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Fourth Year, Keeper

15 year old Halfblood
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Maksym Dragomirov

Full Name: Maksym Constantin Pyotr Dragomirov

Nickname(s): Max

Birthdate: December 3rd, 1872

Age: 15

Occupation: 4th Year & Keeper

Blood Status: Halfblood (father is pureblood, mother is a squib)

Residence: His family’s estate in Devon, England or currently his sister’s estate in Dorset / Elsewhere

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Aspen, 13 ½”, Pliant, Single Phoenix Feather

Constantin Vitaly Boris Dragomirov, Father [b. 1830 – d. 1872]
Jacqueline Adelaide Warner née Sawyer formerly Dragomirova, Mother [b. 1838 – d. 1887]
-- Casper Roland Warner, Stepfather [b. 1833 – d. 1887]
Katya --- née Dragomirova, Sister [b. 1858]
-- her family
Arkady Vitaly Boris Dragomirov, Brother [b. 1863 – d. 1866]
Valentina Dragomirova, Sister [b. 1869]

Vitaly Pyotr  Arkady Dragomirov, Paternal Grandfather [b. 1805 – d. 1848]
Gisela Elke Dragomirova née Schmidt, Paternal Grandmother [b. 1807 – d. 1877]

Theodore Maxwell Sawyer, Maternal Grandfather [b. 1801 – d. 1869]
Calantha Fantine Sawyer née Chevalier [b. 1809 – d. 1884]
Arnold Pierre Sawyer [b. 1831 – d. 1860]
-- his family

Max is a gangly youth with pale porcelain skin and freckles. His dark hair is always a mass of curls that often falls into his eyes and he's always had big feet. His eyebrows are semi-thick and he's got a little bit of an overbite. Max has a rounded face and a slender nose. He stands at a lofty five foot six but is continuing to grow like a weed. Apparel-wise, Max prefers comfort over fashion though he’s not the one that often purchases his clothing and therefore it’s at the discretion of his older sister Katya. Though it really doesn't matter to him as long as he has pockets. He cleans up quite nicely, even though he’ll roll his eyes if he has to.  He is ambidextrous when it comes to writing but uses his wand with his right hand.


Confident: Max definitely knows how to win people over. He's observant and willing to take the time to watch others and try to figure them out. He can tell people what they want to hear if he's done it right and he knows how to fake it until he makes it if he hasn't. Deep down, Max can be a bit of a sweetheart to those he truly likes, not that he'll ever admit it to anyone. It's a lot easier to save face and keep others at arm's length but he’s too compassionate of a person to constantly have a wall up. Though he is mindful of his reputation.

Assertive: He's not one to back down nor will he miss an opportunity to pursue what he wants. Max is a superb in his negotiation skills and isn't afraid to take the initiative in situations. He's got the foundation for leadership qualities but has yet to trigger them for something useful outside of his usual mischief. He's admirable at least, in that respect, but he's often told he lacks focus. Max just has different priorities.

Adventurous: Max is a restless soul. His imagination has a tendency to run wild. It's a trait he definitely gained from his mother though he often uses it mental escape. He’s curious and very interested in reading and curse breaking, though other odd subjects may catch his eye and his need to learn to takes over. It's because of his sense of adventure that Max isn't afraid to try new things, especially food. He loves food.

Wily: Mischief isn't a trait unknown to his family and Max is no exception. He has a nose for trouble and enjoys the thrill of being a little reckless and unpredictable. He's not one to enjoy being told what to do and being a little manipulative never hurt in his opinion. He's confident in his abilities and tends to be a little weasel when it comes to his sisters. Max is definitely an eavesdropper and will use some bits of information to his advantage if he can.

Stubborn: He's been known to be a bit quick-tempered and as stubborn as a mule. Max will dig his heels in if he firmly believes something and isn't one to be easily moved or swayed in his opinion. And boy is he opinionated and blunt about what he has to say sometimes. Max could be a loyal friend if it came down to it though he could also be a ruthless enemy. Max often feels like he has a lot to prove since he's the youngest and wants to be respected when it comes his sisters.

Sarcastic: To put it bluntly, Max isn't one to hold back when it comes to irony and circumstance. He's not afraid to sass others and make them look like fools if given the chance. Perhaps it's the little bit of pessimism in him but the kid doesn't always have a thick skin and sarcasm is his defense mechanism. Max has sometimes been known to regret his sharp tongue but it's his first line of defense when he's upset or moody. He’s definitely a defiant and scrappy person and though he can be a brat, he’s not altogether snobby or pretentious. He’s very frugal with money and generally is pretty down to earth with others (when he’s not being a smartass).

