade, in his chest is carved “Mudbloods Beware”, even though the family had not witnessed the event the news travels fast and create a division of options in the family, the same could be told of Clarence Housemates, some seem amused by the death of a "mudblood" while others thought was barbaric, Clarence decide to remain silent on the matter.

1881, 14th May||With the crimes against the muggle-borns apprehended, the elections took a surprising turn of events, when young Darcy Potter won the Minister Election. Another divergence of options erupted in the household. Meanwhile, as his 5th year approaches, Clarence decides to enroll in two other clubs: the Bookclub and the Charms Club.

1881, 25th October||Girls are banned to play Quidditch at Hogwarts, which makes Clarence secretly amuse to not have any being of the female gender disturbing his view of the athletic students of all House Teams.

1882, ~Summer||Clarence is invited to be the President of the Potion Club as well be Slytherin House Perfect, to which he takes with pride.

1883, 3rd February||Clarence on a trip to Hogsmeade, end up drink a tea poison with Amortentia and claimes he had found the one he wishes to wed, as he entered in his family estate, yet not much longer he began to heavily salivate, Letitia at such sigh run into her grandmother's study had retrieved a stone of bezoar and shove it in his mouth, his mother Myrtle, who arrived at the time, witnessing what she had done called the servants to carry her son to his room. He woke up later on that night back at his dorm and his mortified by the news of what had happened to him, yet, to his relief he realizes others had been victims as well.

1883, Spring||In a weekend at Hogsmeade, Clarence see for the first time, Dimitri, a vampire with who correspondence under a false name to keep their courting unknown by others eyes.

1883, 18th August||The servants were dispensed of their duties due to the Quidditch World Cup, all the family withdraw and servants left the estate, except his niece Letitia, himself and his mother, the three generations trio had been closed since the incident in February, at beginning due to gratitude, however, time had proven these three had more in common than they could ever imagine. Although, for Clarence being around them provide him an alibi to his rendezvous with his lover.

1884, 1st March||Minister Darcy Potter is assassinated. Everyone in the family is shocked by the news. Yet, Clarence did not pay further attention since his mind was clouded by the anxiety for the NEWTs which await him next year while dreading for news of his beloved Dimitri.

1884, ~June||Clarence is nominated Head Boy and he could not be happier than ever, even his father, who barely acknowledged his presence was thrilled by his son success.

1884, ~July||A carnival visits Hogsmeade, a lot of curious minds gather to witness the wonders in store, however, not much longer after the arrival of a great number of wizards is affected by a hysterical attack of laughing. Some of the members of the family contract what was later called the "Laughing Plague". Oddly the plague seems to affect a majority of those with a higher purity of blood. Clarence falls ill, along with his niece Letitia, Charlotte, his father Oscar and Letitia's grandparents.

1884, 13th July||A fire burst into Wellingtonshire ruining the estate. The family manage to evacuate, however, Horatio Thompson and Oscar Bennet at the sight of each other cover in ashes and smoke madly laugh at one another, while consumed by the flames.

1884, 2nd September||Agnes Thompson had a bursting attack of laughter and unable to administer a Draught of Peace to her in time lead to her grave. From that day forward, Myrtle had not been the same, she took a leave of absence of her duties and devoted her attention to aid her family. Whenever anyone laughs she would appear as fast she could in their rooms to check on them and administrate a tonic to calm them. Nearly at the end of the month, Clarence returns to Hogwarts to finish his studies.

1885, 29th May||His family returns from a vacation trip, still with a heavy burden of the death of three members and some friends of the family, they return to Wellingtonshire. Yet, as soon they arrived they are advised by other upper-class friends to lockdown since there was news of six Azkaban convicts on the loose, which sadly cancel once of the most joyful events "The Coming Out Ball". Clarence on the other hand just was a relief, since it meant he did not need to dance with any girl, though he grew anxious for news of Dimitri.

1886, 15th June||The Thompson visit the World's Wizarding Fair, while Clarence saw an opportunity to find a promising potioner to entrust more in this field which fascinates him the most. Eventually, he manages to make some contacts and find a potioner willing to make him his apprentice.

1887, 31st May||News of a law that restricts students who could not prove their human lineage would not be accepted at Hogwarts arrive from the Ministry. Clarence stays firm in the side of his family, even though he is secretly against such law, after all, Dimitri was a vampire.

1887, 9th June||A few days before his birthday a joyful event lift the spirit of the wizardry community, ten years ago Queen Victoria had exiled the wizardry community, now their ties were renewed and that change brought hope, though not all had the same ideas.

1887, 1st September||A shocking revelation made by the current Minister, Balthazar Urquart, resign of his post. His daughter is revealed to be a werewolf. Clarence felt his neck on the line and began overthinking in ways to assure no one finds his affair with Sir Dimitri.

1888, Present||After months overthinking, Clarence decides to encounter with Dimitri to plan their future and ways to keep their forbidden love a secret, as it has been since they met.

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