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Sixth Year
Sixth Year

16 year old Pureblood
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Frida Lestrange
"He was happy to work with Miss Frida Lestrange; unlike some of her close and distant relatives, she was mellow in class despite his halfblood status, and did not predict horrific deaths for muggleborn students. Low bar, here." — Prof. Elliot Carmichael in Wide Awake

Full Name: Frida Sylvestra Lestrange


Birthdate: May 16, 1873

Age: 16

Occupation: Sixth Year; Prefect

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, Scotland with her Uncle Priam

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Larch, 10 inches, Unicorn hair, Unbending

Orestes Lestrange, Father [1836-1885]
Elda Lestrange (née Hall), Mother [1851-1884]
Kristoffer Lestrange, Brother [1871]
Gretchen Lestrange, Sister [1874]
Meta Lestrange, Sister [1876]
Klaus Lestrange II, Brother [1879-1884]
Hilda Lestrange, Sister [1881-1886]
Aric Lestrange [1883-1884]

Priam Lestrange, Uncle [1844]
and family
Andromache Pettigrew née Lestrange, Aunt [1839]
and family
At a petite five feet, one inch tall, Frida is the shortest among her sisters despite being the eldest. She is beginning to blossom into a young woman, though has yet to completely grow into her womanly curves. She possesses many of the trademark Lestrange features: dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a pale complexion that borders ghastly when she's spooked or otherwise indisposed. Despite this, she her peachy cheeks and her natural sullen expression have a way of looking more pitiful than severe.

Never having been the type of girl to care much about the latest fashions, Frida was, until recently, all too pleased to let her Aunt Nephele dress her like a doll. She's become more fashion conscious in recent months and now mimics her friends' fashion choices when not wearing school robes. She is right-handed.


While almost no one would consider her meek, Frida could easily be considered one of the least intimidating and most agreeable members of her family. She tends to avoid confrontation, citing her own inability to provide witty comebacks as an excuse for not defending herself when she doesn't feel it's necessary. However, when a member of her family is slandered, Frida is quick to come to their defense — even if she knew they wouldn't show her the same gratitude. Loyalty is her defining trait, but also her fatal flaw; when loyal to the wrong person, Frida finds herself facing manipulation and emotional turmoil.

She can be ignorant and small-minded at times, but she usually has little idea she's being so. She is a product of her upbringing, and as such may show prejudices despite her generally amicable demeanor. She never actively contemplates on the inferiority of others, though may show surprise when certain people show strengths that she would assume they just wouldn't.
    ❧ Frida's boggart is the corpse of her mother, snapping the pearls Frida received following her death.

    ❧ Frida has taken interest in the Church of Magical Jesus recently. She may talk about it, but hasn't committed as an actual follower.

    ❧ While she excels in Potions and History of Magic class, Frida struggles in Defence Against the Dark Arts and Divination—but not for a lack of trying.

Ancient RunesA
Ancient StudentsA
Defence Against the Dark ArtsP
History of MagicA?
1873 | The second child and first daughter of Orestes and Elda Lestrange is born and is promptly named Frida Sylvestra. Absent parenting means most of her time is spent in the arms of a nurse and later a nanny. She doesn't show any personality — any spunk — immediately and is a rather quiet child.

1874 | Frida's mother births a daughter that's a glaring oddity in a family of dark-haired members: Gretchen Lestrange. At only fifteen-months-old, Frida barely acknowledges her sister's existence.

1876 | Another daughter, Meta Lestrange, is born into the family. Now two-years-old, Frida takes a much greater interest in the newborn baby; sadly, there's little someone her age can do with babies except getting into endless giggling wars with them. She does start to form opinions on her Kristoffer, her older brother, though: she comes to the conclusion that he's one scary fucker.

1877 | The family moves to Hogsmeade, which isn't something Frida has many memories of.

1879 | Another boy finally joins the family, and he's named Klaus II. Frida doesn't really see what she can do with a brother and finds herself disappointed that she doesn't have a younger sister to play with.

