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Ancient Runes Professor
Ancient Runes Professor

35 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 2 in.   ❤   Widowed
played by MJ
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Carmelina Cramming

Full Name: Carmelina Serenity Cramming née Warbeck

Nickname(s): Carm, Mel, Melly, Lina, etc

Birthdate:  18th October, 1854

Age: 35

Occupation: Ancient Runes Professor

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Currently lodging in Irvingly / Hogwarts

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Apple, 11 1/4”, kelpie hair, supple.

Family: Cedric Warbeck | Father | 1823
Dulcibella Warbeck née ____ | Mother | 1831
Favoretta ____ née Warbeck | Sister | 1850
Errington Warbeck | Brother | 1852
Jossima Warbeck | Sister | 1859
Marmaduke Warbeck | Brother | 1863
Goodluck “Lucky” Warbeck | Brother | 1872

Walter Cramming | Husband | Cursebreaker | 1848 - 1885
Carmelina is 5'2" and curvy, with warm brown eyes and dark skin inherited from both her father and mixed-race mother. Her hair is thick, brown and naturally curly, and often does not behave for long when she endeavours to put it up. She has a broad smile, and her expressions usually radiate cheerfulness. Her sense of fashion is a little lacking, choosing what she likes above all else, and as such tends to wear bright patterns and clashing colours in both dresses and robes. She is right-handed, though exceptionally clumsy in all but her writing, with which she is particularly careful.
Bright. Enthusiastic. Clumsy. Emotional. Creative. Determined. Scatterbrained. A bit silly.
REPUTATION EXPLAINED: Her lifestyle has been a little eccentric; there was some talk at the fact she and her late husband never exactly settled down or had children.

1854 | Carmelina is born to Cedric and Dulcibella Warbeck, a middle class healer and his wife, who live comfortably in a village in northwest Wales. They have two other children already, Favoretta and Errington. Carmelina suffers a colicky few months, but is otherwise a healthy baby.

1859 | Dulcibella gives birth to another girl, Jossima.

1861 | Favoretta goes to Hogwarts. The other girls are taught by a governess, though are already bilingual in English and their native Welsh. (As a Welsh family, they are great fans of the Holyhead Harpies, and attend a home game or two every season.)

1863 | Errington goes to school, but the house is not devoid of boys for long, as this is the year Marmaduke is born. Carmelina's first act of magic comes when she drops her journal in a stream on an outing and fishes it out, ruined; in the midst of a fit of tears, she touches it and suddenly realises it has dried, undamaged.

1866 | This year Carmelina is packed off to Hogwarts, and is sorted into Ravenclaw. With a curious mind and a cheerful attitude, she takes to the school like a duck to water (albeit not so gracefully in a physical sense).

1868 | Dulcibella, upon Favoretta's graduation, leaps at the chance to start ferrying her first daughter about to find her a worthy husband. Carmelina is busy starting some new classes, in addition to the rest: Ancient Studies, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy. She also takes Art, and very much enjoys it.

1870 | Jossima joins the Warbecks already at Hogwarts, though she has already decided she wants to play for the Harpies and nothing else. (Carmelina has a fondness for the Harpies, herself, though for rather different reasons).

1871 | Having to drop classes for NEWT level is the most miserable decision of her life. Since flying in first year - a disaster, if there ever was one - she swears she has loved them all. In the end, she settles for Astronomy, Arithmancy, Ancient Studies, Ancient Runes, Charms, History of Magic and Transfiguration - and picks up some Latin and Greek in her spare time.

1872 | Very much a surprise pregnancy, another healthy boy is born, and immediately doted upon by the whole family. Dulcibella names him Goodluck, for good measure.

1873 | Carmelina graduates in May this year with exceptional NEWTs. Though she has enjoyed learning for learning's sake, she has no particular direction for which to put her results to use, and it is only this indecision that sees her agreed to be introduced about by her mother. Mind you, she is a terrible dancer.

1874 | The debutante life is quickly dampening Carmelina's spirits, so early the next year she takes up a position in a wizarding home as a governess, and is much happier for it. She also continues to study in her free hours, just for fun.

1875 | Marmaduke goes to Hogwarts. Through her employers, she meets a single cousin of theirs, a Walter Cramming. He is a socially awkward cursebreaker. They hit it off - intellectually, at least - and become fast friends.

