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Wife of Killian Macmillan

26 year old Pureblood
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Emma Macmillan

Full Name: Emma Rowena Macmillan nee Pendergast

Nickname(s): Em, sometimes.

Birthdate: February 28th 1862

Age: 26

Occupation: Wife of Killian Macmillan

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Ash, 10", unicorn hair core

Family: @"Killian Macmillan" | Husband
Emma loves her husband, although she is loathe to admit it, but she often doesn't like him.
  Megara Macmillan | Daughter | b. 1881
Emma's first daughter, a rather sickly girl who has had several near-misses with death.
  Perseus Macmillan | Son | b. 1885
Emma's son, a boy she loves deeply. Open secret: Perseus is deaf.
  Anthea Macmillan | Daughter | b. 1887
Emma often finds herself refusing to engage with, or even look at, the baby.
  Icarus Macmillan | Son | stillborn 1887

Reuben Pendergast | Father
Much of Emma's childhood was spent trying to get Reuben's approval or disapproval or something, but he has never been as interested in her as he was her brothers. Annoyed.
Atalanta Pendergast nee Fawley | Mother
Atalanta and Emma have never understood each other, and most of their interactions leave Emma feeling as if they are speaking a different language.
@"Minnie Pendergast" | Sister
Other than her children, Minnie is probably the person Emma loves most in the world.
Walter Pendergast | Brother
Fuck you, Walter.
Samuel Pendergast | Brother
Fuck you, Sam.

Emma is also related to the other Pendergasts, the other Macmillans, and an assortment of other purebloods.

Because of her uncommonly tall mother, Emma stands at 5'6". This sticks her at eye-level with most men and towering above most women. (Luckily, her husband is taller!) She has chocolate brown hair that lightens in the summer sun, and holds it above her head. She has the same straight nose as her cousin Evelyn, although the person Emma resembles most in face is her sister, Minnie. Her posture is straight and her movements graceful.

Emma is right-handed. She dresses fashionably and considers green to be very much her color.

Member of the Witches of Hogsmeade Hospital Association. Learning BSL.

Born in 1862, Emma is a very pretty if excessively demanding baby. Things only get worse at the arrival of a sister, Wilhelmina (Minnie) in 1865 - a child who is sunny and cheerful like Atalanta. Emma, a distant girl, is rather displeased, and a tantrum in 1866 has her magically shatter every window in the house when their mother is paying more attention to Minnie.

The arrival of a brother (Walter) in 1867 has Emma realize who the true enemy is. Brothers. The true enemy is brothers, for they're what her father wanted the whole time. Suddenly much closer with Minnie as a reaction, Emma comes to genuinely like her sister fairly quickly.

1870 brings another brother, unfortunately, and in response to Sam's arrival Emma insists she wants to be a famous potioneer. Naturally, she breaks into the kitchens to try and accomplish this and causes a small fire. This does bring the desired effect - attention - but unfortunately also has her grounded. Oops.

Another fit of rebellion is provoked when Charles goes to Hogwarts the next year. As her favorite male cousin - mostly because Charles has been infatuated with Emma for their whole lives - Emma is quite put out because now she has no one to talk into trouble at family parties. Ffss.


Emma goes to Hogwarts in 1873 and is sorted into Slytherin. She is quite taken with her flying classes, and attempts to try out for the school team. Obviously she doesn't make it, (first year!) but she does get a howler from her father, which secretly pleases her.

A clever girl, Emma does very well in her classes - she very likely would have done better had she not periodically become taken with pranks. She takes Ancient Runes and Arithmancy as her electives, and is joined by Minnie in 1876. Minnie is sorted into Hufflepuff - not a surprise - and when Emma gets word that her sister is being bullied, she lays down the law. Very strictly.

In 1877 Emma meets an older male student and the two become friends based off of their mutual pettiness. Some inappropriate misbehavior happens, but it never leaks - and after another girl's does (1878), Emma realizes just how bad of an idea this is. She cuts things off in a harsh, panicked way - and her ex tells her that she'll never find real happiness, and everything she wants will turn to ash. She pays no mind to it at the time.

Emma decides that she will be the most proper now, because then if anything leaks no one will ever believe [ex] if he says anything about her. Over the summer and for her last two years, she is devoted to her studies. Although she had a small group of male friends beforehand, she cuts them off quite neatly and sticks instead to other pureblood girls. She graduates with shiny grades in several NEWT classes (1880) and is introduced by her father at a private coming out ball to Mr. Killian Macmillan.


Although there is no betrothal to Mr. Macmillan, it's clear to Emma from the beginning that he is of her father's choosing, and her father's favorite of the men she has met. And - she likes him. Killian is smart, and good-looking, and from a good family. They have a similar humor. She can really see herself happy as Mrs. Macmillan. So Emma encourages Killian's affections - they are as businesslike as her own - and is happy to agree to be his wife when he proposes in September.

The two marry in February of 1881. Emma finds herself bored with her station, and attempts to meddle herself into Killian's business endeavors, which largely results in the dissolution of neutral ground. Oops. Emma also involves herself in Hogsmeade's charity scene. Her first daughter, Megara, is born at the end of the year, but barely survives a bout with dragonpox in 1882 and is often sickly.

1883 brings with it Emma's first miscarriage. She wants to keep it a secret from Killian, ashamed and embarrassment from the incident - she had not even told him she was pregnant yet - only for the secret to be revealed by her lady's maid. Things between the Macmillans are, again, awkward - Killian is upset that Emma never wanted to tell him, and Emma is upset that he knows anyways. Minnie finishes at Hogwarts and moves to be further finished at Aunt Olivia's finishing.. school. Finish.

When the plague hits in 1884, Emma and Killian are left trapped in Wellingtonshire. They lose their house to the fire, but escape with their lives... barely. In 1885, Emma gives birth to a son, Perseus Macmillan. She refuses to admit that her son is deaf until 1886, after an intervention from her husband. The two decide to hire a governess who knows British Sign Language. Emma has been learning since, but Perseus is also being educated in lip-reading.

Another pregnancy in 1887 results in the birth of twins -- but one, named Icarus, is stillborn. Emma finds herself unwilling or unable to engage with the other, even though she is a traditionally maternal creature, and has instead been throwing herself into parenting her other children and her charitable engagements.

* Emma is related to the Pendergasts, Macmillans, etc.
* Emma's eldest daughter is sickly, her middle son is deaf, and her youngest is a redhead.
* Emma was a difficult teenager.
* Emma lost her virginity at 16.
* Emma actually had twins with her third pregnancy, but one died. Only Macmillans and Pendergasts know this.
* Emma had a miscarriage between her first and second pregnancies. Only Killian and Minnie know this.
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