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Pampered Veela

26 year old Veela
5 ft. 5 in.   ❤   Married
played by Kelly
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Juniper Lyness

Full Name: Juniper Lyness née Middlemiss

Nickname(s): Per

Birthdate: February 23, 1863

Age: 26

Occupation: Pampered Veela

Blood Status: Veela

Residence: Hogsmeade, Scotland (Main Home)
Rosestone Estate - Suffolk, England
Her family also has two more homes, but the Rosestone Estate is her favorite home, and the main one that she has parties and celebrations.

Hogwarts House: N/A

Wand: N/A

Husband: Andrew Lyness (1852) - Muggleborn
Daughter: Emily Lyness (1883) - Halfblood/Halfbreed
Son: David Lyness (1885) - Halfblood/Halfbreed
Son: Edmund Lyness (1886) - Halfblood/Halfbreed
Daughter: Delilah Lyness (November 15, 1888) - Halfblood/Halfbreed

Adoptive Father: Edmund Middlemiss (1821) - Muggle
Adoptive Mother: Lenobia Middlemiss née Archer (1829-1864) - Muggle
Adoptive Bitch Sister: Begonia __ née Middlemiss (1854) - Muggle
Adoptive Sister: Willow __ née Middlemiss (1861) - Muggleborn

Father-in-law: Michael Lyness - Muggle (1820-1876)
Mother-in-law: Elizabeth Lyness née Smith (1832-1877) - Muggle
Brother-in-law: Jacob Lyness (1857) - Muggle
Eyes: Her eyes color resembles that of the green of a cats eyes.

Hair: She has orange hair that she prefers to keep as a wild wave.

Skin Tone: She has a pale golden complexion.

Height: 5'5"

Clothing: She can be seen in mostly blue attire, with the occasional greens and few shades of purple. She adores shiny accessories, silver and gems being her favorite.

Dominant Hand: Right

PB ~ Katherine McNamara

Extravert: She adores being center of attention, and being praised (she does not normally like others taking the spotlight, unless it is negative on them or she actually likes them). Interacting with others is quite fun for her.

Sensor: Tending to think of what is happening in the here-and-now, she tends to work at a steady pace when she is determined to get something done (typically this is something that will benefit her).

Thinker: Quick to see the negative of people, she tends to be a little too honest, though she knows when to really shut her mouth.

Perceiver: Responsibility bores her. She would much rather have someone do things for her. The very thought of rules annoy her, and she does mentally question the need for such things, but she remains a good girl and keeps her mouth shut on the matter, for the most part.
Star Sign: Pisces

Hobbies: Jewelry shopping, walks around the estate, on the edge of some woods, traveling with her husband (and sometimes the children).

Pets: A couple of canaries named Jewel and Jem. Jem is a male canary and Jewel is a female.

Sister time: Though she and Willow sometimes go shopping in muggle London or France, during the winter and spring holidays are the only time that all three sisters are typically together.
1862: In the early months of the year, veela gathered under a full moon with a number of stones, which became eggs at the beckoning of the blue moon above them.

February 23, 1863: Juniper's egg hatches.

1863: Juniper spends most of the year with several veela, and learns some French along the way. She tends to be a bit of a wandering spirit, and by the end of the year, she has wandered away from the rest of the veela.

January 17, 1864: Mr. Middlemiss is taking a walk on his secondary estate in France, mourning over the loss of his wife who had died a week before, when he finds little Juniper wandering around. Deciding to take her in as his own, after she states that she does not know her parents, he decides that he wishes to be her guardian, after muggle doctors decide that she must have amnesia. No one claims her as their child, and some assume that they possibly died when she got amnesia, and that is the assumption that Mr. Middlemiss is under. There is an instant parent-child connection that Mr. Middlemiss and Juniper share. He already considers her a daughter and is quite protective of her. After police invesgate and find no record of her, he officially adopts her as his own, feeling an instinctive need to look out for her.

January 18, 1864: Juniper soon realizes that having other females in the home is stupid. Sadly, papa says that they can’t just leave.

