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    04.29 Submit your summer banners!
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    Extended Profile

    Suzuko Layton

    Department of Magical Education Secretary

    Department of Magical Education Secretary

    Played by Olive
    Unattached 4 ft. 10 in.

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    Early Life
    1867 — Born in Japan to a British father and a Japanese mother, Suzuko is the couple's third child. Her parents married six years prior to her birth, having met while her father was on a business trip to the country which had fairly recently started communicating with Britain.
    1868 — Although Suzy's parents married in 1862, her father didn't come to live with his family in Japan until 1868 when the borders relaxed.
    1869 — Sumiko is born, meanwhile Eiko starts her first year at Mahoutokoro.
    1870 — Suzy's first sign of magic is to turn her sister's doll into a kitten.
    1871 — Kiyoko starts school.
    Mahoutokoro Years
    1874 — Suzuko begins her first year at Mahoutokoro, an event she spent several years excitedly anticipating. The school is even more magical than she had expected, however, she is dismayed to find that some of the other students shun her for her mixed heritage. In time, this bothers her less and less.
    1875 — Oscar is born. As the only son, their father insists on giving him a British name. His arrival starts to put real pressure on the couple's marriage which has been strained for several years - her father is suddenly invested in one of his children where before he has left most decisions to his wife.
    1878 — At the age of eleven, Suzy is old enough to start boarding at Mahoutokoro.
    1879 — Sumiko joins her at school.
    1880 — While school is out, the whole family take a trip to Britain. Except Suzy's mother, who refuses to leave Japan. While there, Suzy meets her grandparents for the first time. Eiko, having just left school, decides to stay in Britain a month into their visit. Saki only finds out when they return without her and is furious.
    1881 — Oscar is due to start at Mahoutokoro the following year but their father wants him to attend Hogwarts. This is the final straw that breaks the camel's back. The couple informally separate - Montgomery takes Oscar back to Britain with him and insists on having Suzy and Sumiko live with them there during the break from school. Kiyoko refuses to go.
    1882 — Kiyoko marries.
    1883 — After a great deal of hardwork and study, Suzuko's grades are of a high enough standard that she achieves a gold robe. She decides around this time that she'd quite like to go into teaching.
    After Mahoutokoro
    1885 — Suzy leaves school with very respectable grades and a few weeks later arrives in Britain with Sumiko. When her sister returns to school, her father does not allow her to return to Japan. She rails against this initially, but soon realizes the opportunities available to her in Britain and decides to stay, for the time-being at least.
    1886 — Suzy takes up a secretary job at the Ministry in the Magical Education Department. Some time later, Sumiko finishes her schooling and comes to live in Britain.
    Suzy is still working as a secretary for the British Ministry.


    Suzuko Jane Layton
    School: Mahoutokoro
    Attended: 1874 - 1885
    Achievement: Gold robe
    Department of Magical Education Secretary
    1886 — Present
    Born: June 22nd, 1867
    Star Sign: Cancer
    Wand: 15 ½” Sugi and Hoo-hoo feather
    Blood: Halfblood
    Dominant Hand: Right
    Languages: Japanese
    Patronus: Iriomote cat
    Amortentia: Sea water, rain
    Boggart: Inferi
    — Reading
    — Work
    — Ice Skating
    Thaddeus Pettigrew — Co-Worker
    Reputation Log
    Post Log
    Seeking friends, hurls, and plots.