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Bartender at Augurey Beak Cafe; Backstreet Boxer

29 year old Halfblood
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Raymond Beasley

Full Name: Raymond Jasper Beasley

Nickname(s): Ray

Birthdate: January 1, 1860

Age: 29

Occupation: Bartender at Augurey Beak Cafe ; Backstreet Boxer

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Cedar, 11", rigid, dragon heartstring

Clarence Beasley | Father [1833-1877]
-A hardworking man to his dying day, he fell into the world of alcoholism after losing his wife and left his children to their own devices from then on. His death hardly impacted the boys as they’d learned to get on without him years before.
Isabell Beasley | Mother [1835-1866]
-The sweetest of women with a heart of gold. Her loss in childbirth greatly impacted the outcome of the brothers, leaving without that gentle and nurturing touch of a woman and mother. Their rough edges never get a chance of being smooth out, leaving them all a bit more rough and rugged than the norm.
Burton “Burt” Beasley | Brother, The Lover [1860]
-The one Ray is closest to though they still butt heads at times. He’s the lover of the family and fancies himself quite the ladies man.
Coleman “Cole” Beasley | Brother, The Mediator [1863]
-Dropped out before his OWLs. Knows how to keep a secret, other brothers often talk to him about other brothers. Has some sort of an addiction to cope with the insanity often found in the fam. Very laid back and chill and often thinks everyone should just chill out. Probably deals drugs as his main source of income.
Clayton “Clay” Beasley | Brother, The Adventurer [1865]
-Dropped out prior to OWLs because he got some sort of apprenticeship/lackey type job with someone that does a lot of traveling. Basically a glorified caddy that carries all the heavy shit but he still gets to travel and see new things. Basic needs are paid for by the sponsor while they’re traveling so would have to get extra money other ways. Probably a phenomenal pickpocket and a lush.
Rodney “Rod” Beasley | Brother,The Intellect [1866]
-The smart one. Has at least his OWLs, could have more. Older brothers pooled extra funds to ensure he could get at least OWLs but still probably had at least a partial scholarship. He has a decent/steady job compared to the rest. He often rubs it in his brothers’ faces though no longer does in Ray’s presence after being knocked out for it and having to explain a black eye at work the next day. He secretly loves that his brothers helped him to get an education but feels he’ll never be able to repay them so as a cover acts holier than thou with them instead.
Unnamed Beasley | Twin Brother of Rod [1866-1866]
-Died in birth
Rough and rugged would be two words to often describe Ray. His appearance is the least of his worries so his clothing is never of the highest fashion and often worn, but comfortable, and seen better days. He’s actually quite good with needle and thread, however, and manages to mend his clothing (and his brothers’) well enough to keep their clothing around longer than expected. His hair is dark brown and he’s often seen sporting some sort of facial scruff, if not a full beard. His facial hair hides his strong jawline and chin but he feels far too babyfaced without some sort of facial hair. His eyes are dark green. He’s a tall man, standing at five foot ten, and has a very strong and muscled build. Years honing his boxing skills have left him with muscles that should warn most off but also a variety of scars and rough, calloused hands. It isn’t often he doesn’t have some form of injury visible whether it be bruises on his face or bruised and roughed up knuckles and even less often to see him with a smile. He is right hand dominant but can get by with his left if needed, as is often the case for a boxer.

