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Silent Owner of Locusta's Liqueurs

47 year old Pureblood
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Mariana Macnair

Full Name: Mariana Iolanthe Macnair née Lestrange


Birthdate: August 2nd, 1840

Age: 47

Occupation: Silent Owner of Locusta's Liqueurs

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Inverness-shire

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: 12” Vine & Dragon Heartstring

Natal Family
William Lestrange – Father †
Octavia Lestrange née – Mother †
Klaus Lestrange – Half-Brother †

Lucius Lestrange – Brother
Sebastian Lestrange – Brother †
Katherina Sewlyn née Lestrange – Sister
Tybalt Lestrange – Brother
Olivia Pendergast née Lestrange – Sister †

Spousal Family
Eustace Macnair – Husband
Valerian Macnair – Son
Agrimony Macnair – [Illegitimate] Son
Betony Macnair – [Illegitimate] Son †
Tatiana Lestrange – Niece/Ward/Pseudo-daughter
Yarrow Macnair – Son
Germander Macnair – Son
Sage Macnair – Son
Mariana is still striking despite her age and many sons. Her eyes are as dark as her hair which is long and gently curling and as unruly as her. While she shares a number of her features with her mother, she still looks distinctly like a Lestrange. She stands at a slightly above average 5'4" and her slender frame exaggerates this height somewhat depending on her dress.

As for her clothing, she opts for loose medieval/renaissance style gowns at home and bare feet as opposed to more socially acceptable attire. She conforms to social expectation when out in public, however. She is right handed.
Rebellious. Determined. Stubborn. Mischievous. Callous. Humorous.
1851 — 1858
Ancient Runes





Earth Magic

Ghoul Studies


History of Magic










Extra Curriculars
Dueling Club
Skills & Interests
Latin [Written]
Ancient Greek [Written]
Imperius Curse
Cruciatus Curse
Killing Curse
Occlumency [Novice]

1840 | Mariana is the last child born to William and Octavia Lestrange.

1844 | Her first act of magic takes place during a lecture from her governess in which the woman's bonnet turns on her and attempts to lightly smother her to prevent her from continuing. It is met by gleeful giggles from Mariana who takes the opportunity to run off. Despite idolizing her older sister, Olivia, Mariana struggles to emulate her in behavior. She is a restless and rebellious child who, although obviously intelligent and inquisitive, prefers learning on her own terms and proves a thorn in the side of nurse and governess. She does try to behave to earn Olivia's praise and good opinion but she finds it exhausting.

1848 | Olivia leaves for Hogwarts and Mariana, her dedicated shadow, feels abandoned. She sulks for weeks and writes to her often.

1849 | With no one near her age to play with, she substitutes her sister with a grass snake whom she affectionately names 'Vlad'. She's forbidden from taking Vlad into the house by her governess but she sneaks him in anyway and hides him in her room. Vlad is soon joined by 'Winston' and 'Evelina'. Her smuggled snakes are soon found and turfed out. Mariana makes her governess break out in angry boils for revenge. The next couple months she is forbidden from going outside and is forced to embroider and study instead.

1850 | A Christmas gift she hadn't paid much attention to until the new year captures her imagination. It's a book about plants and flowers. She starts pressing flowers for fun which is met with encouragement - it seems to be an improvement on snake hoarding.

1851 | September finally brings her to Hogwarts. The hat deliberates for what feels like an age on whether to place her in Slytherin or Ravenclaw and finally decides on the latter. She is initially disappointed, having hoped to have ended up with Olivia in Slytherin. Her disappointment was short lived.

1852 | Her mother, Octavia Lestrange, passes away. Mariana is devastated and emotionally withdraws.

1853 | Her chosen electives are Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures, Earth Magic, and Ghoul Studies.

1855 | Mariana is made prefect which she believes is more to do with her family name than her merits as a student. She's more disciplined than she used to be but she's still an unruly student at times. She is poorly suited to the responsibilities of prefect and does the absolute minimum that is expected of her.

