Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Extended Profile

    Antigone Lestrange

    Wife of Tiberius Lestrange

    Wife of Tiberius Lestrange

    Played by Olive
    Married 5 ft. 2 in.

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    08-19-1997 (20 years old)
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    Early Life
    1867 — Antigone is born in Luxembourg, the third and final daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Baudelaire.
    1872 — Her first act of magic occurs during a tantrum when she rendered her governess, the source of her upset, only capable of making duck noises.
    1874 — Léonie, Tig's eldest sister, starts school at Beauxbatons.
    1875 — Due to her father's job requiring he spend most of his time in Britain, the family purchase a country home and make it their main residence. They return to Luxembourg annually at Christmas and summer. Tig starts learning English.
    1876 — Ligeia goes off to Hogwarts. Tig is pleased to have her parents to herself though she privately misses fighting with her sister.
    Hogwarts Years
    1878 — Tig's Hogwarts letter arrives and she ends up sorted into Slytherin. Her English at this point is good enough that she doesn't struggle often with vocabulary. She becomes fast friends with Brynn Malfoy.
    1881 — Tig picks up Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, and Divination. She also develops her first crush on a Slytherin boy who plays quidditch.
    1882 — She is betrothed to Tiberius Lestange. She throws a tantrum but it doesn't change anything. Tig is made prefect. Meeting her betrothed does not change her feelings about the match and she decides she hates him simply on principle.
    1883 — She experiences her first kiss. Her OWL results are rather average.
    1884 — To her great dismay, Brynn does not return for her final year and instead goes to finishing school. She continues with Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Transfiguration for NEWTs, and picks up Alchemy. Tig manages to get away with turning Head Girl, Ellory Pendergast, into a llama and considers it one of her greatest achievements in life. She still hates the idea of her betrothal, even when Tiberius sends her a kitten. She names it Moselle and quickly comes to adore it. She does not adore Tiberius.
    After Hogwarts
    1885 — Moselle has kittens. The Hogwarts Coming Out Ball is canceled and Tig is devastated, some weeks later she marries Tiberius. She still doesn't like him, but she finds marriage is better than she anticipated and likes being able to chaperone other girls.
    1886 — Tig and Ellory end up in a fight of sorts at a mutual friend's tea party. Tig is hexed and has sardines flying from her nose while Ellory is turned into a warthog. As a result, she is invited to tea by Mrs. Pendergast who has her use the Cruciatus curse on Ellory and then threatens her with the same curse if she ends up in another altercation with Ellory. Shortly after, Tig is sent off to Mrs. Pendergast's finishing school but she only stays a few weeks as Tiberius brings her home as soon as it becomes apparent that she is expecting. In September, twin girls Imperatrix and Cleopatra are born. After marital turbulence that is mostly her doing, she decides absconding to Europe on a quest to clear her head without telling anyone is a good idea. While AWOL, she gains a blackmailer and in a desperate attempt to save her own neck, kills her blackmailer and train full of other muggles by blasting a hole in a bridge and derailing it. Upon returning home she finds herself forced into taking an Unbreakable Vow.
    Now that she has two daughters, precisely nothing has changed for Tig, she doesn't really want to deal with them. Then there's that Unbreakable Vow...


    Antigone Lorelei Lestrange
    School: Hogwarts
    House: Slytherin
    Attended: 1878 - 1885
    Ancient Runes
    History of Magic
    Other: Etiquette
    1882 — 1885
    School: Pendergast's School for Young Roses
    Attended: 1886 - 1886
    The Lady Morgana
    1885 — Present
    Born: August 19th, 1867
    Star Sign: Leo
    Wand: 11¾” Dogwood and Hippogriff talon
    Blood: Pureblood
    Dominant Hand: Left / Ambidextrous
    Languages: French
    Issue: Imperatrix Lestrange
    Cleopatra Lestrange
    Patronus: Goose
    Amortentia: Gingerbread, Moselle
    Boggart: Herself disgraced and outcast
    Pets: Moselle — Cat
    Maximus — Owl
    Alzette — Cat
    — Shopping
    — Fashion
    — Gossip
    — Chaperoning
    — Balls
    — Human Transfiguration
    — Languages
    Ligeia Baudelaire — Sister
    Brynn Malfoy — Best Friend
    Seneca Lestrange — Cousin
    Violetta Lestrange — Cousin
    Tiberius Lestrange — Husband
    Ellory Pendergast — Cousin
    Valeria Lestrange — Cousin
    Annette Fontaine
    Tatiana Lestrange — Sister-in-Law
    Reputation Log
    Post Log
    Seeking friends, enemies, hurls?, drama and plotty stuff!