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Helga Scamander

Full Name: Helga Mildred Milburga Scamander


Birthdate: May 11, 1869

Age: 21

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Knightsway, North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Alumna ('87)

Wand: Pear, 9¼ inches, Hippogriff feather, Swishy

Alexander Scamander, Father [1828]
Annaleise Scamander (née -----), Mother [1836]
Veronica Gallivan (née Scamander), Sister [1859]
Louisa ----- (née Scamander), Sister [1861]
Eugene Scamander, Brother [1862]
    — Theseus Scamander, Nephew [1889]
Marlena Scamander, Sister [1866]
Helga has always considered herself pretty. A late bloomer, she's always strove to look more mature than she is while also maintaining a youthful trendiness in the way she dresses and styles her hair. She is fond of gloves and decorative hats—the more patterned, the better.

She stands at a petite five feet and is moderately curvy. She prefers to describe her hair as a romantic auburn, but to call it a warm brown would be more accurate. Her eyes are a nut brown, and her eyebrows are always well-groomed.

Bubbly. Socially ambitious. Friendly. Two-faced. Fiercely loyal to those she's closest to. Talkative. Carries herself with an air of girlish immaturity. Dramatic. Smarter than she cares to appear. Concerned with all matters of status and reputation. Fond of parties.
  • Fluent in English and French.
  • Her charm work is impeccable, though she rarely carries a wand on her person.
  • Unable to cast a patronus, though it would likely take the form of a squirrel or other woodland creature.
  • Delights in reading the language of flowers, and is—surprisingly—decent at chess.
  • Her amortentia is the comforts of home, rose gardens, and a specific cologne that she can't quite pinpoint the source of.
  • A natural klutz, her ankles are weak and are prone to giving out on occasion.
  • Her boggart takes the form of an ominous shadow figure.
  • Although not a blood purist, Helga prefers to keep company with wealthier purebloods with the hope of making the most advantageous match possible.
Care of Magical CreaturesA
Defence Against the Dark ArtsP
History of MagicEA
Muggle StudiesA
1869 | Helga is born the fifth and final child of the Scamander family. As the youngest child she is spoiled and doted on by her parents and nanny.

1870 | Veronica goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff.

1872 | Louisa goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into _____. Helga misses her, but is quick to adjust once the initial confusion of her sister's absence passes.

1873 | No one witnesses her first sign of magic. After one of her favorite dolls loses its arm and no one is around to fix it for her, it seemingly repairs itself before her eyes.

1874 | Eugene goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff. She spends the first two weeks of September sulking about and bickering with Marlena (who never seems to want to play princess and the prince, even when Helga promises that she can be the princess next time).

1877 | Veronica debuts, and is finally home full-time. Eight-year-old Helga takes an interest in the daily routine of a debutante, and swears that she will one day marry the most eligible bachelor in the world. That summer, the Scamanders relocate to Hogsmeade, leaving a very concerned Helga worried about who will take over her room in her absence.

1878 | Marlena goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor. She will not admit it at the time, but Helga misses her sister. Slightly.

1879 | Louisa graduates from Hogwarts and debuts into society.

1880 | Eugene graduates in the spring, and Helga is off to school the following September. She and Marlena board the train to Hogwarts, where she is sorted into Hufflepuff. The initial charm of her classes dies off when she sees the pile of homework she has to complete; fortunately, her new friendships with Miss Nora Abercombie and Miss Lucille Flint provide suitable distraction.

1882 | Helga adds Muggle Studies, Divination, and Ancient Studies to her schedule. None of them really stick, and Helga absolutely despises the impreciseness of Divination.

1884 | Her father decides to run for Minister, which initially seems promising. The thought of being the Minister's daughter (and all the social capital to be gained) outweighs the embarrassment of having to listen to her father be criticized by the papers... until he very rudely has a heart attack on the campaign trail. He recovers, but not before causing Helga a tremendous amount of secondhand embarrassment.

1885 | Helga is disappointed when her OWL results arrive. With only a handful of classes available to her at a NEWT level, Helga opts to take only four: Herbology, Astronomy, Charms, and History of Magic.

1887 | Helga takes her NEWTs and graduates from Hogwarts. While eager to take part in the season, her social ambitions are impeded by the disaster at the Wizarding World Market that leaves much of society in mourning.

1889 | Eugene has always been a good brother, but then he goes and ruins Helga's good opinion of him when he becomes a husband and a father during the year without so much as a proper courtship or engagement! Of course, he couldn't help what happened during the amortentia scandal, but there's no preventing the resentment that Helga harbors towards him for the ill-timed scandal, even if it dies down after a few months.

Presently | Still unmarried but with high spirits, Helga doubles down on her intentions to marry above herself. Now under the wing of society's top socialites, she is certain she will be married within the year... if she doesn't kill herself (or someone else) first!
  • Helga's older brother married rather hastily and had a son soon after, only to have his wife "disappear".
  • Her older sister, Marlena, is an Unspeakable and has not married.
  • Her sister Veronica is the step-mother of the current Chudley Cannons sponsor, Theodore Gallivan. Helga dutifully supports them during the season, even if she's not particularly interested in quidditch.
  • Helga keeps company with girls above her on the social ladder.
  • She aspires to marry above herself.
  • She's prone to getting herself into sticky situations (getting stuck in literal holes, spraining her ankle, almost killing people with axes, etc.)
  • She's a bit boy-crazy at times.
  • She resents her natal family for the choices they've made and fears that it's only a matter of time before they cast her into ruin.
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Holly Scrimgeour; Skype

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Mrs. Helga Abbott
There are two brothers: the older and handsome one, and the younger auror. They're both favorable matches, but I'm partial to the older one's curls.

The handsome one was just engaged to Miss Diana Fawley. I cannot fault him for that; if I were a man, I would marry her just as quickly. Mr. Gerald Abbott is still unmarried; I shall endeavor to make his acquaintance.

Mrs. Helga Abercombie
Nora's brother, although young, will remain an option until he or I marry. I would not care if he is boring or annoying; he would make Nora my sister, and that would be the ultimate success.

Mrs. Helga Adlard
Handsome and well-connected! He is Eugene's boss, and how fully would it be to host a party where my brother hoped to impress my husband?

He is engaged to a muggle. How tragic.

Mrs. Helga Aymslowe
The candy man. He is as sweet on the eyes as the candy in his shop. My only fear would be losing my figure as his official taste-tester. Also, it is not wise to marry a man whose income is dependent on a small business!

Mrs. Helga Ainsworth
He looks dreadfully boring. Why would a man spend all day at the library?

Mrs. Helga Binns
He is the owner of Whizzhard Books and is as dark an mysterious as he is handsome. I've seen him before, but I always feel so shy saying hello!

Mrs. Helga Byrne
Handsome, and... He's handsome.

Where is his wit?

Mrs. Helga Cardew
A quidditch player, and a captain of a team at that! He is handsome, and I have always liked the idea of having children with bouncing blonde curls.

Somehow, some way, he failed to make first-string of the national team despite being captain! He is less attractive now.

Mrs. Helga Collins
The unfavorable allusion to Pride and Prejudice can be forgiven, but he has a young son who is unlikely to ever accept me as a mother. I know I should not judge—maybe he's good and kind.

Mrs. Helga Crouch
Still a possibility with Mr. Aldous and Mr. Roman Crouch, but Mr. Reuben Crouch—surprising, I know—went off and eloped with the betrothed Miss Finch. Would it still be worth it? Probably.

Mrs. Helga Darrow
Handsome, and well-connected. It's a shame that his youngest sister chooses to work!

Currently courting Miss Delaney. She can have him.

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