Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Extended Profile

    Armando Dippet

    Member of the Wizengamot

    Member of the Wizengamot

    Played by Olive
    Widowed 5 ft. 5 in.

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    AIM: skippityalong

    Date of Birth
    03-27-1967 (50 years old)
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    01-21-2018 at 02:04 PM
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    Early Life
    1637 — Armando Dippet is born.
    1641 — Armando proves his magical-ness for the first time by summoning a toy from his younger brother.
    1644 — Muggles in the nearby village burn his sister at the stake for being a witch.
    Hogwarts Years
    1648 — Armando attends Hogwarts and finds him self sorted into Ravenclaw.
    1649 — His mother is murdered.
    1652 — The annual letter from Hogwarts informs him that he has been made a prefect. He is very pleased.
    1654 — He is made Head Boy.
    1655 — Armando leaves Hogwarts with highly impressive NEWT results.
    1656 — Armando decides to travel and conduct magical research.
    1658 — He returns upon the death of his father. He inherits almost everything, including the family home. His research and dabbling continues.
    1659 — He meets a young woman by the name of Agnes and they marry within the year.
    1661 — Felicita, his first child, is born.
    1662 — Felicita contracts a fatal illness and dies.
    1663 — Agnes dies from a miscarriage.
    1665 — Armando takes a job at the Ministry.
    1669 — Armando marries Bridget.
    1669 — Armando marries Bridget.
    1670 — Bridget catches Dragon Pox. The cure doesn't save her and she dies.
    1679 — Armando makes a hasty marriage to a woman called Philippa. Just in time for Christmas, Philippa presents him with a daughter, Hester.
    1680 — Philippa trips over a stool and manages to break her neck in the fall.
    1688 — Nine year old Hester contracts an incurable illness and dies.
    1692 — The International Statute of Secrecy is established, Armando is in deep support of it, believing the distancing of wizardkind from muggles is for the best.
    1696 — After courting and a brief engagement, Armando marries a young girl called Honour.
    1697 — Fortune is born.
    1699 — Abraham is born.
    1700 — Julia is born.
    1701 — Honour dies in childbirth along with the child.
    1708 — Fortune is the first of Armando's children to reach the age of eleven and go off to Hogwarts.
    1710 — Abraham follows his sister to Hogwarts.
    1711 — Julia leaves for Hogwarts. Armando decides to do some more travelling while his children are at Hogwarts, returning annually to spend summer with them.
    1713 — While staying in Italy, Armando decides to take a fifth wife as he feels his daughters need a feminine presence and Caterina was nothing if not very feminine. Armando decides to remain in Italy for the time being.
    1714 — Caterina has a son and names him after his father.
    1715 — Fortune finishes her schooling and Armando decides to live permanently in Britain again.
    1716 — Fortune marries. Caterina has another son, Teodor.
    1717 — Abraham finishes his schooling.
    1718 — Julia also finishes Hogwarts. In September, Armando takes up the post of Charms professor at Hogwarts.
    1719 — Angelo is born.
    1721 — Ludovico is born.
    1722 — Caterina runs off with a lover, abandoning her children and husband.
    1725 — Armando Dippet II leaves for Hogwarts.
    1727 — Teodor goes to Hogwarts.
    1730 — Angelo goes to Hogwarts.
    1732 — Ludovico turns out to be a squib.
    1737 — Armando turns 100. He is thrown a surprise party and dislikes it immensely.
    1740 — Ludovico the squib, fully aware of his father's avoidance by now, goes to live amongst muggles. He is never heard from again.
    1742 — Armando quietly donates to the Accionites, an anti-muggle extremist group.
    1747 — One of Armando's closest friends is found in a compromising situation with one of his granddaughters. He is shocked and appalled and promptly refuses to speak to either of them again. Fortunately, they marry before any scandal gets out. Armando did not attend the wedding.
    1818 — Armando has been teaching for 100 years.
    1819 — His health starts to fail him and he decides to retire.
    1822 — Armando has mostly recovered his health after a few years of feebleness that baffled the healers.
    1824 — He starts tinkering around with spells again and makes a slight effort to get to know his grandchildren and great grandchildren and so on.
    1837 — Armando turns 200.
    1858 — Armando joins the Wizengamot.
    1883 — One of his [insert numerous greats here] granddaughters is orphaned and he is apparently her closest living relative. He finally realizes that his descendants are not flourishing and this troubles him. Armando takes in Ophelia and finds he doesn't really know what he's supposed to do with her.
    1884 — Having assumed she was already out in society, it is to his great surprise that the girl informs him that she has not debuted. He tries to remedy that but having limited knowledge of debutantes and debuts, the event was not the fashionable ball to be seen at that season, to say the very least. By living in the countryside for the summer, Armando avoids the plague which is a good thing since it would likely have killed him. Later in the year, he allows Ophelia to go off to finishing school and is very relieved to be passing the burden of dealing with the young woman to Mrs. Pendergast.
    Now too old for the finishing school, Ophelia is now solely his responsibility again and this makes him somewhat uneasy.


    Armando Alexander Dippet
    School: Hogwarts
    House: Ravenclaw
    Attended: 1648 — 1655
    Ancient Runes
    Ghoul Studies
    History of Magic
    History of Magic
    1652 — 1655
    Head Boy
    1654 — 1655
    Ministry Employee
    1665 — 1718
    Hogwarts Charms Professor
    1718 — 1819
    Wizengamot Member
    1858 — Present
    Born: March 27th, 1637
    Star Sign: Aries
    Wand: 12 ¾” Apple and Unicorn hair
    Blood: Pureblood
    Dominant Hand: Right
    Languages: English
    Issue: Felicita Dippet
    Hester Dippet
    Fortune Dippet
    Abraham Dippet
    Julia Dippet
    Armando Dippet II
    Teodor Dippet
    Angelo Dippet
    Ludovico Dippet
    Patronus: Hare
    Amortentia: Wood polish, candles.
    — Reading
    — Research
    Ophelia Dippet — Descendant
    Reputation Log
    Post Log
    Seeking friends, hurls, and plots.