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Conspirator to Murder

34 year old Pureblood
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Benedict Bates

Full Name: Benedict Thomas Bates

Nickname(s): Ned, Ben, Tom, Tommy, Benny, Benjamin

Birthdate: August 27th, 1853

Age: 34

Occupation: Conspirator to Murder

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: The Slums

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Alumnus

Wand: Currently wandless, Benedict owned a 13 1/4 inch wand with a Sphinx mane and saliva mix core.

Family: Charles Bates, Brother, DECEASED
William Bates, Father, 63 Years
Jane Bates, Mother, DECEASED
Victoria Bates, Wife, DECEASED
Harold Bates, Son, 12 Years
Henry Bates, Son, 11 Years
Harriet Bates, Daughter, 8 Years
Benedict is 5foot 10inches and weighs 140lbs. He has a medium frame of body and is not muscular by any means. He is however, very agile due to his training as an auror. He has dark brown hair and sometimes, though not always, has it cut at midlength. He tries to keep a shaven look though it's clear his years in Azkaban have taken their toll on him.

Wearing the clothes given to him when he was sentenced to Azkaban, Benedict wears a torn and tattered suit that appears as though it once held value. He wears a green tie; having taken care of it as a memento for his life before his transgressions.

Though his wand has been snapped, he still owns a Malacca cane with an ivory head in the shape of a snarling greyhound; it is clear the cane is for cosmetic purposes and once held his wand.

His mannerisms suggest he is a broken man; often appearing withdrawn in the way he presents himself. He also speaks very timidly.

Benedict also uses his right hand to cast spells, write and hold his cane.
Your character likely knows him from June 1883 and the attack at Padmore Park.
Born to a wealthy pureblooded and extremely discriminatory English family, Benedict was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth; he had a governess who constantly watched him and taught him how to read and write, prior to starting at Hogwarts. By the time he was seven, Benedict was very well-educated in his literature ability. He also had a brother with whom he grew up with and a pair of very caring parents; they provided him with everything he wanted and raised him to think he was an exceptionally special boy with many talents; they also indoctrinated him into believing that anyone of lesser social status – or of different blood – to his family are inferior.

Benedict didn’t show much magical aptitude as he grew up which caused tension in the family as Benedict’s father, William Bates, believed the family blood might have somehow become corrupt and, thus, causing a squib.

During the summer of 1862, a letter arrived in the post from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Elizabeth and William were ecstatic that their eldest son, Charles, had been accepted into the school and they immediately went to Diagon Alley to purchase the necessary equipment. Fearing Benedict would be ridiculed for his lack of magical display, the Bates’ family left him in the hands of their governess who explained that not all children display magic until they receive their wands.

All through the next year Charles constantly bullied Benedict for being a squib and often showed his natural prowess for wizardry; Charles was superb at charms work and transfiguration.

At the beginning of the year of 1864, Benedict had still not displayed any magical talent and it caused arguments to happen and, eventually, leading to a discussion involving disowning the child and renaming him so as to ‘keep’ the taint out of the family. Though, luckily for Benedict, an unexpected letter arrived during that summer from Hogwarts. He was a wizard; all was forgotten and Charles was made to apologise.

Upon entering Hogwarts, Benedict was instantly taken by the magical candles and high castle walls. Everywhere was mystifying and magnificent; an awe-inspiring sight. Inside the great hall, Charles – who was sitting at the Slytherin table – smiled toward his brother in a manner to say ‘you’ll be fine’. Seeing Charles in Slytherin made Benedict want to be in Slytherin; his father and brother had both been in Slytherin though Benedict didn’t say anything to the sorting hat or even hope he would be put in Slytherin; he just knew it and the sorting hat would, too.

Sly like a snake yet loyal like a badger. You are a difficult one to place, Benedict could hear the quiet voice of the hat, You are intelligent to a fault… Not Ravenclaw. They all looked arrogant, I think the house you’re best suited for is… A tear along the hat opened up into a wide mouth, Ravenclaw! The hat yelled and cheers came from the table dressed in blue. Well, that could have gone better for Benedict. He looked to Charles who was laughing and shaking his head before he made his way to his new house table.

He despised the house and quite regularly delved into writing letters to his father, expressing his keen distaste for the house. Him and Charles rarely saw each other during the year and, when they did, Charles was hardly ever studying; contrary to Benedict.

Though Benedict was a hard studier and a smart student, he was a very social person and befriended a few people, forming a small and loyal group of pureblooded friends. Benedict had a keen interest in Defence Against the Dark Arts; he found it fascinating. He partook in various out-of-class activities such as Ghoul Studies and Magical Theory and gained a reputation within the house for being quite a boastful male.

On his second year (1865/66) of Hogwarts, a female by the name of Poppy Hadley joined the Ravenclaw house. He found himself talking regularly with the new female and spoke highly of his heritage; especially his blood-status. After finding out, on his third year, that she is of the same blood, Benedict continued to be friendly with her. Benedict also joined the duelling club and he took to it remarkably.