1856 | To some surprise, she chooses a heavy course load for her NEWTs. While not a bad student, her grades are erratic and subject to her interest in her classes. She chooses to continue with Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions, and Transfiguration. She also takes up Alchemy. She is informed in a letter from her father that she has been betrothed to Eustace Macnair. This disgruntles her but she doesn't dwell on it for long. Maybe he'll die before she can marry him. Maybe instant marriage is a good thing, the life of debutante seems bleak and dull anyway.

1857 | She is unsurprisingly not made Head Girl. Her grades have stabilized since the start of her NEWT classes - the advanced content challenges her sufficiently to keep her interest.

1858 | Mariana finishes her schooling and meets her fiancé for the first time at the Coming Out Ball. She decides he's a spineless idiot before he can do more than simply approach her. His first words don't change her mind; she finds his Scottish accent grating and informs him that his buoyant hair makes him look like a pompous ass. Despite her open disdain she spends most of her evening either in his company or not far from it.

Winter arrives and brings with it their wedding.

1859 | Married life disappoints her for reasons she doesn't altogether understand. Not knowing what to do with this disappointment, she turns it into resentment of Eustace. She acquires a couple snakes and busies herself in the study of venomous reptiles and poisonous plants.

1860 | The remarks about her childlessness from both sides of her family irritate her so much that she doesn't tell anyone when she finally does fall pregnant late in the year.

1861 | Her husband has to work it out for himself that his wife is expecting as she refuses to confirm or deny anything, meanwhile the family members who feel bold enough to ask are met with noncommittal shrugs and changing of subject. She stops socializing before it's really obvious simply because she finds people more tiresome than usual and come August, when Valerian is born, she acts as though it ought to have been common knowledge. Mariana is pleased to have produced a son first time and considers her job as a wife complete. She even almost likes her infant son, although his fragility makes her a little wary of him.

1862 | Oswin Bennett, a black market dealer of magical creatures and potion ingredients, cross her path. Their shared interests, his shady lifestyle, and his muggleborn status provoke her rebellious nature into an affair.

1864 | While her involvement with Bennett is motivated purely by lust, their shared interests have kept them together for two years. She cuts him off without a word when she discovers she's pregnant. She has a few ideas of how she could get rid of her problem but she decides not to. Mariana has recognized her fertility to be somewhat lacking and figures if the child is a boy it's better to have two sons than one. Bennett turns up dead a few months later which has absolutely nothing to do with Mariana who is vaguely dismayed at this development. In December she delivers twin sons (Agrimony and Betony) and Eustace is more than aware that they aren't his considering they haven't shared a bed in a year or more. Mariana is utterly unapologetic and acts as though it's his duty to accept her bastards without objection. This is in part due to her awareness of his own infidelities but mostly because she's a bit of a presumptuous ass.

1865 | Without an affair to take up her time, she acknowledges her eldest son once more and introduces him to her snakes. Bonding with four year old Valerian is entertaining for a hot second and then she gets bored and takes up an internship at St. Mungo's because fuck Eustace, that's why.

1866 | Mariana becomes a fully qualified Potions and Plant Poisoning healer. The job quickly loses its novelty and it turns out that 'fuck Eustace' is not a good reason to become a healer.

1868 | Her 'fuck Eustace' mantra eventually results in Yarrow. She decides she's sick of sons.

1869 | Bored out of her brain at work, Mariana begins experimenting from time to time on the odd patient, usually the ones that look like hopeless cases. She also experiments from time to time on the twins although never with the intention of doing so fatally. Boredom also leads to a few weeks of frisky business in a store cupboard with a fellow healer. Obviously this is repeated incidents, not one excruciatingly long boning session.

1871 | Germander is born. His penis irks Mariana. Surprisingly this is not the only thing he has in common with his father.

1872 | Sage is born. Mariana is surprised by her own fecundity. His penis is less surprising but infinitely more disappointing.

1874 | Mariana has a miscarriage and blames Eustace's 'inferior reproductive contribution'. She gets a little more daring with her experiments on patients. Most survive her meddling none the wiser but the odd one dies when a new antidote needs refining or she just wants to see how a new poison works.