1876 | Walter will be setting off soon, to be positioned in Egypt as the resident cursebreaker on an archaeological dig. Before he does, he asks Carmelina to come with him - as his wife. Although Carmelina has no interest in him (or any [i]man[/i] at all) for a husband, Walter does know well how much she would enjoy the travel... and it will satisfy her mother's expectations, too. She accepts, and they move to Egypt. Their marriage doesn't progress far - mostly, they maintain the same habits of their friendship - but Carmelina becomes involved with the dig, taking sketches and excitedly analysing finds.

1877 | A discovery of a hoard of magical papyrus scrolls becomes her pet project, and, with Walter's encouragement, she ends up publishing a paper on them and the rune incantations they contain. As the dig is wrapping up, Carmelina walks in one night to their lodgings and finds her husband in flagrante with a colleague. Walter is quite shocked at her lack of shock, but Carmelina is, in fact, rather relieved. Eventually, she explains that she's been harbouring a crush on one of the Egyptian waitresses all year long.

1878 | Though they had previously made plans to return to Britain and "settle down" - her parents are desperately awaiting grandchildren from them - the recent revelations scatter those plans, and instead they mutually agree to continue doing what they both best love, and head to Turkey.

1882 | Walter and Carmelina are still travelling, dorky archaeologist pair that they are. Carmelina publishes some more papers (and has the romantic fling of her life with a woman in Greece, who eventually gets married and breaks her heart).

1883 | Lucky starts at Hogwarts.

1885 | On another dig in Egypt, Walter gets trapped in a collapsing tomb. He survives for a few months in hospital, but in the end the curses take their toll. Carmelina packs up and heads home to her parents' house in mourning.

1887 | It is rather nice to be back home in Wales, but Carmelina plans to seek out another job eventually. Just as soon as she finishes what she's been working on: a book, entitled Ancient Runes, Ancient Tombs, studying the magical handbooks and charms found at gravesites in Egypt and Greece.

1888 | It feels almost like fate that the position opens up this year; Carmelina gains a new position as the Ancient Runes Professor at Hogwarts. This summer, she also takes part in the fog expedition to Irvingly and finds herself as part of the group to successfully save them from the curse.

❧ If you're in ~academic or ~archaeological circles, you might have read her works on Ancient Runes.
❧ That her cursebreaker husband died in a tomb collapse in Egypt.
❧ That Carmelina is a lesbian.
Played By: MJ

Contact: PM Elias Grimstone

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RE: CYOA: Group B 3
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CYOA: Group B 1888
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A sphinx! Here, in Irvingly! Carmelina let out a sigh of awe before she could help herself.

All logic aside, the choice they were given seemed like no choice at all; one couldn't very well find oneself face to face with a sphinx and choose to leave! She knew, in her right mind, that the creatures were incredibly powerful - not an entity to be trifled with in the least - but inviting the sphinx out only to walk away in haste from such an encounter seemed a right shame.

(She didn't say any of this, lest the rest of the group lacked the same burning curiosity and she looked a fool.)

Carmelina maybe didn't succeed in suppressing her optimism completely, though. As far as she could tell, they had a tidy range of people here, and enough brains to puzzle out most anything the sphinx could throw at them, surely! They even had a young man from the Beast division who was perhaps better equipped than anyone to sort out the sphinx appearance whilst they were here. He didn't sound entirely convinced about the questions, but Carmelina interjected, about his calling himself useless: "Oh, but you don't know that! Anyone can be good at riddles, it all depends on the riddle in question -" she had been going to say something about them all having had years of practice with this, before she reminded herself that that may indeed have been a quirk of Ravenclaw. "If we're allowed to answer as a group, I don't see why we shouldn't be able to puzzle it out." She cast around an encouraging smile, though her gaze kept drifting back towards the sphinx, unsure if she would have been quite so brave alone.

If they could, they might find out something valuable from the being, which was what this expedition had been about, after all! If Carmelina was wrong and they couldn't, well... perhaps the sphinx would let them leave the riddle unanswered, or find someone who knew. "But yes," she added, a little more soberly, and in lower tones, "best we know precisely what we're in for."