Play-by: Tomas Skoloudik
Loyal. Fighter. Brash. Opinionated. Honest. Intimidating. Bold
1860: Raymond Jasper Beasley makes his appearance into the world much to the delight of his parents. He ends up the perfect infant, quiet and not demanding. However, before the year is out, another boy is welcomed into the family and changes their expectations of what having an infant is like.
1863: Another boy, Coleman, is born into the family. At three years old, Ray is somewhat intrigued but far more interested in playing that looking at something he isn’t even allowed to touch. The baby does, however, prove to be quite quiet and calm.
1865: Yet another boy is born! Clayton proves to be a rather rambunctious infant and keeps the whole family on their toes. Ray ends up showing his first signs of magic when he envelopes Clay in a protective bubble after the early mover nearly crawled off a table.
1866: What should have been a happy moment turns into a sad one. Isabell dies in childbirth while birthing a set of twin boys. Only one survives the birth, leaving Rodney the final child of the Beasleys. Clarence withdraws with the loss of his beloved wife and finds solace in alcohol. While originally a rather hands on type of father, he ends up leaving the boys to fend for themselves more often than not. A six year old Ray finds himself playing father to his younger brothers and doing what he can to see to it they’re all taken care of.
1871: Ray receives his letter to go to Hogwarts. He almost refuses to go, afraid to leave his brothers alone in the care of their father. However, Burt had been helping him for a few years in tending the younger boys and so ended up feeling okay that they’d manage without him. He finds himself easily sorted into Gryffindor
1872: Ray rather reluctantly returns to school, Burt going along with him. His second year of school, however, is short lived when he gets expelled for fighting. A group of older upper class boys takes to calling him Weasley Beasley and taunting him about being a charity case, having managed to secure a scholarship for another year. Ray ends up with a broken nose and two black eyes but the other boys end up much worse for the wear and Ray gets shown the door. He brushes it off, feeling his time would be better spent at home with the younger boys anyways. He ends up picking up odd jobs, things no one else wants to do for businesses like haul trash and scrub the dirtiest parts of the job. He also finds himself in quite a few scuffles in back alleys. Bigger guys thinking he’s an easy target since he’s “just a kid.” What they don’t count on, however, is that he’s quite scrappy and actually quite muscular for his age.
1874: Coleman leaves for school!
1875: Ray sees a growth spurt and he’s suddenly quite tall for a boy of just fifteen. He continues to fight in back alleys and eventually stumbles upon a boxing ring of sorts where bets are placed and fighters take a cut of the pot. On a whim, Ray decides to give it a go. He does surprisingly well. He certainly doesn’t win every fight but he wins enough to take a pretty chunk of change home with him. It soon becomes a hobby of his, something he does in his spare time when not working. 1876: Clay leaves for school!
1877: Rod is the final child to go to school. He’s luckily at school during the riots which don’t end well for the Beasley family. Drunk and on his way to work, Clarence ends up in the midst of a riot. There are little facts known to what really happened but what the boys do know is, their father doesn’t survive. Ray takes over as head of the family officially though had been doing so for some time. He speaks with the brothers no longer in school and they decide to pool any extra money they can to ensure Rod can at least stay in school through his OWLs. At least one of them should get a better education! Ray picks up a job as a bartender in a London pub for a more steady and consistent income but continues to box in the back alley ring to continue padding his pockets (and Rod’s school fund). He begins winning more fights than losing and starts to build quite the name for himself.
1880: After a bit of an argument with his employer, Ray finds himself without a true job. He eventually stumbles across the Augurery Beak Cafe and finds they’re in need of a bartender. He applies for the position and is lucky enough to get it.
1882: A man starts frequenting the cafe, Jude Wright. He has a bit of a following, or eventually does anyways. Ray sits back and watches things form initially but soon finds he quite agrees with the things being said and the attitudes of the ragtag group. It isn’t long before he finds himself a part of the group and befriends one in particular and quite frequently boxes/sparrs with another to keep his game skills up to par.
1884: Plague hits Hogsmeade and he’s quite glad he never moved the brothers there. Everyone remains safe and not sick in their rented flat in London.
1888: The brothers are doing well enough though certainly get to each other from time to time. Cole seems to live in his own little world while Clay enjoys traveling around the world as much as he can. Burt still seems to very much think himself the ultimate ladies man and, as a result, often finds himself in between jobs. Rod makes a point of letting his siblings know he’s better than them since he has an education that the others do not despite it being thanks to them he has such an education. Ray knocks him out after one rather heated family dinner, not being able to take anymore of the youngest brother’s bragging. Rod no longer mentions such things in his presence and often sulks in his own room if Ray is around and scolds him.
He hangs out with the Revs. He drinks frequently. Is frequently seen in shady establishments. He boxes in backstreet alleys.
He was expelled from school in his second year for fighting.
He was essentially the father figure to his brothers from the age of six. He's a masochist.
Played By: Hawke

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