1867: Willow shows signs of magic. Juniper sees her as weird, but less annoying than the other young female.

1873: A wizard person comes over and says that Willow is a witch. Willow goes off to a magic school. Shame, she was the less annoying one.

1876: Juniper has started puberty and the veela hints are starting to become more obvious than before. Then her and Begonia have a fight, over a dress, and Juniper's bird form emerges. Begonia doesn’t see, as she walks away before Juniper completely looses her temper. There are no witnesses, thankfully.

1877: The Middlemiss family is largely unaware to the chaos of the wizarding world, but thanks to Willow, they know that there is at least something going on. Juniper is slightly concerned. Begonia is married, and moves out. Finally.

1880: Willow is out of school. Now there are once more another female around full time. Juniper wishes that this isn’t for long, that one or both of them will leave with a husband.

1881: Juniper meets Andrew Lyness near the beginning of the year, while they were both at a muggle party, given her status and who he was raised by, and that Andrew was raised by muggles and had connections to the society. He sweeps her off her feet, and although he’s able to tell that she is a veela, he couldn’t care less because he’s in love and she is really beautiful. A couple of weeks later, they officially start courting. Halfway through the year, they are engaged.

January 18, 1882: They marry, making Juniper Middlemiss become Juniper Lyness. She is overjoyed. He surprises her by buying an estate that is not very far (though with reasonable distance) from papa’s estate. She is thrilled, happy for the opportunity to visit papa when she wishes.

1883: Juniper has their first child, overjoyed to have a girl.

1885: A boy is born, Juniper is slightly less thrilled, not feeling as connected. The female is more of a mini her.

1886: Another boy. Juniper hopes her next child shall be a girl.

1887: Both the halfbreed ban and marriage ban deeply upset her. However, her own marriage is firm and fully official, and they cannot take that away.

1888: Juniper is once more with child. Juniper is satisfied that the halfbreed ban is lifted, now the marriage one must lift, for the sake her own pride.

November 15, 1888: Another daughter is born! Named Delilah, Juniper is quite pleased to have another daughter.
  • Juniper has stated that she was the one to be attacked, and was acting in self defense. Most people don't seem to believe her.

  • She was raised by a muggle, and has one sister who is a muggle and one who is muggleborn. She barely gets along with the muggleborn, and despises the muggle. But she adores her father.
  • She's not lying about what happened between her and Mr. Pettigrew.
Played By: Kelly

Contact: PM/Skype/Discord

Plot Preferences: Personally, I love making plots. I like planning things out. However, I'm also willing to plan things out, to then ditch the plan completely if the muse takes me and those I thread with in another direction. My characters tend to do as they please, leaving me wondering what on earth I just typed. Trying to make them do something that they will not naturally do seems strange, and won't work the way that the plan was supposed to.

"Mature" content does not bother me in threads. Language, violence, dark content, and even smut don't bother me (though if we are gonna do smut, there has got to be a good reason for it happening at all). However I'm not comfortable doing these things if it would not be something that my character would do, and/or if it is not for plot development.

For me, I like to try to type as much as my muse will allow. Typically I try to match with the other poster, if not posting more. I do not expect anyone to have to match my post word count if their muse does not call for it.

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Watching both women go with amusement, all she could think about was just how childish they were. Ignoring people, talking terribly about said person right in front of them, it was all pathetic. Now they flee like the rodents they were as Juniper watched on with further growing amusement. The black haired woman made a statement that sounded so stupid that Juniper was not alarmed one bit by any intent given.

With an amused shake of her head, she gained control of her laughter, though a hint of a giggle remained. Purchasing the toy that her daughter had so foolishly grabbed, she raised an eyebrow at the clerk behind the counter. "They say I'm bad, but their manners were no where in sight." She commented with a soft giggle before taking the item that she had paid for, and heading out with her child. If anyone was a corrupted influence, it was the women that had apparently never learned manners. Perhaps they were slightly well dressed slums dwellers, they certainly acted like such people.