Benedict’s third year (Charles’ fifth year; 1866/67) is also the year he finds Charles’ falling for a known muggleborn witch. He confronted his brother and called him a blood-traitor, leading to a duel and detention for them both. Benedict sent his father a letter explaining the situation and Charles was swiftly reprimanded; their father not wanting their 'blood to be corrupted'. Benedict was issued strict orders from his father to ‘teach that mudblood a lesson’. Benedict obliged and followed his father’s instruction; casting a hex on the girl which resulted in her two teeth becoming overly enormous for a few weeks. Benedict used that particular hex as he believed muggleborn witches and wizards were freaks and, as such, should look the part.

On his fourth year of Hogwarts, the year(s) of 1867-1868, Benedict began to consider his career choices and his love for duelling, Defence Against the Dark Arts and Care of Magical Creatures (amongst other lessons) led him to believe an auror-like position would be ideal. Benedict began to develop feelings for Poppy; they had become close though did not act on their emotions. They did, however, exchange their ideas for the future.

During September of 1869, A fair few things happened in Benedict’s life. Primarily, he began to think about what lessons he was to take for his N.E.W.Ts. He had received, at O.W.L level, an Outstanding in Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts and Care of Magical Creatures as well as an Exceeds Expectation in Transfiguration. He also passed a few other lessons such as Charms and the Study of Ancient Runes, as well as others. Benedict decided he did want to continue taking Defence Against the Dark Arts at N.E.W.T level though. He also took on Apparition as a subject this year and decided he did want to be an auror; so he needed to study extra hard in order to achieve the five N.E.W.Ts required.

Benedict learns that Poppy was excelling in school and congratulates her; he spent the week studying near her and he continued to develop feelings for her.

Benedict’s Seventh year at Hogwarts saw Poppy passing her O.W.Ls with flying colours. This female was shaping up to be the perfect suitor to continue his family. During the first two months of this year, Benedict notices that Poppy had distanced herself from him. This caused his education to suffer for a month until he approached her in Hogsmeade during the school outing.

The two declared their feelings for one another and their relationship improved a great deal. Despite the two not acting on their feelings, they did have a less of a formal relationship; they never kissed or held hands and only exchanged hugs infrequently.

After graduating Hogwarts in 1871 with seven N.E.W.Ts in DoDA, CoMC, Charms, Ancient Runes, Potions, Transfiguration and Herbology at grade O, O, EE, EE, O, EE and EE respectively, Benedict applied to become an auror – and was accepted for training. He also passed his Apparition lessons and gained a licence for it. It was this year that he approached the parents of Poppy Hadley and asked for permission to marry their daughter. They denied his request, stating that he was still in school and he had not established himself as a suitable husband. However, despite this, he stayed in constant contact with Poppy and, between his training and lessons, met with her to talk about their future and her final year.

Benedict began seeing the true difficulties that being an auror presented and was becoming extremely stressed over the training. However, adamant that he would become an auror, he persevered. Despite the stress of the auror training, Poppy and Benedict continued to write letters to one another and meet regularly so, when Poppy's N.E.W.Ts approached and she began to detract herself from him in favour of passing, he became angered and frustrated. This subsequently led to the two arguing for the first time since meeting each other when she joined Hogwarts. This affected his studies as an auror a great deal and almost resulted in him failing the Concealment and Disguise portion of the training.

On the night of Poppy's Coming Out Ball, however, he thought it would be nice to go to Hogwarts to see her and when he did, he forgot about their fight and felt happy once more. They danced most of the night and, despite remarks from various people, were enjoying themselves. It was the day after when he met Victoria Reynolds, a pureblood Slytherin student also sorted into Slytherin though she was several years his minor; only being a first year. Poppy and Benedict soon stopped contacting one another.

On the fifteenth of February of 1873, Benedict read that Poppy was to become a Murphy. Outraged at this obviously moronic decision, Benedict confronted her and claimed she had made a mistake and said that one of the reasons he wanted to become an auror was so that her parents would approve of him marrying her. The fight ended with her telling him she could not be in love with him anymore and Benedict was heartbroken.

Despite this, Benedict focused on his training and near the end of the 1874 year, he finally passed and became a fully-fledged auror of the Ministry of Magic; he had particularly mastered the Advanced Magical Combat as well as the Investigation and Interrogation portions of the programme. Benedict also became a fairly skilled Legilimens though his skill faltered when it came to Occlumency. He also grew quite close to Victoria, whom shared similar views on blood-status and social class as his family. She distracted him from thinking about Poppy Murphy

In August of 1875, he decided it would be best to carry on with the Bates’ family bloodline, even if it was not with Poppy. He requested to marry Victoria and her father, knowing he was an auror with decent financial security and a pureblooded, wealthy family happily obliged. In September the 13th of 1875, Victoria Reynolds became Victoria Bates. Though he didn’t love her as he did Poppy Murphy, Victoria and Benedict did have a good relationship.

