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Anandhita Pomfrey
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17 year old Halfblood
5 ft. in.
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Full Name: Anandhita Charlotte Pomfrey

Nickname(s): Ani

Birthdate: May 17, 1874

Age: 17


Occupation: 7th Year Hufflpuff

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Rowan, 11”, solid, unicorn tail hair

Dr. Hippocrates Pomfrey, Father [1828] Amrita Pomfrey nee Kapadia, Mother [1835-1884] Wystan Pomfrey, Brother [1858] Thomasina — nee Pomfrey, Sister [1863], and family Dr. St. John Pomfrey, Grandfather [1797-1884] Dorothea Pomfrey nee Belby, Grandmother [1803-1854] Florence — nee Pomfrey, Aunt [1827], and family Thessalus Pomfrey, Uncle [1828], and family Elizabeth — nee Pomfrey, Aunt [1840], and family
As exotic as her name, Ani favors her mother in appearance, from her dark complexion to her long thick wavy black hair. Even her eyes, unremarkably brown, are similar to her mother’s. Although it must be said that her nose is slightly like her father’s. She has been told that she wears her emotions on her face as much as she wishes it were otherwise.  Ani is petite, with a slender build and standing hardly taller than 5 ft 1 in. She adores muggle fashion and prefers that to wizarding robes. Her wand arm is her right.

Play-by - Maitreyi Ramakrishnan
1874: The youngest Pomfrey child is born early in the morning of May 17. She is a relatively quiet baby, as far as babies goes.
1874-1883: Ani’s childhood is typical, she is doted upon by her parents and raised more as an only child as both her brother and sister are attending Hogwarts by the time she is old enough to have any memories. She displays her first sign of magic one afternoon when she is four by boiling the water in the tea kettle. She has tutors who teach her the typical subjects, including French and not so typically - Marathi.
1884: The summer before Ani is to attend Hogwarts the Laughing Plague hits. With the family business in medicine it is almost inevitable one of them falls ill. Ani, her mother, and her cousin are all sick. Ani is so sick it is several days after her mother’s death that she is coherent enough to take in the news. Devastated Ani attends Hogwarts in the fall which forces her to move past her grief, but also hides her father’s sorrow from her. She has never been very good with her father’s emotions. Or really most people’s, but that is a whole other story.
1884-85: At Hogwarts Ani is sorted into Hogwarts. She begins to make friends and does quite well in her studies.
1885-91: The next few years pass in a blur for Ani. She enjoys her studies and her home away from home. In her third year she adds Ancient Runes and Muggle Studies. Fifth year her OWLs go well although she does drop down to only five courses. As her final year of Hogwarts approaches Ani finds herself focused more on her future and her friends than her school work.
It has been instilled in Ani to be focused and steady, setting to a goal and doing everything she can to get there. In fact so much so that sometimes she can seem quite stubborn. While she has a quiet charm about her and is easy to smile and laugh, she can also be serious and pragmatic. She loves to dream but is realistic about her reality in life. As such she has striven to be the best daughter she can for her position, being charming and polite. Above all things Ani is loyal, both to her family and to her friends. Those in her close circle of friends are consider family to her. She is also warm and welcoming but tends to stick to people she knows well.
Speaks fluent English, French, and Marathi
Plays piano and has a lovely singing voice (she thinks it is terrible)
Absolutely adores dancing

Academic Record

Defence Against the Dark ArtsA
Ancient RunesETBD
Muggle StudiesO
History of MagicO

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thank you MJ <3
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