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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Emilia Wright for Jude Wright. Casually alienating offspring since 18882.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

Barnabas Skeeter in CYOA: Group D

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Leon Lupin

Full Name: Leonard Lloyd Lupin

Nickname(s): Leon

Birthdate: January 22nd, 1855

Age: 33

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Blood Status: pureblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire

Hogwarts House: Slytherin Alumnus 1873

Wand: 13" elder, phoenix feather, slightly springy

Elsbeth Lupin | [1855] wife
--- Leonard "Leo" Lupin II | [1884] "son"
Harold Lupin | [1834] father, shipping mogul
Virginia Lupin née Oliver | [1837] mother, housewife
--- Lionel Lupin | [1852] brother
--- Lysander Lupin | [1859] brother
--- Lexington Lupin [1863] brother, family fuck up
--- Louisa “Lulu” Lupin | [1866] sister, debutante
Kane Lupin | [1836], uncle
----Elodie Lupin née MacRoy | [1839] aunt
Garret Lupin | [1839] uncle and family, estranged
----Vivienne Lupin née ----- [1846] aunt
Abigail ----- née Lupin | [1843] aunt and family
Daphne Vance née Lupin | [1847] | aunt and family
The epitome of "tall, dark and handsome" Leon uses all three to his advantage whenever he can. While not very broad, he stands at an admirable 6 feet even. His features are dark and rugged. With a deep mahogany sheen to his hair that is always in a casual but sexy disarray and charming grey eyes, Leon is a looker from head to toe. He has spent quite a bit of his life on the sea, so he's toned and tanned from the hard work and exposure to the sun's rays. He sports quite a few scars from his life at sea, but now dresses spectacularly well in the day's latest fashions for men. He is typically sporting some scruff of some kind, but purely because he thinks it makes him look a little more dangerous; which the ladies tend to like. He is right-handed.
sly: suave; charismatic; easy-going; smooth talker; sneaky; loyal to those who deserve it; flirtatious; extravagant; arrogant; self-centered; enjoys a lavish lifestyle; surprisingly affectionate when he wants to be
[January 22nd 1855] | A second boy joins Lionel on a cold January night. He’s a stubborn babe who enjoys attention and doesn’t seem too keen on sleeping, which is entirely the nanny’s problem.

[1859] | Another brother joins the family, to be named Lysander, Leon is not impressed to say the least; he’s not very good at sharing attention and he already has to share that with his elder brother. Boo.

[1863] | What the hell, another one? Don’t his parents have enough kids now? It’s a brother again, whoopie. In his annoyance over the matter, Leon throws a tantrum and sends the flames on the candles on the dinner table sky high, his first sign of magic.

[September 1864] | Lionel goes to school, wahoooo.

[School Year 1866-67] | Leon heads off to school and the Hat barely touches his head before he’s sorted straight into Slytherin. Excellent, just what he wanted. The little schemer knew he was poised to join the house when he was born. He make quick friends with Thom Pettigrew, one of his roommates. October rolls around and Leon gets word that the very pregnant mother he left in September has finally given birth. Leon’s starting to wonder just where these things come from and why they keep happening. This time it’s a girl. He misses most of the fussing and doesn’t get home to Aberdeen to see her until the Christmas holidays, but at eleven, he supposes she’s kind of cute. Cuter than his brothers at least and she seems to like him as she stares at him intently when he holds her. Meh, she’s okay.

[School Year 1867-68] | Back to school, which is fine with Leon. Though he’s not very academic, he does thoroughly enjoy the socializing at school. He does alright in classes that are interesting, but forget History of Magic or Potions, neither one of those are his specialties.

[School Year 1868-69] | Leon adds Ghoul Studies to his timetable because it sounds easy and mildly interesting. It proves to be both of those things. So that’s a relief. Leon hits a bit of a growth spurt just after his fourteenth birthday and boy do the ladies notice. Leon’s already fairly good at flirting, but this year it really works to his advantage. There’s a lot to be said about sneaking out of the common room into an empty classroom with a pretty girl; it’s way more fun that studying.