A year later and their first child, Harold Bates was born with no issues.

In November of 1877, the couple had their second child; Henry Bates. He was quite a sickly child and caused Victoria a great deal of health issues. However, nothing too serious happened.

In 1880, Harriet Bates was born; a girl and it marked the end of their pregnancy for Victoria for the next few years.

Still working as an auror, Benedict noticed a pattern in a string of murders happening across the United Kingdom; they all had similar descriptions though the victims were unrelated and had no pattern. He began to research, fascinated by these murders, on his own intuition.

In March of 1882, the Bates family moved into a house in Hogsmeade, a newly established village for the magical community. It was here that he heard more about the strange murders; whispers, rumours and in December, he found the man; torturing an innocent witch for nothing more than knowledge on the levitating charm? It intrigued him a great deal and, against his better nature, persued the man and knocked him unconscious before submitting him into the Ivana Memorial Asylum in Knockturn Alley under the darkness of night. He hid this from his wife and kept a keen eye on the man, paying for his tenure at the Asylum.

With a plan in mind for the male, Benedict opted to have the male released from the Asylum on January the 24th, 1883. A terrible mistake on Benedicts’ part; the male had learned nothing and promptly proceeded to wreak havoc to various witches and wizards around magical London and on the 2nd of February, Benedict ventured out to a small wood behind the man who was stalking his next victim. After watching, both disgusted by the strange man and intrigued as to why, he used a serious of charms to subdue the psychopath.

Benedict promptly had Alexander Henderson placed back in the Asylum and found that, despite his best efforts, Alexander was proving to be a difficult dog to train.

Benedict continued his life as an auror for the Ministry of Magic and went to great lengths to ensure his name wasn't tied to Alexander and the only person to know of Benedict's secret was one of the caretakers. They met on a regular basis to discuss Alexander and so that Benedict could issue payment, in person.

A few months later, wanting to see if Alexander was ready, Benedict released him though kept a steady eye on all of his actions, trying not to intervene.

There was the man from the cemetary, the muggle, and the slum wizard - these were the first victims. When Alexander went after his fourth victim, Benedict intervened and sent him back to the Asylum.

A few months passed and in the early months of 1883, Benedict, in a moment of impulse, verbally attacked a woman named Ruth Grimstone (now Lockhart). Following this, Benedict lost his job as an auror and gained unwanted attention.

Shortly after, Charles turned up claiming to know of Alexander and with his pride hurt, Charles told Benedict's wife everything. It was then that Benedict disposed of his wife and brother, locking his children away and convincingly hid the bodies in the nearby cemetery.

Now paranoid, Benedict opted to have Alexander released. Alexander wasn't pleased with the whole situation though and after fighting with Benedict, was made to work with him.

Benedict wanted vengeance; for his wife, for his job; for wizardkind. Muggleborns, halfbloods and blood-traitors needed to pay for their abominations. Benedict meticulously planned a series of attacks on various people in order to purify the wizard population.

Alexander was sent to attack an upperclass witch who had been known to associate with halfbloods in the weeks following. Various other peeople were also sent 'warnings'. Some had their suspicions and those that did (particularly Atalanta), were dealt with.

Benedict wasn't happy though and although he had gained a few friends, he wanted more; he needed gratification and it was grating at him. Alexander wasn't being as successful as first thought. The Asylum didn't test him; it trained him. Alexander had become less erratic with his killings; he had an order now. He also hesitated when it came to killing.

So Benedict had to take it into his own hands.

On the afternoon of the 27th May 1883, Benedict found out that Alexander was muggleborn. Benedict felt dirty; he was a blood traitor. So, Benedict had to take drastic measures. One final display of the purification.

On 2nd June 1883, Benedict had gathered in Padmore Park, with a stand and a few tied up half-bloods and muggleborns with every intention of acting out his 'purification'. Knowing he could be sentenced to life for murder, Benedict had elected to use a third-party; he hired a dark wizard to use the imperius curse on Alexander.

Through the following moments, Alexander (under the imperius curse) proceeded to use the killing curse on several individuals and this event marked the end of Benedict's life as he knew it. The dark wizard apparated away before the aurors were able to intervene.

He was trialled two weeks after and, having had his wand tested through Priori Incantato as well as his own plea that he had no idea any murders would be committed (Aurors and the Wizengamot were unable to ascertain whether Alexander acted on his own accord or if he was indeed under the influence of an imperius curse), Benedict was sentenced to just under five years in Azkaban for conspiracy to murder as though it was clear he had set the event up due to his presence at the park and verbal outcries prior, there was no evidence to suggest he had planned murder and thus, he was sentenced to only conspiracy.

He was released on March 16th, 1888 and has found his way back to Hogsmeade with hopes of righting his wrongs and leading a modest lifestyle.
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