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Letitia Thompson

Full Name: Letitia Elizabeth Bennet Thompson

Nickname(s): Letty, Eliza

Birthdate: July, 9th, 1877

Age: 10


Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House:

Wand: Willow, 10¼", nice and supple, unicorn's tail hair

Paternal Side
Horatio Thompson, grandfather

Agnes (née Evans) Thompson, grandmother

Charlotte Thompson, aunt

Maternal Side
Oscar Bennet, grandfather

Myrtle (née Winters) Bennet, grandmother

Lucian Bennet, uncle

Clarence Bennet, uncle

Theodore Thompson, father

Matilda (née Bennet) Thompson, mother

Bartholomew Thompson, brother
Gwyniver, Andalusian Horse

Dina, Scottish Fold Cat


Letitia is assuring to not grow over the 5ft'4in, she has a pale complexion with rosy cheekbones, that are adorned with her freckles. Her blue sapphire eyes are framed by her bronze wavy hair, which she loves to embellish with a simple bow made of silk. Due to her equestrian classes, she is in shape, even though she has a sweet tooth. Letitia normally likes to wear warm pastel colors and if possible incorporate some floral element in her garments, either as a pattern, an accessorize or a replica of such due to her passion for Herbology. She often tends to use more her right hand, however, when she is in her art classes or bordering she tends to switch as she pleases.


Based on her great-grandmother Elizabeth Winters, she was born with the Sun in Cancer which makes Letitia a creative, faithful and protective individual, at her best, however, this also indicates she often have mood swings that make her more clingy or fearful or isolated of her surroundings. Her Moon is in Pisces, which makes her very intuitive and sensitive, in fact, the Moon on Pisces is known to be greatest gift and curse of any wizard, those born under this Moon Sign carry in them a great cosmic power. Yet, her virtue resides in her Rising Sign: Gemini, making of Letitia a soft-spoken person, intellectual with a will to bring change, yet compromise her ability to make decisions.

Defence Against the Dark ArtsXX
History of MagicXX
1877, 7th July||Letitia Elizabeth Bennet Thompson is born, inheriting her great-grandmother's name "Elizabeth Winters" due to her recent death, since her mother, Matilda was quite attached to her. It is believed she saw in her grandmother more a maternal figure than her own mother Myrtle.

1877, 21st September||Oscars nominate his eldest son, Lucian Bennet, the successor of Bennet's trading company, a company devoted to the exportation and proper trade of value magical resources across the globe, being the main offices in Ireland, Egypt, Singapore, India, and Brasil. Myrtle is not pleased since she wishes the company to be in hands of Clarence, her youngest and prodigy child.

1877, 21st December||The family celebrates their first Winter Equinox in the town of Hogsmeade, a majority of the family is pleased with the residence in Wellingtonshire, however, aunt Charlotte and uncle Clarence seem displeased with the new social standards since they both enjoy the aristocratic parties.

1881, 23rd January||Matilda Thompson gives birth to her second child, Bartholomew Thompson, which bring great joy to the family, especially to Letitia. When she was permitted to see her mother and her brother, Letty show the first sign of her magic, a flower pot that was in her mother's quarters to help perfume and relax her during the labor was dying, Letitia touches the fainted floral arrangement and suddenly they revigorate as if Spring had arrived. After witnessing her daughter gif, Matilda requested her husband's presence and that he hired a tutor to initiate Letitia's magical studies.

1881, 1st-2nd March||A body is found in Hogsmeade, in his chest is carved “Mudbloods Beware”, even though the family had not witnessed the event the news travel fast and create a division of options in the family. Letitia is withdrawn to her studies, although she felt uneasy with the news. At the night she had a dream of her playing in a daisy flower field until the flower petals turn into defying flower buds who faint in waves of laughter while the world burns to ashes. She woke up frighten and her aunt Charlotte, who was in the room next door, made her a camomille tea to help her relax.

1881, 14th May||With the crimes against the muggle-borns apprehended, the elections took a surprising turn of events, when young Darcy Potter won the Minister Election. Another divergence of options erupted in the household and Letitia was pulled apart. On that night she had another odd dream, she saw the man that she witnesses with her father winning the elections pale like a tree wood on winter, she tried to touch him like the flowers at her mother's quarter, yet, the body did not move or gain colour.

1883, 3rd February||Some of her family members and friends seem unsual, particulary her uncle Clarence who claimed he had found the one he wishes to wed, yet not much longer he began to heavily salivate, Letitia at the such sigh run into her grandmother's study had retrive a stone of bezoar and shove it in her uncles mouth, her grandmother Myrtle, whom arrived at the time, witnessing what she had done called the servants to carry her son to his room and then hugged her granddaughter and thanks, her for saving her precious boy.

