Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Phoebe Beauregard

    Seamstress at Gladrag's Wizardwear

    Seamstress at Gladrag's Wizardwear

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    Phoebe Sophia Beauregard

    “Being soft-hearted does not make you a weak person. It takes courage to stay delicate in a world that is sometimes cruel.”

    - ※ -

    Early Life

    SUMMER OF 1868 | Phoebe Sophia is born as the third and final child to Charles and Edna Beauregard. Older siblings, Lucinda and Sebastian, came before her in 1863 and 1866, respectively.

    SUMMER OF 1872 | Phee is four when she first starts exhibiting signs of magic. She makes the piano keys in the parlor start playing by itself, and thus begins her interest in music.

    AUTUMN of 1874 | Lucinda leaves for Hogwarts where she was sorted into Slytherin.

    YEAR OF 1875 | Phee begins her pre-Hogwarts education with her mother, who is a well-respected governess within the magical community.

    AUTUMN OF 1876 | Sebastian joins Lucinda at Hogwarts, and is sorted into Gryffindor.

    YEAR OF 1879 | Phee gets her Hogwarts acceptance letter in July, and is taken to Diagon Alley to purchase her school supplies not long after.

    Hogwarts Years

    SEPTEMBER 1879 - MAY 1880 | Phee goes off to Hogwarts where she is immediately sorted into Hufflepuff. It was a bit of a rocky start at first as she felt terribly homesick for the first few weeks, though with the help of her siblings and her cousins, she was soon settled in. She finds that she rather likes Charms, Herbology, and Transfiguration, though she only joins Charms and Music Clubs for fear of overtaxing herself.

    SEPTEMBER 1880 - MAY 1881 | While nothing of much interest happens this year, Lucinda and their cousin, Adella, graduate and make their respective debuts into society. Neither of them had had successful Seasons sadly, and the end of the summer sees Lucinda (surprisingly) start working at the Post Office while Adella goes to work as a seamstress at Twilfit and Tattings.

    SUMMER OF 1881 | Sebastian is made Prefect for Gryffindor. Phee was very happy for him, and made him a bunch of handkerchiefs embroidered in red and gold, some with 'PREFECT' stitched across them and others with an outline of a Prefect's badge.

    SEPTEMBER 1881 - MAY 1882 | Phee selects Divination and Earth Magic as her electives for her OWL studies. She enjoys Earth Magic more than the latter.

    SUMMER OF 1882 | Phee's interest in cooking was realized when she starts shadowing/helping their Cook with various meals and desserts. Though she enjoys baking more than actual cooking.

    SEPTEMBER OF 1882 - MAY 1883 | Phee starts making gloves, hats, scarves, and other winter necessities for those students who cannot afford proper warm clothing. She hands them out/hides them discreetly so that they don't feel like charity cases.

    SUMMER OF 1883 | The Quidditch World Cup comes to Hogsmeade. Phee's not interested in the sport itself, but rather more for the different cultures that were present, and she often spent a lot of time in the market square just observing. Towards the end of the summer, Sebastian is made Headboy for the 1883-1884. Phee couldn't have been anymore proud of him than she already was.

    SEPTEMBER 1883 - MAY 1884 | Not long after she had learned about Lucinda's courtship to Mr. Cavanaugh, it's discovered that her first cousin, Bentley, had been killed in a housefire while trying to save someone. While she had never been close to him, she had only ever remembered Bentley being kind to her, and she mourned him as was appropriate. Phee also takes her OWL exams this year, and receives two Os, three Es, and 4 As.

    SUMMER OF 1884 | The summer starts off smooth enough. Sebastian and their cousin, Elsie, graduate and start their respective occupations (Seb to Hogsmeade Hospital and Elsie to the local bookstore). Though with the drought soon came the Laughing Plague, and with the Laughing Plague came the Fiendfyre, and while Phee and her family had nowhere to go during the quarantine, they had managed to avoid the brunt of it and came out through it all perfectly healthy.

    SEPTEMBER 1884 - MAY 1885 | Phee began her NEWT studies with Charms, Herbology, Earth Magic, and Transfiguration. She finds her classes a bit more difficult compared with previous years, but makes decent marks all the same.

    She also starts her monthly courses one night, though quietly and discreetly deals with it, as she hadn't wanted to alarm anyone.

    WINTER OF 1884 | Lucinda becomes Mrs. Wesley Cavanaugh in a beautiful ceremony held on Christmas Day. It had been a very happy occasion, and it was only made even better by the fact that Phee had been selected as a bridesmaid.

    SUMMER OF 1885 | Phee starts volunteering at the hospital, using her sewing skills to make small items to give as gifts and baking cookies and such to hand out in waiting rooms and hospital staff rooms.

    SEPTEMBER 1885 - MAY 1886 | Although she had been terribly uncertain about her future at first, an eye-opening conversation with her Head of House just after the holidays gave her some insight as to what she might like to do. And after much reflection, she decides that becoming a seamstress would be an ideal occupation for her.

    After Hogwarts

    SUMMER OF 1886 | Phee graduates and makes her debut into society. Not long afterwards, she gets employment at Gladrag's Wizardwear as a seamstress.
    Present Day

    Phee has presently began working at Gladrag's in Hogsmeade, and is eagerly looking forward to what the summer has in store -- especially with the Wizarding World Fair coming to town!


    General Information

    ※ Etymology/Meaning: Latinized form of Phoibe, means "bright, pure"

    ※ Birthplace: England

    ※ Born: June 28th, 1868

    ※ Zodiac Sign: Cancer; Loyal, Symapthetic, Family-oriented, Humble

    ※ MBTI: INFP

    ※ Wand: Rowan, 9", Supple, Unicorn Tail Hair

    ※ Scent: Plain washing soap and sweet pea

    ※ Amortentia: Wildflowers, soap, freshly baked bread, freshly laundered linens

    ※ Patronus/Animagus: Koala Bear


    ※ School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

    ※ House: Hufflepuff

    ※ Years Attended: 1879 - 1886

    ※ OWLs:

    Astronomy | Charms | DADA | Divination | Earth Magic | Herbology | History of Magic | Potions | Transfiguration

    ※ NEWTs:

    Charms | Earth Magic | Herbology | Transfiguration

    Please send all alerts to @Imogen MacFusty, thanks!
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