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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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Edin Hanley

Full Name: Edin Elizabeth Hanley

Nickname(s): ‘Professor Hanley’

Birthdate: June 18, 1856

Age: 31

Occupation: Charms Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Charms Corridor, on the Third Floor of Hogwarts

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Pine, 10”, Springy, Dragon Heartstring

Family: Elizabeth Anne Hanley | Mother 1836-1884 Laslow Theodore Hanley | Father 1830-1876 Annabeth Edin Berry | Grandmother 1817-1874 Mary Anne Hanley | Sister 1854
Edin is 5’5 with a small frame. In her later teens she was ashamed of her boyish body and became worried as her sister matured and she did not. This lead her to obsess over her tidy image, always making sure she looked like a lady with her hair perfecly done and she often wore a bustle under her skirts to give her more of a womanly shape. She is right handed in everything she does, including writing and wand work. She has a pretty but normal look about her. Her soft brown eyes, and supple lips are probably her most prominant features.
Growing up the daughter of an alcoholic taught Edin that she could not rely on other people. Her father was a constant let down and hinderance to the family and she developed a very strong sense of independence from experiencing that over and over. She rarely lets people get away with things more than once no matter who it is. Edin values her time and effort and will not let anyone take advantage of her. But she also has become a very proud woman, who does not like asking for help which leads her to do most things on her own. She does however have a very nurturing quality that seems to be triggered by those less fortunate or very different than herself. She is extremely giving, and very liberal in her ideals compared to the rest of her peers. Edin would not hesitate to extend a helping hand to those in need, no matter what others may think of her for that decision. Edin has never been interested in romance, and has never dated. She values her personal space and believes that she does not need to marry in order to live a happy life. She also holds some regret for continuing her education at Hogwarts while her sister was sent back to their terrible life at home. After losing contact with Mary it became an even greater regret and Edin holds out hope that Mary will turn up again one day.
1856 | Edin is born to her mother Elizabeth or ‘Betty’ and Laslow, her father. The family had one daughter born two years before, and lived in a small home in South London that was left to Laslow by his Father when he passed away. Laslow worked as a Merchant at a Muggle Market in Downtown London during the day. Laslow was very skilled at charms that were aimed to swindle Muggles in his dealings, and he was rarely suspected of anything improper in his business dealings due to his skill at charms. 1859 | By the time Edin was three years old her father was hardly ever seen around the house. He went to work during the day and stayed out all night only coming home every few days to sleep and return to his cycle. Her mother was consumed with housework, and was a skilled witch when it came to practical charms and spells to use in everyday life. Their house was small and modest, but extremely well kept. 1861 | Edin is first exposed to her fathers extreme alcoholism when she is five years old and he and her mother get into a heated arguement in front of Edin and her sister while he is drunk. The two girls hid in their room in the closet while their parents fought endlessly into the night. Their father eventually left the house and their mother fell depressed into her bed for the next two days. 1863 | Elizabeth brings her mother, Annabeth to live with the family to help her cope with raising the two young girls almost on her own. This is where Edin got her name from, as Edin was her grandmothers middle name. The two young girls became very close with their grandmother as children as a result of their parents fighting and their fathers excessive drinking. It is during this period that Mary shows her first signs of magic. 1865 | Edin shows her first signs of magic during this year. Her father was still in and out of the picture as he fluctuated between his benders and trying to appease their mother for a few days before bolting again. She became used to not knowing whether he would be around or not and also became numb to his presence. Her sister left to attend Hogwarts and was sorted into Ravenclaw House. 1866 | Elizabeth is forced to fend off a wizard who was owed money from Laslow for a supposed gambling debt. Her husband was not a known gambler, and she suspected the man of trying to extort her drunk husband. The man forced his way through the door past Elizabeth and she quickly sprung into action and cast the Stupefy charm knocking the large man on his buttocks. Edin was amazed by her mothers quick action and skill at magic as she watched the entire exchange from behind her grandmothers skirts. 1867 | Edin finally makes her journey to Ollivander’s Wands: London to recieve her wand, and then to Diagon Alley to purchase her books and other supplies for school. She is escorted by her grandmother and cannot wait to attend Hogwarts, but is also worried to leave her mother and grandmother behind to care for her father who had gotten worse in his drinking and started bringing casks home instead of drinking at the tavern. He was drunk and in a stupor nearly every night. She reluctently attends, and is sorted in Ravenclaw just like her sister before her and their mother before them. It is hard for her to adjust at first being without her mother and grandmother but the presence of her sister helps her adjust to life in the Ravenclaw Common Room. She began her First Year studies and quickly excelled in Charms and Transfiguration and Magical Theory. 1868 | Edin returns to Hogwarts after a summer back home with a renewed spirit. Her summer had been spent learning charms and tricks from her mother, sister, and grandmother while her father was nowhere to be seen. The house felt safe for the first time since Edin was a small child. Edin quickly became known for her ability to learn spells and charms much more quickly than her peers. She was very dedicated to her learning in her Second Year and spend most of her free time in the Library or on the Grounds practicing things like the Herbivicus Charm. 