1883, 9th July||Her grandmother, Myrtle, woke her up and led her to the stables, there was Gwyniver, the white Andalusian pony, imported from the Iberian Peninsula just for her. This was her gift, the first of many that Myrtle would gift to her granddaughter. The truth was that she had seen in her potential for a great witch, unlike her daughter who only seems interested in little pleasures of life, however, Letitia with her six years old was wiser than Matilda was at her age. She spoke with her son-in-law and both agreed that Letitia could learn much more at her side.

1883, 18th August||The servants were dispensed of their duties due to the Quidditch World Cup, all the family withdraw and servants left the estate, except Letitia, her uncle Clarence and her grandmother Myrtle, the three generations trio had been closed since the incident in February, at beginning due to gratitude, however, time had proven these three had more in common than they could ever imagine. The three shared an interest in the healing magic, yet, in different fields. Myrtle was a Healer, fascinated by Alchemy, her son, Clarence, was an enthusiast in potions (in fact he felt mortally ashamed for not being able to trace the Amortentia in his tea) and Letitia had a green thumb, while the three were alone like in days like that one, they would share and put in display their latest investigations, studies or cases.

1884, 1st March||Letitia's dream comes true, Minister Darcy Potter is assassinated. Her family assumed she was only shocked by the news, although later, after riding Gwyniver to ease her thoughts, Letitia confess to her grandmother what she had seen, her grandmother request her to wait and of her closet she pulled out a book and confess she had hoped she was wrong, but her mother, Elizabeth Winters, had anticipated that Matilda would give to birth a child that would walk between reason and wonder. She felt that there was more in her grandmother story that for some reason she was omitting, never the less, she gift to her Elizabeth's book of shadows, inside had a glossary containing meanings and interpretation of future omens.

1884, ~July||A carnival visits Hogsmeade, a lot of curious minds gather to witness the wonders in store, however, not much longer after the arrival of a great number of wizards is affected by a hysterical attack of laughing. Some of the members of the family contract what was later called the "Laughing Plague". Oddly the plague seems to affect a majority of those with a higher purity of blood. Letitia falls ill, along with her aunt Charlotte, her uncle Clarence, her paternal grandparents and her grandfather Oscar.

1884, 13th July||A fire burst into Wellingtonshire ruining the estate. The family manage to evacuate, however, Horatio Thompson and Oscar Bennet at the sight of each other cover in ashes and smoke madly laugh at one another, while consumed by the flames.

1884, 2nd September||Grandmother Agnes had a bursting attack of laughter and unable to administer a Draught of Peace to her in time lead to her grave. From that day forward, Myrtle had not been the same, she took a leave of absence of her duties and devoted her attention to aid her family. Whenever anyone laughs she would appear as fast she could in their rooms to check on them and administrate a tonic to calm them.

1885, 29th May||With the family saved, minus three members and some friends of the family, they return to Wellingtonshire, after an extended family vacation. Yet, as soon they arrived they are advised by other upper-class friends to lockdown since there was news of six Azkaban convicts on the loose, which sadly cancel once of the most joyful events "The Coming Out Ball".

1886, 15th June||The Thompson visit the World's Wizarding Fair, Bartholomew Thompson, now at the age of five, discover his true calling when he witnesses some of the inventions in the science fair, proclaiming he wanted to be the next greatest inventor of the wizardry world. On the other hand, Letitia, who was walking toward her ninth birthday, only found more reasons to pursue her studies.

1887, 31st May||Letitia is horrified by the news of the appalling law that restricts students who could not prove their human lineage would not be accepted at Hogwarts. However, to her sadness, this was something that the house did not seem to have a different opinion, the majority thought non-human students and staff in Hogwarts, not only was dangerous but unacceptable.

1887, 9th June||A month before her birthday an event lift her spirit, ten years ago Queen Victoria had exiled the wizardry community, now their ties were renewed and that change brought hope to her caring heart that perhaps someday wizardry world would be more accepting of those who possess a magic gift, regardless their birth lineage.

1887, 1st September||A shocking revelation made by the current Minister, Balthazar Urquart, resign of his post. His daughter is revealed to be a werewolf, the Thompson's and their friends are shocked, yet, once again, Letitia feel sorry for them and return to her melancholic state, dressing for awhile in cold colors, instead of her traditional warm colors, to silently express her grief.

1888, Present||With the months of her entrance to Hogwarts arriving, her father present to her a Scottish Fold kitten that Letitia's name her Dina due to a mispronunciation of her brother of the name Diana, like the Roman goddess.
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