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30 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 11 in.   ❤   Married
played by Beanie
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Malcolm MacFusty

Full Name: Malcolm Macaulay MacFusty

Nickname(s): Mac

Birthdate: January 3rd, 1858

Age: 30

Occupation: Dragonkeeper

Blood Status: Half

Residence: The Hebrides, Scotland

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Spruce, 11", unyielding, dragon heartstring

Family: Imogen MacFusty nee Van Helsing | Wife
  Findlay MacFusty | Son | b. 1885
  Brendan MacFusty | Son | b. 1886

Roxana Macfusty nee Rios | Ex-Wife
  Isobel MacFusty | Daughter | b. 1881

Donald MacFusty | Father
Griselda MacFusty nee Cockburn | Mother
Kentigern "Tiger" MacFusty | Brother and family
Torquil "Tor" MacFusty | Brother and family
Tavish "Tav" MacFusty | Brother
Hamish "Hammy" MacFusty | Brother
James "Jamie" MacFusty | Brother
Roderick "Roddy" MacFusty | Brother
Ninian "Ninny" MacFusty | Brother
Gilroy "Gilly" MacFusty | Brother
Angus "Gus" MacFusty | Brother
Mungo "Dunny" MacFusty | Brother
Malvina "Vina" MacFusty | Sister
Robert "Rabbie" MacFusty | Brother

Dogs: Galahad & Gareth
Obnoxiously tall (5'11") and in general a muscular person, Mac's presence is a noteworthy one literally everywhere except around his larger-and-more noteworthy family. He is right-handed and has scruffy brown hair and brown eyes. Generally well-dressed except when he's working, Mac owns a lot of dragon leather for the times he has to handle dragons.  
Loyal. Bold. Responsible, but not in a way you'd expect. Monogamous AF. Paternal.

Born in 1858, Mac is an eighth child of too-many-children, and his childhood is largely a blur of Scottish, dragon-adjacent shenaniganery. A natural manager of his younger siblings, Mac shows magic in 1862 after he falls from the rafters of one of the barns and, you know, doesn't die.  


Mac receives his Hogwarts letter and shocks absolutely no one by becoming a Grynfindor in 1869. His schooling is mostly uneventful - shenanigans, etc. His electives are COMC and Earth Studies starting in 1871.

Starting in his fifth year (1873) Mac serves as a beater on the Gryffindor Quidditch team.  It's through Quidditch-enthusiasm that he's able to meet his future wife, whom he develops a big ole crush on, although it won't be acted on for multiple years. In 1876, Mac finishes his schooling with an assortment of NEWTs (COMC, DADA, Earth Studies, Transfiguration) and begins training to be a dragon keeper in the Hebrides.


Mac becomes fully responsible for two aging dragons in 1878, checking on their health and whereabouts several times a week. He calls them Gawain and Mordred due to a #thing for Arthurian legends, ignoring the inherent silliness of nicknaming dragons.

1880 results in Malvina and Dunny having a bit of an accident with the toddling dragons. It's the first moment that really makes Mac think 'what the fuck are we doing here, actually' but he buries that like any responsible grown-up.

1881 sees Mac meeting a Miss Roxana Rios through dueling. Naturally, he sleeps with her, she becomes pregnant, and they elope. Big... yikes to all of that.  She delivers Isobel MacFusty at the end of the year.


At the beginning of of 1882, Roxana bails from the Hebrides and cannot be reached by owl. She is absolutely nowhere to be found, and Mac - upset and abandoned although he never did love her -  isn't sure what to do with himself. The answer, at first, is drink a lot. Then it becomes parent a lot after a few days.

In 1883, Mac begins hanging out a lot more with his friend/crush from school, Imogen MacFusty. Perhaps it is partially his growing feelings for her that has him file for a divorce on the grounds of abandonment in the start of 1884; it's granted by March. Still, even Mac is surprised when they decide to elope in the summer of '84. #worthit. Especially since Mac's brother Rabbie dies at the end of 1884 in another dragon-related incident - yet another situation that makes him think "really, what the fuck are we doing?"

Married life - actually married life, with someone he loves - agrees with Mac. In June of 1885, Imogen delivers their first child, Findlay Aiden.


The following years see Mac's wife increasingly restless and hobby-seeking. It also sees the arrival of another boy, Brendan James, in 86. Mac is very content, but starting to look for an 'out' to working with dragons - and the dragon restraint bureau really doesn't count.

In 1888 it's starting to look likely that Mordred won't make it through the year - perhaps offering Mac the out he wanted.

* Mac's wife married up from the working class, and they eloped.
* Mac's direct family is various shades of irreputable.
* Mac employs Known Disaster, Bella Scrimgeour.
* Mac divorced his ex-wife in 1884.
Played By: Beanie

Contact: Ask for Skype

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July 10th
Irvingly shouldn't have crocodiles but it is starting to sound as if the fog has disrupted the ecosystem more than we thought previously likely. Probably a good thing there aren't Hebrideans that far south; our creatures do not take well to the heat.

Immie says hello back to you! I have enclosed some cookies; she had no part in baking them but did enlist the cook.  Isobel is also asking after you, although truth be told I think she is after the cookies.
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Malcolm M. MacFusty