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Nathalie Jennings

Full Name: Nathalie Cecile Jennings

Nickname(s): Nat

Birthdate: December 21st, 1861

Age: 26

Occupation: Magical Bugs Healer, St. Mungo's

Blood Status: "muggleborn" (really a halfblood)

Residence: Irvingly

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

10” Holly, Kelpie hair, swishy | 1887-present
8 ¼” Rosewood, Troll whisker, flexible | 1873-1885

Cecil Jennings | [1829] Father, university professor
Brielle Jennings née O'Shaughnessy | [1836] Mother, muggle socialite
Stephen Jennings | [1855] | brother, wizard
Robert Jennings [1858] | brother, wizard
James Jennings | [1860] | brother, muggle
Annabeth Jennings | [1865] | sister, muggle
Petite, hardly reaching 4’10”, Nathalie has dark blue eyes set in a heart-shaped face. She thinks her features are pretty angular and a bit awkward, but there’s really nothing she can do about it. Her hair is a warm brown and refuses to hold a curl even with the strongest of charms. Despite her height, her figure holds a few womanly curves, thankfully nothing seems to get in the way at work, but she sometimes finds her bosom annoying when trying to get fitted for dresses. She is right-handed.
Passionate about her work; driven; closet romantic; assertive, especially at work; realistic bordering on optimist; feels hopeless on the romance front; focused on her career; intelligent; logical; responsible; dutiful.
Name Etymology/Reason | French variant of  the Latin Natalia, meaning Christmas Day
Birthplace | Hampshire, England
Birthmarks/scars |
Scent | soap, honey, roses
Health | generally good
Languages | polite French
Phobias |
Traditions/superstitions | thinks she’s cursed in love
Instruments | Piano
Pets | Irish Setter, Willow
Amortentia | clean linens, cedarwood, mulled cider
Patronus/Animagus |
Quirks |
[December 21st, 1861] | In the shortest labor yet, Nathalie Cecile is born to Cecil and Brielle Jennings. The young muggle couple resides in Hampshire. Despite her short labor, Nat is born ironically on the longest night of the year, of course well after midnight.

[1865] | Younger sister Annabeth, is born.

[1866] | This July, a strange man shows up on the steps of the family home with information about a magical school that Stephen has the opportunity to attend. Nobody has ever heard of it and the family rarely spoke of it, but it’s hard for them to deny that there have been quite a few inexplicable incidents around the home. Unsure, but willing to give it a chance, the Jennings send Steve and he comes home an enthusiastic student with enthralling stories about Hogwarts.

[1867] | Nat displays her first sign of magic, healing a fresh cut on Jim's hand after he slices himself on a nail in the fence. This sparks an interest in taking care of others for Nathalie and also seals the fact that she too will be able to attend Hogwarts like her brother! It however, sends Jim into a panic and freaks him out.

[1869] | Robert goes off to Hogwarts, having also shown magic.

[1870] | Nathalie finds an injured bird in the garden. The poor thing has a mangled wing and Nat adopts it, nursing it back to health, though the poor thing never flew again, it lived in the family’s indoor atrium and greenhouse.

[1871] | It should be Jim’s’ turn to head off to Hogwarts, but no letter arrives for him. Secretly he is very pleased as the things that happen around their house kind of freak him out and he had little inclination to learn magic- how weird!

[1873] | Steve graduates from Hogwarts and takes an internship.

]School Year 1873-1874] | Finally it is Nathalie’s turn to head off to Hogwarts. Steve and Robert both tell such adventurous tales of the school that she does not share Jim’s apprehension. Her quiet, inquisitive nature lands her in Ravenclaw. Nat is unsure of the placement, feeling like she is not quite intelligent enough to meet the standards.

[School Year 1874-1875] | Nat starts to feel more at home, enjoying classes like Astronomy and Potions. She’s rather reserved and soft spoken, but find Hogwarts and all of its opportunities to be absolutely thrilling. Robert graduates.

[School Year 1875-1876] | Nathalie chooses to add Arithmancy and Earth Magic as her electives.

[School Year 1876-1877] |  A heartbroken Ann is left distraught when no letter arrives for her from the school. The family had never seen her display magic, but Ann was still holding out. Bitter, she distances herself from Nathalie. It pains Nat to see her sister like this, but there is nothing she can do and the separation of school only widens the gap between the once-close sisters.

[School Year 1877-1878] | Continuing to excel in school, Nathalie has proven an aptitude for Potions and Herbology, along with a nurturing heart, she is finally becoming a little more outgoing, though is still hesitant in social situations. OWLs arrive and Nathalie learns she is right on track to become a healer. The idea sparks a desire to see this through, though she is unsure as to whether or not her parents will let her pursue a career. The founding of Hogsmeade and its own hospital only add to her desires.

