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Victorians could hire 'professional mourners' to attend their loved one's funeral. These people would partake in the procession and were not allowed to speak, just look awfully sad! — Rune

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"The Prodigal Sister" for Ophelia Devine. Faked deaths, scandal, and schemes!
Kristoffer was going to be great at this, because he was great at everything. Also his memory was greater than everyone else's, because he bet no one else had ever lost their virginity somewhere exotic like Morocco. Hell, he bet no one else had even lost their virginity. Inexperienced losers.

Kristoffer Lestrange in Shining, Shimmering Splendour

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Violetta Lestrange
"Curiosity is one of the forms of feminine bravery." — Victor Hugo

Full Name: Violetta Louisa Lestrange

Nickname(s): Vio (OOC)

Birthdate: December 19, 1864

Age: 23

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, Scotland

Hogwarts House: Slytherin Alumna ('83)

Wand: Ebony, 12¾ inches, Dragon heartstring, Rigid

Aurelius Lestrange, Father [1823]
Chrysanta Lestrange (née Scrimgeour), Mother [1834]
Rufus Lestrange, Brother, [stillborn, 1872]

Caspian Lestrange, Uncle [1818-1886]
and family

Argus Scrimgeour, Uncle [1824]
and family
Louisa Flint (née Scrimgeour), Aunt [1827]
and family
Hadrian Scrimgeour, Uncle [1828]
and family

Also distantly related to Goyles, Yaxleys, Bulstrodes, UCPBs everywhere, etc.
Standing at  a petite five feet even and possessing adequate curves, Violetta is by no means an oddity among other woman — in neither a poor nor good way. Her features align with those typically inherited by members of the Lestrange family: fair skin and contrasting dark hair. The only non-Lestrange feature she seems to possess are her blue eyes, a trait passed down from her maternal side.

She dresses in pale gowns suited for a debutante, and frequently prefers ones that showcase her status. When dressed in color, pale blue is her preferred hue, both for the way it compliments her eyes and its significance as a feminine color. She is right-handed.

A foal. She's always wondered why it wasn't a fully-grown horse, but she always imagined it had to do with a part of herself that was missing.

Violetta has never been a strong at apparition, though will use it in times of dire need. She generally resorts to using the floo network (both broomstick-riding and portkeys make her feel nauseous), and also rides in carriages when it's a viable option.

Violetta is strictly heterosexual and is largely uninformed about the reality of same-sex relationships. She is a virgin and has never been kissed. Her knowledge of the sex is limited, but she'll likely have no issue getting into bed with her future husband if there's a possibility of pregnancy.

Skills & Misc. Info
Violetta has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) that gives her an irregular, unpredictable menstrual cycle.

While raised to value blood purity, Violetta has grown to feel like her family's values are more limiting than anything else. She doesn't understand how having pure blood makes her superior to others, especially when halfblooded and muggleborn women have found themselves happily situated as wives while she remains sad and unmarried.
1864 | After almost a decade of attempting to produce a child by natural means, Aurelius and Chrysanta Lestrange welcome a daughter, Violetta. While the birth is celebrated by both parents, the glee subsides quickly for Aurelius, who had been desperately hoping for a son. To make matters worse, heavy bleeding following the birth causes Chrysanta to grow gravely ill, but by some miracle she makes a full recovery.

1867 | Violetta's first sign of magic makes its debut when she turns her yellow dress blue in the midst of a tantrum. While the sudden celebration causes her to stop caterwauling, her inability to replicate the action causes her to once again throw a fit.

1869 | Violetta is subjected to intense chaperoning while out and about after one of her mother's nieces is kidnapped in January. Though peeved by having her mother or aunt or anyone breathing down her neck when she's just trying to play, the thought of being taken away by some stranger is more frightening.

1872 | The family suffers a great loss when, at thirty weeks pregnant, Violetta's mother loses her second child. Insult is added to injury when the stillborn child is expelled and it's revealed that it was a male. The loss furthers the wedge between husband and wife, and the child — Rufus, as he was called — is buried.

