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Pendergast Rose

18 year old Pureblood
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Anais Beaumont
"It's only right that you should play
it the way you feel it but listen carefully
to the sound of your loneliness"

Full Name: Anais Priscilla Beaumont

Nickname(s): Ann

Birthdate: July 17,1869

Age: 18

Occupation: Pendergast Rose

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade though they also own an estate in Wales

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Hawthorn, 12 ½ inches, supple, dragonheartstring

Mathias Beaumont III, Father [1824-1883]
Cassandra Beaumont (née Babineaux), Mother [1837]
Mathias Beaumont IV, Brother [1856]
Francoise Flint (née Beaumont), Sister [1862]
— Stephen Flint, Brother-in-law [1851]
— Lavender Flint, Niece [1881]
— Lionel Flint, Nephew [1884]
— Lillian Flint, Niece [1886]
Oceane Nott (née Beaumont), Sister [1866]
— Warwick Nott, Brother-in-law [1856]
Jacob Babineaux, Maternal Cousin [1862]
Lilia [Half Kneazel - Half Persian cat]
Anais is pale and falls in the petite side as she is only 4 feet and 9 inches tall. She had always been almost skin and bones when she was young but since had grown to a slender figure with some curves. Like the rest of the Beaumont sisters, Ann has inherited their father’s soft blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. Her wardrobe consist of dresses of pastels and browns that compliment her features and a few reds which is her favorite color but she doesn’t have a lot of confidence to frequently wear such a bold color. She is right handed

Stubborn- Proper- Ambitious - Moody - Quiet - Earnest - Prideful
※Anais was pulled out of school before her sixth year after an argument with her brother

※Her armortentia are roses, old books and citrus

※She is able to speak fluent French and prefers using it over English despite growing up in Great Britain. She can also speak Spanish.

OWLs Scores
Care of Magical CreaturesE
Defence Against the Dark ArtsE
History of MagicE

1869| Anais is born. Her parents were worried at how quiet and sickly-looking their child was but she proved to be a fighter and survived infancy.

1873| Francoise joins Mathias at Hogwarts as well. Not that she remembered that time a lot since she was very young.

1874| She shows her first sign of magic when she trapped Mathias and her sisters in a bubble as they played in the garden.

1875| Mathias graduates and doesn't seem interested in any sort of career which was fine since he was set to inherit anyway.

1877| The magical community was exposed to the muggles though they were pretty safe in Wales the family still thought that it would be best for them to move Hogsmeade to get closer to fellow magical folks. Oceane is sent to Hogwarts.

1880| Ann is also sent to Hogwarts and was surprisingly sorted to Slytherin like Oceane. She was studious and diligent student which makes her wonder if the sorting hat should have sent her to Ravenclaw like Francoise. Also, Francoise is married to Stephen Flint.

1881| Anais finds that she does not share the purist beliefs of her family. Though she doesn't go out and befriend every muggleborn in school out of respect to her family. Instead, she finds herself in the company of girls from respectable families and one she got close with was Artemisia Carrow. Francoise delivers her first child later that year.

1883| Her father becomes ill and passes away which left Anais in mourning for most of the year. She adds Care of Magical Creatures and Arithmancy in her class schedule.

1884| Anais takes a liking to the notion of becoming a healer rather than become a debutante like her siblings when she volunteers to help the school nurse in tending to her sick schoolmates. Francoise gives birth to a second child, a boy named Lionel.

1885| Oceane is courted by Warwick Nott, one of Mathias's friend. Anais and Mathias had an argument about her ambitions in life. Thinking that Hogwarts might have been a bad influence for her, he pulls her out of school and sends her to Pendergast School of Young Roses.

1886| Finishing school was not as bad as it seemed but she just couldn't believe that Mathias would do such a thing. She attempted to reason with Mathias that a year was enough but he thought otherwise. The hate on Mathias grew. Oceane gets engaged in December.
1887| The boring lessons in combination with some of her prudish and haughty classmates make her sick of finishing school. She tries again for Mathias to let her out. Not that he agrees with it but he promises that it would be her last year.

1888| In a few months, she is set to debut. Oceane and Warwick get married.

※Anais was pulled out of school after her fifth year and sent to finishing school though the public isn't aware of the reason why. ※She is french but was born in Wales
Played By: Meeka

Contact: Skype or PM Katherine Midford

Plot Preferences: ※Anais is currently open for new plots and new threads.

※I mostly tend to go with the flow since my characters have their own mind and even surprises me sometimes with their actions but won't mind if we plot details out.

※I'm comfortable with writing mature content (violence,gore, dark content) is also alright with me though I prefer if we fade to black with any sexual encounter.

※My post length average is 150-200 words though I will try to match up with my partner if I can. I also depends on how much muse I have. I'm also a full time student so I can be slow in posting.


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