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Beast Division Employee
Beast Division Employee

27 year old pureblood
5 ft. 10 in.   ❤   Married
played by Bee
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Eugene Scamander

Full Name: Eugene Ethelwin Armand Scamander

Nickname(s): Gene, sometimes

Birthdate: June 1st, 1862

Age: 27

Occupation: Beast Division Employee

Blood Status: pureblood

Residence: Knightsway, North Bartonburg

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Alumnus 1881

Wand: 11" wenge, dragon heart string, flexible

Family: Astrild Fraser-Scamander | [1865] wife?
Theseus Scamander | [02.1889] son

Ethelwin Scamander [1790 - 1867] | paternal grandfather
Annemarie Scamander née ----- | [1798 - 1873] | paternal grandmother
Alexander Scamander [1828] | father, retired ministry
Annaleise Scamander née ----- [1836] | mother, philanthropist
Amina --- née Scamander [1859] | sister, and family
Louisa ----- née Scamander [1861] | sister, and family
Marlena Scamander | [1866] | sister
Helga Scamander | [1869] | sister
A little on the scrawny- but strong side, Eugene stands above average at five foot ten inches. He has rich brown hair and warm brown eyes. He smiles easily and it shows all over his baby face. Though he wishes he could grow some sort of actual facial hair, it continues to elude him; which sucks because he would look older if he could. Being a working man constantly on the go, Eugene dresses however he sees fit for the day's activities. At work he wears his designated ministry robes, but often sheds them in the office and rolls up his sleeves. He is right-handed.
Charismatic; good with people; amiable; natural leader; kind; social; giving; would go out of his way to help people; optimistic; athletic; enjoys being outside; politically inclined; believes in equality for women; believes in cooperation with muggles.
[June 1st, 1862] | Finally a boy! Eugene Ethewin Armand Scamander joins sister Amina and Louisa in the Scamander household. He’s an easygoing babe who enjoys moving; he’s constantly making noise or flailing.

[1866] | Another sister, to be named Marlena, is born, yay babies! Eugene is very much on the move by now and the nanny has her work cut out for her.

[1868] | In his first display of magic, Eugene, who is zipping around on his toy broom in the backyard, is headed straight for a tree. He manages to build a bubble around himself and bounces off harmless into the bushes. It takes the Reversal Squad quite a while to figure out how to undo that one.

[1869] | Helga is born and Ethelwin gives up all hopes of having another boy. Oh well. It really doesn’t matter much as she is likely the last and the most spoiled.

[1870] | Amina is off to Hogwarts and is sorted into ----. Eugene is a bit sad, but their age gap always left them in a bit of an awkward position, so he suppose he doesn’t miss her too much.

[1872] | Louisa joins her sister and is sorted into ----. With two of them gone now, Eugene is the oldest at home, but he mostly gets to zip around on his broom and go riding and generally be a boy. The family governess does not have an easy time with him.

[School Year 1873-74] | And he’s off! Eugene takes off to Hogwarts with his sisters and boy is it a doozy. He is very quickly sorted into Hufflepuff after a brief debate about Gryffindor. He thinks he would have been fine in either and enjoys his new home. Nothing that Amina or Louisa has ever said about Hogwarts did it any justice. He’s immediately hooked and cannot wait to get into anything and everything.

[School Year 1874-75] | Second year starts off with a bang and though he tries out for the quidditch team doesn't make it. Disappointed Eugene puts more effort into his club quidditch practices than his studies and it shows.

[School Year 1875-76] | Eugene tries out for the quidditch team and still doesn't make it. He adds Care of Magical Creatures as an elective and that is very exciting. He also adds Earth Magic, because it seems rather interesting. After getting an earful from his mother about his marks the previous year, Eugene puts in a little more effort on the academic front. Amina graduates and debuts. She chooses to pursue a profession after her first season.

[School Year 1876-77] | Just before the school year starts, the Scamanders relocate to Hogsmeade along with a large portion of the wizarding population. They buy a large house near the park. This is his year, Eugene gets a spot on the house quidditch team, finally!