✗ Patronus: None, though eventually it’ll be a Siberian Cat.
✗  Boggart: The corpse of his mother.
✗ Amortentia: Woodsy scents (particularly maple and oak), Vanilla and Cinnamon.
✗ Star Sign: Sagittarius
✗ Languages: He’s fluent in English and French. He can get by in Russian also as he’s slowly learning from his older sister Katya. He can read Latin due to his education prior to Hogwarts but he doesn’t really speak it and is mildly proficient.
Pre-1872: Constantin and his pureblood family move to England from Russia when he was only nine years old to escape scandal. His family moves into the estate nearest to the pureblooded Sawyer family.  Constantin is often a playmate for Jacqueline’s older brother Arnold and by extension is often around Jacqueline who eventually becomes one of his best friends. Constantin attends Hogwarts years before Jacqueline is considered eligible for attendance and is sorted into Ravenclaw. Jacqueline’s letter never comes and she is eventually kept at home away from society before being sent to a muggle finishing school due to being a squib. They keep in touch through Arnold and Constantin later becomes a Curse Breaker.  Years later, they fall in love and marry in the summer of 1857. Their eldest daughter is born the following year. Jacqueline suffers a miscarriage in 1861 though eventually gives birth to a sickly son in 1863. He later dies due to illness in 1866. Valentina is soon born in 1870 but hardly sees much of her father due to work.

1872: Constantin dies while abroad in Egypt and working when he becomes the victim of a cursed item in September 1872.  Max is born in early December and despite his distraught mother, he is born relatively healthy if not a bit underweight.

1875: Jacqueline marries Casper Warner, a halfblood upper class auror, and one of their neighbors who had also become widowed, not long before Constantin had passed. He and Jacqueline had become close during a prior social engagement that she had attended alongside her daughter Katya and they bonded over their loss of a spouse. Casper is unable to have children and becomes very invested in Max and often refers to him as his son. Max is uncertain about him at this age but likes all the same since he often gives him presents.

1877: Max’s paternal grandmother dies and he sits in on her funeral. His mother makes him wear a very uncomfortable sweater and he spends most of the service scratching his arms for relief.  This is only the first of many sweaters to come.

1878: Katya marries and goes to live with her husband. This upsets Max as he’s very to his sisters and dislikes Katya being so far away. Katya visits home often but it’s not quite the same. Her husband is nice at least and often treats him like a little brother. Max begins showing signs of magic this year as well and accidentally sets his governess on fire during a disagreement. Oops. Thankfully it was minor and she wasn’t seriously hurt but the woman ends up quitting. His governess is later replaced and his step-father has to pay for damages.

1880: Max starts asking more and more questions about his father and Jacqueline isn’t afraid to talk about his exploits though she often tells any of his adventure with a moral in hopes that Max will take them to heart and hopefully stop bothering their poor governess with his antics and focus on studies. He has since grown into a curious child with an insatiable thirst for knowledge (particularly about magical history and anything related to curse breaking because of his father). His governess often notes that he’s lively but often gets caught up in fantasies. Max also becomes good at conning his stepfather into buying him, sweets. In the fall, Valentina starts her first year at Hogwarts and Max is left to restlessly toil away at home.

1884: Max is sent to Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw, though if you ask his sisters, he would’ve been better suited for Slytherin or perhaps Gryffindor. Max is homesick his first year and needs time to adjust.  He sends an ungodly amount of owls back home and his mother sends a few back to reassure him. His maternal grandmother dies in January and he’s permitted to temporarily leave school to attend. His mother makes him wear another sweater, which somehow ends up in the fireplace when they return home. His mother promptly sends him a new one to take with him to school, which he kept buried at the bottom of his trunk. When PSYR opens, his mother hopes to have Valentina attend in the future, though she is reluctant. When Hogwarts is put into lockdown, Max’s first year is cut short though he is somewhat relieved.

1886: Max is given permission to stake trips to Hogsmeade which may or not be a good idea but thankfully, Valentina agrees to watch him. He decides to take Ancient Runes and Arithmancy as his electives in line with his hopes of becoming a curse breaker in the future. He also tries out for his house Quidditch team (because Quidditch was awesome and his dad it when he was in school) and lands the Keeper position.  Max becomes a familiar face around The Three Broomsticks and fails to flirt with the waitresses there. He is very disappointed.

1887: Valentina graduates from Hogwarts. Casper and Jacqueline observe the World Market. They are there during the pavilion collapse, which instantly kills Jacqueline and severely injures Casper who had attempted to save her from one of the flying tigers. Casper does not recover from his injuries and later dies at St. Mungo’s. Katya and her husband agree to take in Valentina and Max until Valentina hopefully marries and Max is old enough to live on his own at the family estate. Valentina is later allowed to enroll in PSYR (partially due to feeling like she owed her mother but mostly because she hoped to marry quickly and get out of the house) and becomes more detached. Max eventually returns to Hogwarts and becomes more invested in his studies. His general attitude becomes significantly more wary and he has a hard time coping. Max’s obsession to become like his father grows even stronger.

1888: Max continues with his eccentric behavior – he spends most of his hours in the library and is irritable with friends. He grows less and less interested in his trips to Hogsmeade.

Played By: Heather

Contact: PM/Discord/Reply to Networking

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