[School Year 1869-70] | There’s really nothing much to this year. Lots of flirting, less studying, it is what it is.

[School Year 1870-71] | Lysander joins his siblings at Hogwarts, ayyy. OWLs ew. Leon manages to scrape by in a few classes to move onto NEWTs. School isn't’ strictly necessary for him, but the environment of school is too good to pass up so he does what he needs to in order to

pass at least three or four classes; he flirts his way into getting the smart girls to help him out. [School Year 1871-72] | Sixth year sees Leon keeping Ghoul Studies (because why not) Defense, Astronomy, because that’s actually useful to him (#sailing) and Transfiguration. All in all, having less classes really is appealing.

[School Year 1871-72] | It passes in a bit of a blur, thought Leon is totally ready to be done. After school is over he’s given one year of general fuckery before he is expected to join the family shipping business.

1872-73 - The Year of General Fuckery] | Leon takes full advantage of his father’s generous allowance and freedom to travel using one of the family’s smaller sailboats. He hits France, Italy, the Mediterranean and generally boozes, seduces and floats his way through until the autumn, where he returns to join the family business. Whether is father is a genius or just plain generous, the trip works and Leon buckles down in the shipping industry. Well, at least he has enough focus not to be too terrible at it. Fortunately his way with people makes him a natural when working with clients and bringing in new business. It earns him a reputation, though this one is actually much better than his reputation among women.

[1874] | Lexington goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into ----.

[1875-1882] | There really isn’t much to these years aside from boozing, whoring and work. It’s just how he rolls, though at work at least, he makes strides into earning himself some more independence within the company. He’s got a good head for business, but that doesn’t mean he has too many morals about it. His endeavors are not always proper, but lucrative, so nobody says anything. Lulu goes off to Hogwarts in September of 1878 and is sorted into Slythern; Leon’s proud.

[1882] | Leon acquires a small plot of land in the forming town of Irvingly. Upon it he sets up a small shop selling items from his journeys as well as accepting pawns and other small matters of sale, both muggle and magical.

[Autumn 1883] | Leon reconnects with old school friends Thom Pettigrew and August Echelon-Arnost. He also connects with local madam, Tessa Van Patten. That continued little affair results in Tessa getting pregnant #whoops. Leon tells her to do what she needs to as really he’s lucky nobody else has ever come forward with the same news, not that it would stop him. She says she’ll take care of it, and he figures she will, thankfully it is a false alarm. Her brothel is lost in a fire and she ends up short-term living with Leon for a while.

In September, in an unheard of move, Leon, in a rare moment of weakness, agrees to help August out with a particularly tricky situation. August’s sister has found herself with an unexpected pregnancy after having a little too much fun while the QWC is happening. Leon can relate and agrees to be a last resort. Well, he’s the last resort and he and Elsbeth marry in September when she is already preggers. Needless to say it’s a hot mess.

In November, Tessa is still kind of living with Leon, though he has now moved into the house August furnished for the newlyweds and things hit a head with Elsbeth and Tessa. Safe to say Tessa needs a new place to live and Leon has already agreed to back her new brothel, but it is definitely time to get that rolling.

[January 1884] | Elsbeth goes into labor and anybody who can math or knows anything about gestation, would realize that the timeline does not add up. However surprise! It’s twins and therefore they are able to fudge things a little bit as twins are ~mysterious. Unfortunately one of the twins does not survive and in some bout of insanity, Elsbeth names the child Leonard Lloyd Lupin II, though is quickly nicknamed Leo.

[April 1884] | This time the pregnancy was not a scare and Tessa gives birth to a boy. Leon suddenly finds himself raising a child who is not in fact his and supporting a bastard that is. What is life? Tess names the baby Napoleon Redd and Leon agrees to support the child financially, in addition to Tessa’s daughter, Lorna.

[July 1886] | Leon accidentally sleeps with Thom’s mistress, Ursula Black. #whoopsie

[Presently] | Elsbeth and Leon are still married, still dysfunctional, still sleeping around. It is what it is. It works.
Played By: Bee

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