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Lilian Hill

Full Name: Lilian Ada Hill

Nickname(s): None

Birthdate: May 28th 1871

Age: 17

Occupation: Welcome Witch at St Mungo's

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: A boarding house in London

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: 10 inches, birch with unicorn hair core. Supple

Family: Silas Hill, father [1841] Rena Hill, mother [1848-1884] Oscar Hill, brother [1867-1884] Francis Hill, brother [1870] Della Hill, sister [1872] Marion Hill, brother [1874] Anton Hill, brother [1874]
Coming in at 5'2" Lilian is a little under average height but something about the purpose with which she carries herself makes her seem taller. She has a distracted way of smiling that doesn't always reach her brown eyes. Her wavy brown hair reaches to half way down her back. She keeps it coiled up in a bun or plaited back. Her little sister was constantly telling her she looked far kinder with her hair down for the night. Lilian secretly agrees, her harsh heart shaped face does look a too severe with all her hair pulled back, but she's all for practicality. Her build is too lean and angular for her to be considered attractive. She prefers practical, dark clothes with full skirts basically what any working class woman would wear. She's left handed.
Lilian is a analytical person who loves order. While she was once a very outgoing, social person the stress of being without her family and not knowing what her future holds has made her draw into herself a little more. She feels pretty isolated out here alone. She is worried what her rash decision will do to her marriage prospects. She didn't think about it at all before leaving home and she's still kicking herself for it. She does try to still act like a lady, even if she's unable to live like one. She’s too stubborn to reconcile with her father anytime soon and deep down she knows she could never be happy without a purpose. While she misses being close to her family terribly she tries to be content with helping people and planning out the next chapter of her life.
1871 | Lilian Hill was born the third child of a middle class family in London. Thanks to Silas' job in the ministry the family was able to live well with a decent house and a couple of servants. Her oldest brother, Oscar didn't know what to make of her.

1872 | Lilian's sister Della was born.

1874 | Twin boys Marion and Anton were born

1876 | Lilian joined her brothers in school. She wasn't naturally the brightest but she was very attentive and hardworking. She would loudly declare to the teachers that she wanted to be a healer. As a young child Lilian was very close to her brother Francis.

1877 | Hogsmeade was established. The Hill family moved there. At six years old Lilian didn't understand the political reasoning behind it. All she knew was her parents were all tense and they left the old house. She absolutely hated it. It wasn't until Oscar told her: "it's because the muggles hate us, stupid!" that she started to understand there was more to it. In the chaos of the move, Silias was briefly out of work. Lilian wouldn't discover this fact until later. Her parents kept it quiet and the family continued to keep up appearances. living mostly as they had before the move, all while their savings plummeted.

1878 | Oscar left home to start at Hogwarts. As he was a bit of a bully to his younger siblings Lilian was not sad to see him go. At this point Lilian's interest in healing and potions had turned into an obsession. She would borrow Oscar's potions textbook when he came home on Hogsmeade weekends and pour over it, willing all the big words to make sense. He was not impressed when he found out.

1881 | Francis started at Hogwarts. Lilian was devastated, he was her best friend. This was the year she began to grow closer to her sister Della. With Francis away she didn't really have anyone close to her age at home. Lilian decided this would be her last gasp of childhood before she turned ten and really should begin acting like a little lady. She made the most of playing silly games with her sister. She also loved helping her mother brew household potions at this age.

1882 | Lilian finally started at Hogwarts! She could hardly stop talking about it for months beforehand, much to her brothers' annoyance. She was sorted into Slytherin with her brother Oscar. While they had never been close as children he did watch out for her from a distance to make sure she was adjusting. With all the excitement of her first school year the Hogsmeade Trail expedition had little impact on Lilian. As expected Lilian continued to work hard at her studies. Potions was by far her best subject but she excelled in most things. If only her parents would forget she barely scraped a pass in Astronomy. Something about the subject just didn't click with her and it didn't apply to life at all!

1884 | Lilian's mother and oldest brother Oscar died during the laughing plague. If this didn't make the summer enough of a tragedy the Hill home was mostly destroyed in the fire. Lilian struggled to keep her grades up when she returned to school.

1885 | All five surviving Hill children were now attending Hogwarts. Unknown to Lilian the family began to experience financial difficulties sending so many children at once. Lilian continued to struggle with Astronomy and focused on the subjects that would help her to become a healer when she finished school.

1886 | Just before Lilian was due to finish her fourth year she received the news that her father could no longer afford to send her to Hogwarts. She was ineligible for a scholarship as she had failed Astronomy. This shattered her already fragile relationship with her father. She was shocked to come home and discover the family's lifestyle hadn't deteriorated at all, her father was effectively prioritizing appearances over her future.

1887 | Lilian spent the better part of the year mostly alone in the family house; studying and managing the household. She had hoped that when Francis finished school she might be allowed to resume her studies. She wasn't. Instead father had hired another servant and said her education wasn't important.

This prompted the first rash decision of Lilian's life. At sixteen she left home for London and sought work. She managed to talk her way into a job in St Mungo's as a member of the tearoom staff. She was planning on saving to send herself back to Hogwarts but the pay was terrible and she was used to a certain level of luxury. That first year she made little headway when it came to saving.

To keep up appearances Lilian's father put out that she had moved to work as a governess for relatives.

1888 | Lilian continued to be estranged from her father although she writes to her siblings often. After her seventeenth birthday she took a job as a Welcome Witch. The pay is a little better and it's a more respectable position.
She is disowned/estranged from her family. No-one seems to know the full details She was a Slytherin She left school at the end of her fourth year
She's meant to be working as a governess for her cousin's household She showed up to London in 1887, dressed in decidedly middle class clothes without any money
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