[School Year 1877-78] | Eugene is surprised by a prefect’s badge in his list of school supplies this year. He takes the responsibility seriously and adds it right in along with everything else. Eugene is thriving at school, helping out his younger sisters, in addition to keeping up with quidditch and academics. He’s a natural with people and easily floats between social circles.  Louisa graduates and debuts. Every the miniature of her mother, she takes to philanthropy and charity like Annaleise.  

[School Year 1878-79] | Marlena joins her siblings at school and goes straight to Gryffindor, after a LAST minute display of magic. His OWL grades are fairly decent; he’s no genius, but he does well enough in Charms, Creatures and Herbology, but also manages to pass DADA and Transfiguration as well. With less classes he finally feels like he a little breathing room.

[School Year 1879-80] | Ack seventh year! Eugene is simultaneously thrilled for it to be almost over and dreading its end. He never wants quidditch to end and briefly thinks about pursuing it professionally after school, but can’t commit. He knows he should pack that up and move on to something a little more grown up (or at least that’s the general vibe he’s getting from his father). Since he does so well in Care of Magical Creatures he decides to pursue a career in the Beast Division of the Ministry after graduation.

[September 1880] | Helga heads off to school and is sorted into Hufflepuff, they've just missed one another!

[1882] | After a respectable courtship, Amina marries her beau in a charming little ceremony. She seems happy, which is all that matters. With is ministry internship up, Eugene moves up to a departmental employee in the Beast Division.

[1884] | Eugene’s father runs for minister, but is forced to withdraw after he suffers a heart attack. He subsequently decides to retire and Eugene feels like it’s his responsibility to buckle down and really put his effort into work. He likes his job, it keeps him on his toes, even if he tends to be exposed to the worst in people sometimes. Ever the optimist, Eugene appreciates the fluidity of the job and the fact that it rarely finds him behind a desk. Also FIRE, PLAGUE, DOOM. Annaleise is stricken by the plague as well as Eugene himself, but they both recover.

[1885] | Amina welcomes her first child and Louisa marries. Marlena graduates and debuts, but chooses to move into a profession rather quickly; it's a busy year! A zoo opens up in Irvingly and Eugene is instantly intrigued. Of course it also means more work for him, but he doesn’t really mind all that much. Having a knowledgeable group of magizoologists around and on hand for help is pretty handy, after all.

[1887] | Helga graduates and debuts.

[Presently] | Eugene is still bopping around the Beast Division, angling for  promotion in the next year or so over his peers. It has him working hard and almost missing the ease of Hogwarts some days, but he’s not afraid to put in hard work where its due, even if there are times he’d much rather be goofing off.
Played By: Bee

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Guys my Eugene muse was in high gear seeing "his boys" in this movie. Also it's been brought to my attention (thanks for the panic Bree! Tongue) that Theseus Scamander is supposedly 8 years older than Newt... which makes him born in 1889. I'm already technically late, so unless we doorstep baby him, he'll be off a little. If I were more on the ball this would legit be a WW contest.


It's also been brought to my attention that the Scamander boys are nowhere positively labeled as pureblood, so this opens up a lot of doors!

Eugene is:
  • 26
  • pureblood
  • Beast Division employee
  • the heir to his upper MC family (so can techinically support a wife)
  • goofy af, probably not ready for marriage, but charismatic and not a total asshole. He has an auburn niffler named Ginger, a horde of opinionated sisters and an affinity for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What he needs in a possible wife:
  • 18-25 (and/or out of Hogwarts)
  • AB
  • probably mc, but not super suck on it
  • It's a short list of things really XD In HP canon she breeds hippogriffs, but this can be something she picks up after marriage, though it would make it easier if she already enjoyed animals XD

HOW IT HAPPENS: I would prefer not to force anything and do things more organically. Additionally I would like to do more than straight up meet-and-greets, so toss me your best candidates and some fun scenarios! I will probably start with one per player rn so I don't overload myself, but if it flops and we try again with somebody else, that's cool!