1880 | A burst of anger-fueled magic from her elder brother sparks Frida's own first sign of magic, which embarrassingly enough is to vanish from sight for five hours. When the household staff finally stumble across her, she's trapped in a crate in the family's attic, yelling for someone to help her.

1881 | Frida gets her wish from two years earlier granted with another sister, Hilda Lestrange, is born. Frida gets to play with her... at least for a while. She soon grows bored with the baby, especially since 90% of her time is spent crying, sleeping, eating, or defecating.

1883 | Frida is given another brother, Aric Lestrange, and is more or less uninterested in his existence.

Summer, 1884 | Oh Merlin. What begins as a year of excitement (the year she was going to go to Hogwarts!) quickly turns into one of despair and loneliness. People begin to die, and not just any people: members of her own family! She'd never expected to see death so close to home — at least not this early in life! Her younger brothers perish due to the laughing plague, as do her grandmother and even her own mother. The latter is the most difficult to deal with because, despite the barrier between mother and daughter due to societal expectations, Frida loves her mother. She doesn't learn that her father is the one responsible for the death, but she never would've believed it anyways.

Autumn, 1884 | Frida goes off to Hogwarts alongside Cousin Seneca and is thoroughly embarrassed when she's sorted into Hufflepuff. She can't face her brother, let alone her own father! She suspects someone else — maybe Kristoffer, maybe Seneca, maybe another rogue cousin — wrote home because he seems to already know about her failure when she writes to him a week later. Apart from her sorting debacle, Frida tries her hardest to do well in her classes. She doesn't seem to have any obvious strengths or weaknesses in any of her classes, either keeping average or slightly-above average marks in everything.

1885 | Holy heckles what is happening? After an tragic explosion occurs at the Ministry, the family receives news that their father has died — and just a year after their mother! Rather than bawl her eyes out like she had after losing her mother, Frida seems almost numb. Her grades suffer a bit, but she ends up bouncing back after using studying as a coping mechanism. Things get worse (???) when Kristoffer is shipped off to live with their Great-Uncle Lucius rather than being allowed to stay with his sisters at their Uncle Priam's house.

1886 | Hilda dies after an incident with a mountain troll, which sadly doesn't surprise Frida as much as it ought to. Death is becoming such a usual part of her life that she wonders whether she should be stocking up on mourning accessories when the family goes dress shopping. Who's going to die next? Gretchen? Meta? Herself? In unrelated news, she adds Ancient Runes, Divination, and Ancient Studies to her schedule.

1887 | Meta officially becomes the Favorite Sister when she's sorted into Gryffindor instead of Slytherin, marking her as an oddity in their small family, too.

1888 | Blythe, her friend from the Church, has to leave school for financial reasons, leaving Frida feeling lonely once more. She has Jemima, Darling, and Clementine, of course, but the sting is still there when she returns to Hogwarts. She's appointed prefect, and does her job to the best of her ability.
❧ That Frida is an orphan, albeit a wealthy one.

❧ That she and her sisters live with their uncle in Hogsmeade, while her older brother lives with their great-uncle in London.
❧ That she's only a soft blood purist.
❧ That her father murdered her mother in 1884 (because even she doesn't know this).
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Edric Umbridge; Skype

Plot Preferences:
POSTING | My posts tend to run between 80 and 300 words on average, but can be shorter or longer depending on what I'm given to work with. I prefer faster-paced threads and love rapid-fire style posting.

CONTENT LIMITS | I won't write out gory scenes or ones that depict non-consensual sexual interactions. I don't mind normal smut, but only if the relationship is established and there's a plot or character-driven need for it in a thread.

PLOTTING | I prefer organic development for romantic relationships, but have no problem pre-plotting friendships and work relationships.

THREADS | I prefer not to have basic "meet-and-greet" threads because they get tiring quickly, especially when I have twenty of them at the same time. Anyways, my favorite ships and friendships have blossomed out of wacky or traumatic action threads ;)


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