1868 | Edin’s second summer at home was not so joyous as the first. Her father had returned home during their stay at Hogwarts and was worse than ever. His drinking had finally led to him losing his job and Edin learned that her mother was forced to take a job as a Librarian just to keep food on the table, leaving their grandmother Annabeth to care for their drunk father most of the time. Edin and her Sister returned to school the next year and Edin added Divination, Alchemy, and Care of Magical Creatures to her timetable in an effort to overload herself and not think about her situation at home. She excelled in Care of Magical Creatures and her former strong subjects Charms and Transfiguration and finished out the year with high marks in nearly all her subjects except Astronomy. Edin’s sister would not be returning to the next year, as she only did moderately well on her O.W.L.s and the family did not have enough money to keep paying. Edin’s school record made her available for The Full Acedemic, and so she continued to school while her sister stayed home. 1870 | Edin recieved an O on her O.W.L.s in Transfiguration, Potions, History of Magic, Herbology, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Care of Magical Creatures making her one of the top ten students in her year. At this time Edin was considering going into a career that allowed her to work with Magical Creatures. She was discussing different options with her Head of House when her Charms professor wrote a recommendation for her a position as a Home Tutor due to her studious nature and strong ability in spell casting. 1872 | Edin’s summer was stressful as her grandmother was getting old and it became harder for her to control Edin’s alcoholic father. The family owed money and Edin’s mother was constantly worried. Edin recieved an O on her O.W.L.s in Transfiguration, Potions, History of Magic, Herbology, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Care of Magical Creatures making her one of the top ten students in her year. 1874 | During her Seventh Year she remained at the top of her class, recieved Head Girl, and scored an “O” in Charms and Transfiguration and Care of Magical Creatures. She also recieved an “E” in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Alchemy, and an “A” in all other subjects except Astronomy in which she recieved a “P”. One of the only bad marks on her record, which makes her angry even to this day. As she took the boat ride from the castle docks at her graduation ceremony, all that Edin could think was that she was leaving her home. She felt safe at Hogwarts, and wanted to stay there longer, but she couldn’t. Edin began working in London for a year and a half as a Home Tutor for Hogwarts students during the summers and teaching Magical Theory and History of Magic to youngsters from affluent Pureblood families the rest of the time. In December of 1874 her grandmother Annabeth passed away and she was forced to return home again. Mary did not come home for the funeral, and her father did not bother showing up either. Edin was left there to comfort her mother alone, with only a few extended family members present to show respects. Edin considered quitting her work and returning home to help her mother, but Elizabeth pleaded with her daughter not to do so. 1876 | Edin recieved an owl in London from her mother letting her know that her father had passed. Edin did not dwell very long on the loss of her father, as he had never really been there for her anyway. Despite Elizabeth’s protests Edin decided to move back in with her mother, and commute to work so her mother would not be lonely. By this point her sister Mary had lost all contact with anyone in the family. 1877 | After muggles discoverd the wizarding world, Edin and her mother were immediately suspected by the muggles in their area. Edin helped her mother to sell their house quickly, and relocate to a very small cottage in Hogsmeade in fear of persecution for being witches. After a small stint of not being able to work Edin found work as a Tutor for others who had been exiled to Hogsmeade. Edin had always been a caring individual and was appalled by the situations between the muggles and wizards. She was a firm believer that both groups could co-exist without conflict. 1880 | Edin had set up a small school inside her mother’s cottage in Hogsmeade where she would teach small tutoring sessions to multiple students at a time. She was becoming known around town as the best tutor for Charms outside of Hogwarts. She continued this for four more years. When the attacks on muggle-born witches and wizards began Edin was outraged. She was not usually one to cause an outrage but it took everything inside her not to talk about it to everyone she met. When muggle-borns were forced out of Hogsmeade she was adamntly opposed to it. Edin was also a very independent woman, and spoke out against the ban on female quidditch players in 1881. 1882 | Edin considered moving to Irvingly to show good faith between witches and muggles but could not bring herself to leave her mother again. 1884 | Edin’s mother passed away in her sleep in April of 1885. Edin was devestated and shut down her tutoring classed indefinitely. Without her mother the cottage did not feel like home anymore. Her thoughts often drifted back to her times at Hogwarts. 1885 | Edin heard through someone in Hogsmeade that the position of Charms profession had come available after Matthew McGonagall had vacated the position. She decided to send an owl directly to Phineas Black with her work experience and a very long letter. She never expected to hear back from him, but she was invited to Hogwarts that summer where she was offered the position as Charms professor. 1886 | Edin took up her position as Charms Professor at Hogwarts for the 1886-1887 school term. Her first term felt like she was back where she belonged. She enjoyed helping the students and teaching them new things, even the ones who were not so willing to listen. She got along with all of the staff members fine, and kept to herself mostly. She loved frequenting the library and walking the grounds when she had any down time. She was extremely glad to see the Chastity Cuffs done away with, and was honest in her distaste for them but was taken aback by The Board of Governers announced the policy requiring proof of human linage. When Justin Ross took the office of Minister of Magic Edin was ecstatic to learn he planned to reverse the ban entirely. Since the day she learned that she has been a vocal supporter of his. 1888 | Edin has returned to Hogwarts for a new year, and is hopeful for the future. With a more progressive Minister of Magic in office, and tensions between muggles and wizards easing even slightly, it gave her hope.
Played By: Kalub

Contact: Email? Goes to phone.

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