1875 | Tybalt kills a bunch of people including their brother, Klaus. Mariana involves herself with alarming swiftness in the distribution of Tybalt's offspring. She vehemently insists on having Tatiana and gets her way. She wants nothing to do with Tiberius, dismissing him for being a boy and the assumption that he'd be more trouble than he was worth. Her brother, Lucius, takes him in instead.

Tatiana affirms Mariana's belief that she needs a daughter but doesn't quite fill that void, it might have been another matter had she been younger.

1877 | Tatiana leaves for Hogwarts, much to Mariana's great dismay. Sage is of the age where he should be growing out of dresses but Mariana delays this and insists that his hair should not be cut. She tries to fill the void by pretending Sage is her daughter.

1878 | The Macnairs sell the London house in favor of one in Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade. This was in part due to the muggle hostilities but mainly because Olivia did it. She transfers from St. Mungo's to the new Hogsmeade Hospital and is soon promoted to Assistant Healer in Charge.

1879 | Mariana finally relents and allows Sage to be dressed in more masculine attire. She occasionally indulges in dressing him up from time to time but his increasingly boyish face is starting to spoil the illusion.

1882 | The draft sees Mariana trekking halfway across the Scottish countryside with a bunch of plebs she'd rather not be stuck up a mountain with. Armed muggles capture her group, much to her fury and indignation. She escapes unscathed but nursing a more intolerant view of muggles than before. Shortly after she is promoted to Healer-in-Charge of the Potions and Plant Poisoning ward of Hogsmeade Hospital. Ten year old Sage is finally left alone by his mother, his increasingly pubescent self displeases her and her want of a daughter intensifies. Sebastian dies. Mariana vaguely cares.

1884 | Lucius' dumbass wife accidentally kills herself. Lol. Some months later Mariana realizes she's expecting a child and is convinced this time it'll be a girl. The Laughing Plague hits and Mariana is one of those who contracts it. She miscarries and blames the extra hospital shifts for her contraction of the sickness and the loss of her daughter. She writes a resignation letter to the hospital. In her bitterness, she feels particularly murderous towards her thriving sons and has an unsuspecting maid deliver poison to Agrimony and Betony. Betony dies but Agrimony proves resistant to that particular poison. This annoys Mariana but the house suddenly burns down and she's physically weakened and unable to do much about it. Rather than rebuilding, they relocate to the country estate near Loch Ness. Tatiana enrolls at Olivia's new finishing school now that she's out of Hogwarts and Mariana resents both of them for this for a brief time. She can't hold a true grudge against either for very long.

1885 | A year after the Laughing Plague, Mariana attempts to poison Agrimony again but once more fails. This baffles her. She begins making regular attempts on his life. Tybalt escapes Azkaban and she's somewhat put out not to hear from him, especially considering how she flawlessly raised his daughter for him. In need of something to occupy herself with, she decides to open a shop selling her poisons and antidotes in Knockturn Alley, on the quiet of course.

1886 | Agrimony suspects his mother is trying to kill him. He moves out. This is a wise move. Mariana is still determined and incredulous as to how he's still alive. Lucius remarries. Mariana gives him metaphorical side-eyes of wtfness. Tatty is 'Finished' and Mariana happily sees her returned home full time. She privately hopes for a match between Valerian and Tatiana.

1887 | Olivia dies and Mariana experiences genuine grief for the first time since her mother died. Lucius has a child with his new wife and Mariana is relieved when it's not a girl. One can only handle so much resentment at once.

— She used to be the Healer-in-Charge of the Potions & Plant Poisoning ward at Hogsmeade Hospital.
— She keeps a number of snakes and venomous creatures.

— Her twins were illegitimate.
— She owns a shop that sells poison in Knockturn Alley.
Played By: Olive

Contact: PM or Skype

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There was no way in hell she was going to lose to her own son. Amortentia wasn’t a potion she often had reason to brew but that didn’t mean she wasn’t confident in doing so.

When she was finished, she surreptitiously eyed her son.

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RE: Adult Potion Brewing April '88: Group E 1
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Adult Potion Brewing April '88: Group E Archived Competitions
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There was no way in hell she was going to lose to her own son. Amortentia wasn’t a potion she often had reason to brew but that didn’t mean she wasn’t confident in doing so.

When she was finished, she surreptitiously eyed her son.