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Mozelle Rios

Full Name: Mozelle Odelia Rios


Birthdate: April 10, 1872

Age: 16

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Half-blood daughter of a Spanish pureblood and an Italian muggleborn.

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Willow, 13", pliable, dragon heartstring from a Ukranian Ironbelly

Father: Elonso Rios
Mother: Cosima Rios née Sardellone
Brother: Luciano Edwin Rios (born 1879)

Paternal Grandfather: Geraldo Rios (living, halfblood)
Paternal Grandmother: Lorenza Rios née Barrientos (living, halfblood)
Uncle: Alberto Rios
~~~~ and family
Uncle: Leandro Rios
~~~~ and family

Maternal Grandfather: Luciano Sardellone (deceased, muggle)
Maternal Grandmother: Giustina Sardellone née Bianchi (living, muggle)
Five feet and one inch tall and slender with sleek limbs and expressive brown eyes set into an almost girlish face, Mozelle's skin tone and thick, dark hair mark her as distinctively different. Though in school, she typically wears her black robes, beyond the confines of Hogwarts, she wears muggle attire, as comfortable in corsets and petticoats as she is in her school robes. She is right-handed.
ENFJ-T - The Protagonist [Tolerant, Reliable, Charismatic, Altruistic, Natural Leader, Overly Idealistic, Too Selfless, Too Sensitive, Fluctuating Self-Esteem, Struggle to Make Tough Decisions]
  • Though Mozelle has lived the majority of her life in London, she does have a tendency to slip into Spanish or Italian when frustrated.
  • Her favorite colors - which she commonly wears in either clothing or accessories - are saffron orange, olive green, and cerulean.
  • She would like to be a columnist for the Prophet upon graduation.
  • She is an Aries.
1868: While on a business trip to Milan, Italy, Elonso Rios meets Cosima Sardellone, a local girl with whom he finds himself enraptured. After a couple of chance meetings, they exchange information and become pen-pals. It is through this written correspondence that the two form the foundations of a relationship
1869: In late May, Elonso makes a personal trip to Milan, to begin a more formal courtship. By the end of the year, he asks for her hand in marriage.
1870: Elonso and Cosima marry in June in a simple Barcelona garden ceremony devoid of magic, so that Cosima's muggle parents may attend without fear of the International Statute of Secrecy. The ceremony is marked with superstitious tradition, a quality shared between Cosima, her mother Giustina, and her new mother-in-law Lorenza.
1872: Mozelle Odelia Rios is born shortly before dawn on the tenth of April, her birth marked with a comforting pre-dawn rainfall. Her mother, taking this as a sign of her daughter's fate, names her with an amalgamation of things - the Hebrew Mozelle, meaning taken from the water, and the French Odelia, meaning wealthy, so that her name would, when read together, infer "Wealthy child from the river."
1874: At the behest of Elonso's father, for the sake of the family business (something to do with imports and exports that Mozelle to this day has never really taken an interest in), the young family moves from warm and golden Barcelona to cold and grey London in early autumn, something that Cosima is extremely displeased by. Mozelle, being only two years old at the time, does not remember this transition. As a parting gift, Giustina presents Mozelle with a toy fish, which Mozelle immediately dubs Otto.
1877: Shortly after Mozelle's fifth birthday, one of the servants attempts to take Otto from Mozelle, seeing that the toy is in need of a cleaning. Mozelle responds with a shrill screaming, the pink walls of her bedroom bleeding into a saffron color from behind her, in her first sign of magic.
1878: In late spring, Mozelle’s maternal grandfather Luciano Sardellone passes away peacefully in his sleep. Mozelle attends the funeral, which she spends sitting on her grandmother Giustina's lap, with her parents.
1879: After quietly trying for a number of years, Elonso and Cosima finally welcome a son, whom they name Luciano Edwin. Mozelle is displeased at not being the only child anymore, but understands that her parents are delighted by Luciano’s arrival.
1883: When Mozelle receives her acceptance letter for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, her father celebrates by taking her to Barcelona, where he purchases her wand from a prestigious Spanish wandmaker. The rest of her supplies are purchased in Diagon Alley, and come September first, she is sorted into Hufflepuff house.
1885: At the end of her second year, Mozelle signs up for Arithmancy and Music class for extracurriculars.
1886: Towards the end of the year, enjoying her classes, Mozelle meets Handsome Whitledge while walking through the corridors. She develops a crush on him, nothing she’d say anything about, of course.
1888: Mozelle has been focusing on her schoolwork, as she is now preparing to sit for her OWLs.
  • Mozelle speaks three languages natively - English, Spanish, and Italian.
  • Mozelle's mother, Cosima, is very maternal, on occasion brushing the nanny off to tend to her children.
  • Mozelle was born in Barcelona, and moved to London at only two years old.
  • Mozelle is very anti-gossip.
Played By: Elaine

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