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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Emilia Wright for Jude Wright. Casually alienating offspring since 18882.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

Barnabas Skeeter in CYOA: Group D

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Third Year & Chaser
Third Year & Chaser

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Arthur Price

Full Name: Arthur Jerome Price

Nickname(s): Art

Birthdate: April 5, 1875

Age: 13

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, Wendelin Way, 3

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Aspen, 11", unicorn hair, supple

Victor Price - [1843] - father
Agatha Price, née Davies - [1848] - mother
Charles Price - [1869] - brother
Richard Price - [1872-1879] - brother
Eleanor Price - [1877] - sister
Arthur is a skinny boy of an average height. Wavy blond hair, grey eyes, tidy clothes. He is a leftie, yet he holds cutlery as if he was right-handed, for the sake of dinner etiquette.
Careless, talkative, compromising, irresolute, not (realistically) planning far ahead.

Arthur finds all human imitating dolls creepy and feels uncomfortable around them, especially if those are enchanted to move by themselves or make noises. He is also afraid of spiders and tries to either kill them or distance himself from the creatures.

Although easily stressed by work and studies, the boy can put a lot of energy into his pointless ideas and ever-changing hobbies.
Boggart: a creepy doll.
Languages: rudimentary French.
Clubs: Quidditch, Flying, Art.
Pre-Hogwarts history:
[1867] - A toy shop owner and enchanter Victor Price proposes to Agatha Davies. Later that year, they get married. Things go well for the family, Victor hires more employees, further dividing labour in his shop, which he believes is a key to efficiency.
[1869] - Charles is born.
[1872] - Richard is born.
[1875] - Arthur is born.
[1877] - As wizards bacome shunned by muggles, The Price family moves to Hogsmeade. Victor’s business suffers as the result, as some of the equipment has to be moved and some abandoned. New employees have to be hired, too. Agatha becomes a Daily Prophet columnist to help the family, although in public she claims writing is just her new hobby.
[1877] - Eleanor is born.
[1879] - Richard dies to Typhoid Fever.
[1880] - Charles goes to Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor.
[1884] - The family is spared by the Laughing Plague, although Victor has to hire some new employees to replace its victims.
[1885] - Charles completes his OWL, graduates from Hogwarts, and joins his father’s business. The boy turns out to be a good enchanter and entrepreneur, which delights Victor. With two of them at work, things start to go much better.
[1886] - Arthur goes to Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff.

Hogwarts history:
[Year 1886-1887] - Arthur takes both Art and Music classes, although drops the latter by the end of the year; signs up for multiple clubs but is barely engaged in any of them, aside from Flying. His grades are slightly below average.
[Year 1887-1888] - Arthur starts working on his book, “Adventures of Arthurus Priceless, Curse-Breaker and Gentleman”, with mixed success. He tries out for Hufflepuff Quidditch team as a Chaser but fails, signing up for Quidditch Club instead, determined to try again next year. The boy’s grades are still slightly below average.
  • Arthur is allergic to several kinds of pollen.
  • Arthur has poor eyesight but hides it, since he thinks glasses don't suit him.
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