1876 | A late birthday means starting Hogwarts the year after she turns eleven. The Sorting Hat pondered on her placement, suggesting both Slytherin and Ravenclaw as options. Desperate to please the father who'd always treated her as if she wasn't enough, she pleaded for the Hat to put her in Slytherin — and luckily it complied. Her strongest class was Transfiguration, but she was honestly never too skilled in any other class. She found far more enjoyment in learning magic as opposed to writing essays and homework assignments, and her drifting interests often caused her to slack in the coursework she was supposed to be doing.

1878 | Violetta adds Divination as her single elective, though does regret this decision. Her interests drift towards ancient magical societies, prompting her to annoy her year-mates and other students taking Ancient Studies about the material to the point where they ask her, "Well why didn't you take the class, then?"

1880 | Violetta's fifth year begins with a bang as her formerly kidnapped cousin is discovered. Her haughtiness begins to make itself more apparent when pretends as if the girl doesn't even exist.

1881 | After receiving her OWL examination results, Violetta decides to take the bare minimum of three NEWT-level classes: Transfiguration, History of Magic, and Defence Against the Dark Arts. She miraculously manages to cast a patronus (which takes the form of a foal!) in her sixth year, but never duplicated the results in the years that followed.

1883 | Violetta graduates with quality scores on all of her NEWT examinations and debuts. Sadly, her first season is a flop. She doesn't hold many memories from this year apart from the Hogwarts Coming Out Ball and the feelings of hopelessness that followed the end of the season.

1884 | Violetta's second season is a flop as well, but she blames this on the plague and fire that ravaged Hogsmeade. Not only did it ruin the festivities of the season, but it also thrust most of the eligible bachelors — at least the ones she'd be permitted to marry — into mourning for their deceased relatives. Many of her cousins also die, but she loses track of how many with all the funerals that are being held.

1885 | Another failed season, which doesn't surprise her as much as it had the previous years. Perhaps it was all the mourning clothes from the previous year, or perhaps she noticed a silver hair here and there; nevertheless, she tries to remain hopeful.

1886 | She catches herself talking about the "silly, young debutantes" and panics. Uncle Caspian dies, which sends her into mourning for just a few months — no biggie. It's not like she could have found her dream man in those months, right?

1887 | The Wizarding World Market disaster bring the most frightening, stressful experience of her life when she gets stuck under rubble with another, equally injured gentleman — and without being able to find her wand. The two bond and she takes a liking to him, but much of her hopefulness from previous seasons has already faded. When the two are rescued, her broken leg is promptly treated and she makes a quick recovery (and she finds her wand, too!). Many, however, are not as lucky as she is.
❧ She is a certified Aging Debutante.

❧ She is assumed an heiress to her father's wealth seeing that she has no siblings. Threre's been no public declaration of that, though.

❧ She was trapped at the Wizarding World Market disaster of 1887 that resulted in a week's long stay at St. Mungo's.
❧ She can be a bit strange sometimes, especially when talking about the topics she's into at the moment.
❧ The women in her family have difficulty conceiving by natural means.
Played By: Bree

Contact: Skype, Discord (Bree#7124)

Plot Preferences:
☛ With open threads, I tend to have a "go with the flow" attitude. If you have suggestions for the thread's direction, I'll definitely listen; however, there's no grantee my characters will.

☛ With private (pre-planned) threads, I like to have a synopsis for whatever we hope to accomplish, but do understand if things don't go as planned!

☛ I can't pre-plot romantic chemistry, but can pre-plot things such as established relationships or even something as wild as spontaneous engagements been there, done that, willing to do it again ;)

☛ Please warn me before sending my characters into prolonged mourning or damaging their reputations, especially if they can temporarily impede ongoing plots!

☛ My big no-nos are pedophilia or (written out) sexual abuse/assault.

☛ I'm fine with strong language and violence. I have no issue with smut, but only when it's relevant to plot or character development.

☛ I don't mind if you control my characters in minimal ways (i.e. having them follow when it's the logical thing to do, grabbing their hands and tugging them, nodding if something factual is explained, etc.). The exception is with dialogue or actions that would take deliberate decision-making to figure out what they do.


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