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Spinster and Secret Author
Spinster and Secret Author

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Nimiane Bellchant

Full Name: Nimiane Sebille Bellchant

Nickname(s): Nimmie (by her brother and close friends), Ann (by friends and family)

Birthdate: March 14, 1862

Age: 26

Occupation: Spinster and Sercret Author

Blood Status: Pureblood - Squib

Residence: Bellchant Cottage, Irvingly

Hogwarts House: Unknown, she fancies she would have been in Ravenclaw though

Wand: Unknown

Mortimer Bellchant | [1832], father, retired high ranking ministry member
Sabine Bellchant nee Greengrass | [1840 - 1884], mother, deceased
Benedict Bellchant | [1860], brother, works for the ministry

Evelyn Greengrass | maternal uncle, and family
Aurora Nott nee Bellchant | [1833] paternal aunt and family
Nimmie is slim and tall, she stands at five feet and seven inches and often feels awkward about this, especially with her lack of curves. Because she is inside so often she has creamy pale skin. She has always felt that her face is too severe with her sharp jaw. Her eyes are a dark blue and she doesn’t mind her petite nose, although she has always felt that her lips are too full. Her one blessing, she supposes, is her dark brown hair - and her maid’s ability to make it hold a curl! As she cannot practice magic she prefers muggle clothing as it helps her blend in with her surroundings and she doesn’t feel as if she is playing the role of something she is not. She writes with her right hand and would use a wand with that hand as well.

Nimiane has spent much of her life by herself and she has come to prefer it that way. She does not mind people but does value her solitude and would much rather be at home in her cottage than at a social outing. That is not to say that she is shy or awkward in a social situation. When conversing she is soft spoken, although she loves to analyze people as she engages in discourses with them. Often she can seem lost in thought and often she is, coming up with stories in her mind. She loves being outside and walks but is just as happy sitting indoors by herself. She calls herself pragmatic and realistic and understands her predicament perfectly, perhaps more perfectly than her family, and as such holds no illusions that she might one day marry. She can be headstrong when it comes to her circumstances but often it is backed by a realistic expectation of her life. Now that she is on her own she tends to have reclusive tendencies.
Nimiane’s mother named her after the Lady of the Lake during an obsession with the Arthurian Legends that she went through during her confinement with Nimmie.
Her pen name is Isolde Bennett and her preferred genre is very similar to that of Jane Austen, just placed in the magical world.
Written works published by King & Griffin Publishing Co. include:
The Whispering Winds, 1880
A Companionable Silence, 1883
Miss Sibille Blythe, 1885
A Tale of Cauldrons, 1887
Sample Roleplay Post: ----
1862: Mortimer and Sabine greet their first daughter into the world two years after the birth of their son Benedict. She is a charming young lady to her family but most often she is in the hands of the nurse.
1863-1870: Nimiane is a cheerful young girl. She gets along with her older brother as they are more often than not often on their own. Benedict displays his first sign of magic at the age of three when he turns her hair green, her mother frets that she sees green highlights in Nimmie’s hair as the years go on. When Nimiane is four a governess is hired for her brother and she misses playing with him, she takes solace in playing with her dolls. A year later she is allowed to join the lessons as she is often found spying on her brother and the governess anyway. She still doesn't display her first sign of magic and her parents begin to worry.
1871: She learns to read and doesn’t put down books except to play with her dolls. She still has shown no magical abilities and there is little hope that she will. Her family begins to speak less and less of her to make sure no one finds this out and instead hush it up by saying she is a sickly child - quite contrary to the truth. Ben goes to Hogwarts and Nimiane wishes she might go with him, instead her books and imagination become her best friends.
1872: Nimiane gets increasingly more trouble for her tendency to daydream. She begins to keep a journal in which she confides may of these daydreams, they quickly become short stories and her writing ‘career’ begins.
1873: Much to Nimiane’s dismay she does not attend Hogwarts like the rest of her family. Her parents make it known that they have hired magical tutors for their daughter due to her health.In reality her governess is kept on and her lessons continue much as ever. Much of her time not in lessons is spent reading or writing the short stories she has come to indulge her daydreams with.
1874-1876: Nimiane gets use to being on her own and spends much of her time in lessons. Her active imagination remains her best friend and when she is not learning french, pianoforte, painting, or embroidery, she is writing.
1877: Muggles discover there are wizards among them, while this is a tense time for her family, Nimiane privately hopes for the future where she might be able to live with muggles without fear. Her parents begin to discuss moving to Hogsmeade to be safe and the move is ultimately made at the end of the year.
1878: Without her familiar surroundings Nimiane spends most of her time writing and despite her youth Nimiane completes her first novel length story.
1879: Somewhat to Nimiane’s surprise she is allowed to debut with the young ladies she knew in her youth. A ball is held for her and she is somewhat of a success. The season continues and Nimiane, despite her youth, is a bit of a mystery. She attracts a young gentleman of pureblood and in her social circle and much to her excitement he proposes. For a moment it seems as if Nimiane’s secret may not hinder her. That is until the rumors start. Nimiane suspects her dear childhood friend started the rumors out of jealousy. The gentleman breaks their engagement and Nimiane finds herself devastated. She longs for the end of the season and for the attention to be off her. Perhaps by the next season it will be, her parents try to assure her. Under the name Isolde Bennett she sends her novel to King & Griffin Publishing Company and is turned down making it most definitely the worst year of her young life.
1880: Nimiane is not deterred from her dream of being a writer. She spends much of her year split between the social outings of the season that her mother deems appropriate and she deems a nightmare of whispering and writing a new novel. She summits the work to King & Griffin again and it is published! The novel The Whispering Winds by Miss Isolde Bennett becomes a best seller and is discussed at society gatherings with increasing excitement.
1882: When the announcement of a draft for what is being called the ‘Hogsmeade Trail’ is made Nimiane hopes to be drafted. She is not, likely for the best as she has no magic. Instead she waves them off in May and continues work on her newest book. In August news reaches Hogsmeade of a muggle town being founded and that muggles and magical folks alike will have to work and live together. Nimiane begins to dream of being able to move to such a town.
1884: The Laughing Plague hits Hogsmeade. Nimiane watches as many people she knows grow ill, many dying. Her own father and mother fall ill and she spends much of her time tending to them as she remains healthy. Her mother passes away while her father recovers. Her father becomes dejected and has less and less time for his daughter.
1885: At three and twenty it is painfully obvious to Nimiane that she is to be a spinster. She begins to press the issue of moving to Irvingly even more diligently. Her father privately agree that being out during the Season may not be successful. He placates Nimiane by allowing her to spend weeks of her time in a small cottage in Irvingly that they purchase for her, with the appropriate staff. The catch? She must still attend social events as determined by her aunt. Nimiane remains unmarried by the end of the season. Her book Miss Sibille Blythe is published and is successful.
1886: Nimiane spends much of her time at the cottage and after another unsuccessful season her father allow her to move permanently to the cottage. For the first time in her life Nimiane enjoys the freedom of living on her own and spends much of her time writing.
1887: All but a spinster in name Nimiane cares little for the demands of society, and while she does humor her family by attending a variety of events they are fewer than ever before. She publishes A Tale of Cauldrons, which is greeted with success and begins her next novel.
1888: She does not intend to participate in the new Season but rather hopes for that chapter of her life to finally have a definitive ending and all hopes of personal romance to fade away. Nimiane focuses on her newest novel.
Played By: Fallin

Contact: PM/Skype

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