[School Year 1878-1879] | With NEWTs upon her and like any good Ravenclaw, Nathalie buckles down academically. She strives to make a healing career happen and pushes herself to do well with her studies so she can prove to her parents she can do it. She chooses to only keep Arithmancy, Charms, DADA, Herbology, Potions and Transfiguration for classes, just in case healing comes on the table later.

[Summer 1879] | During a summer season event, Nathalie meets a dashing muggleborn physician by the name of Watson Devereaux. The pair hit it off, though Nat knows nothing can come of it for a while yet. She has never considered herself a romantic, but finds herself starting to think that way, endeared by Watson's kind and generous nature. She’s endeared by his choice to pursue muggle versus magical healing.

[School Year 1879-1880] | Seventh year brings about a set of very serious conversations with her parents. At Christmas break she informs them of her intentions to become a healer. They tentatively agree, but insist she will debut and wait a year before starting her internship. Nat agrees because she never imagined that she would be given even that much! Meanwhile throughout the year, Nathalie and Watson keep in touch by letter. His stories from his work at the hospital only serve to deepen her wishes to do the same.

Class Name OWLs NEWTs
Arithmancy O O
Astronomy E --
Charms E O
Defence Against the Dark Arts A E
Earth Magic E --
Herbology E E
History of Magic A --
Potions O E
Transfiguration E E

[Summer 1880] | Nathalie debuts, though has honestly found herself smitten with Mr. Deveraux. It appears her affections are returned as by mid-summer he has asked for formal permission to court her. Thrilled that she may avoid going to pursue a career and marry instead, her parents quickly accept.

[February 1881] | Tragedy strikes when Watson goes missing in a terrible accident in which he is lost at sea on his way back from America with his cousin and is presumed dead. Word reaches Nathalie that he had already gotten permission to ask for her hand upon returning from his trip. Utterly heartbroken and dejected, Nathalie takes the loss very hard.

[June 1881] | It takes several months for Nat to come back to herself and she makes the decision to go on with an internship. She is accepted into the Magical Bugs ward at St. Mungo’s hospital, rather than Hogsmeade. The dedication to this new phase in her life drives Nathalie to be better and make the most of what she can do. In the year it takes her to complete her internship she does little else, driven by and focused on her goal keep her from dwelling on the past.

[May 1882] | After a year-long internship, she is made a full healer in the ward. Having something to look forward to every day has rekindled her vibrancy, though it is still quiet. To appease her parents after a year off from the social scene, she begins to attend events again.

[March 1883] | At a St. Patrick’s day event held by her mother’s side of the family, Nathalie meets a very charming wizard by the name of Kingston McAuliffe. Extremely hesitant, Nat puts him off for quite a while. She’s tried to harden her heart against any future heartbreak, but she cannot help but to be softened by Kingston’s extreme cheerfulness and constant attention.

[December 1883] | Naturally thrilled, Cecil and Brielle accept a courtship offer from Kingston, though Nathalie is still hesitant.

[August 1884] | It takes him a long while, but Kingston finally breaks down Nathalie’s remaining walls; his approval of her healing chief among the things she likes about him. Nat accepts his proposal, finding she cares for him, though cannot say she loves him like she loved Watson. She insists on a lengthy engagement however, hoping that love blooms out of the affection.

[April 1885] | With her wedding set for the middle of the month, Nathalie is shocked and embarrassed to learn that her fiancé has run off with his own butler just a week before her wedding. Her mother does her best to stem the public attention it receives, but crushed yet again, Nathalie swears off of men completely, thinking that she will be quite content to be a healer and a spinster for the rest of her life.

[June 1885] | Stephen decides to relocate to Irvingly, a little town settled after Hogsmeade. Nathalie decides to go with him, though it takes both of them to convince her parents to let her go. They hire a chaperon, though it is Nathalie who finds the middle-aged witch to accompany her.

[September 1886] | In an accident at work, Nathalie cracks her wand and takes it to Ollivander’s in Hogsmeade. Unfortunately it cannot be fixed, and so she buys a replacement. RIP Troll Whisker wand.

[1886] | Nathalie adopts a puppy from a local breeder, an Irish setter she names Willow.

[Summer 1887] | Her friend Ada Lovegood is set to marry the Minister of Magic! However everything falls to pieces when Ada gets cold feet and leaves him standing at the altar! Nathalie, though having been on the opposite side of that situation, can only sympathize with her friend’s choice.

[Presently] | Nathalie is very content with her position at the hospital and content to keep it that way.
Nathalie's first fiancé (Watson Devereaux) was "lost at sea" after a tragic accident while traveling abroad (spoiler alert, he's back!). Her second fiancé ran away with his own butler just days before their wedding #awkward. These are the reasons Nat went into healing late.
Unless you are her eldest brother, you don't know that Nathalie and her magical siblings are the result of an affair with a wizard on her mother's part, clearly the wizard part is unbeknownst to her.
Played By: Bee

Contact: PM Elsie Beauregard

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