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Seer Wife of Warick Nott
Seer Wife of Warick Nott

18 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 6 in.   ❤   Married
played by Ocean
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Avril Nott
She didn't need to 'freshen up on etiquette', but she supposed that was significantly better than having the live with Aunt Jade or Grandfather for an undisclosed amount of time.Siblings Will Be Siblings

Full Name: Avril Morgan le Fay Nott née Lukeson

Nickname(s): Avey

Birthdate: July 2, 1871

Age: 18

Occupation: Salty Seer

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Pine, 12”, Flexible, Fairy wing

Family: Family Tree
Husband: Warwick Nott (1856)

Mother: Guinevere Lukeson née Rey (1848)
Father: Ryder Lukeson (1842-1888)
Brother: Ace Lukeson (1869)
Brother: Leroy Lukeson (1872-1887)
Brother: King Lukeson (1873)
Sister: Jolie Lukeson (1875)
Sister: Sybille Lukeson (1877)
Sister: Roselle Lukeson (1888)

Maternal Grandfather: Edgar Rey (1816)
Maternal Grandmother: Lacy Rey née ____ (1827)

Aunt: Jade Operine née Rey (1846)
Uncle: Alex Operine (1840)
Cousin: John Operine (1867)
Cousin: Charles Operine (1869)
Cousin: Eric Operine (1872)
Cousin: Michael Operine (1873)
Cousin: Terry Operine (1876)

Uncle: Charles Rey (1850-1887)

Uncle: Hubert Rey (1850)
Aunt: Brenda Rey née ____ (1851)
Cousin: Edgar Rey II (1873)
Cousin: Bellerose Rey (1875)
Cousin: Fleur Rey (1877)

Paternal Grandfather: Jason Lukeson (1810-1875)
Paternal Grandmother: Nora Lukeson (1824)

Uncle: Lucas Lukeson (1845)
Aunt: Theodosia Lukeson (1850-1876)
Cousin: Myron Lukeson (1870-1872)
Cousin: Lavinia Lukeson (1873)
Cousin: Giles Lukeson (1874-1881)
Cousin: Thelma Lukeson (1876)

Aunt: Hope Weston née Lukeson (1850)
Uncle: Orville Weston (1843-1884)
Cousin: Percival Weston (1871)
Cousin: Theodore Weston (1875)
Cousin: Miriam Weston (1879)

Father-in-Law: Cassian Nott (1827)
Mother-in-Law:: Aurora Nott née Bellchant (1833)
Sister-in-Law: Carina Bulstrode née Nott (1857)
and family
Sister-in-Law: Seraphina Nott (1864)
Brother-in-Law: Cassian Nott II (1874)

Sister-in-Law: Lucille Lukeson née Flint (1869)
Avril is a freckled faced girl with long firey red hair. She has light blue eyes to complement her hair and, taking after her father, stands tall at 5'6". She holds her wand in her right hand. She prefers to wear more simple dresses than most Upper Class ladies, but not too close to what the Middle Class women wear.
Suppressed Emotions |

Reliable |

Passionate |

Judgemental |
Notable Feat | Avril is a Seer

OWL couses | Arithmancy, Divination, Muggle Studies

Chinese Zodiac | Goat
Astrological Sign(s) | Leo (sun), Cancer (moon)

Element | Earth Lilypie Pregnancy tickers


1867 | Her parents meet.
December 3rd, 1868 | The two of them get married.

1869 | Avril's older brother, Ace, is born


1871 | Avril is born.

1872 | Their little brother, Leroy, is born.

1873 | Another brother, King, is born.

1875 | Finally a sister is born, and named Jolie. Little Avril does not understand when she has a dream of a baby having a powerful sign of magic. Her mother assumes it is imagination, sparked from meeting a new sibling, but she dreams that it is a baby boy.

1877 | Sybille is born.

1878 | Sybille shows her first signs of magic, which is very surprise. Ace and Avril are jealous of this. Grandma says that Sybille is going to be a powerful witch. Avril doesn't remember her own vision, but her mother does, and is quite shocked at this realization.

December, 1879 | Avril shows her first signs of magic by making a ballerina figurine start to dance in the air while she is in deep thought over ballet. Avril gets visions more and more regularly, and starts to find it annoying.

1881 | Avril gets a vision of claws, fur, her father. It's all a confusing, upsetting, blur. She tells Ace, and he is convinced that their father is a werewolf, but the tell this to no one.

Summer,1882 | The summer before Avril goes to Hogwarts, both siblings tell their parents about Avril's vision together, but it is not until a month later that their parents confirm the suspicion, and that they can never tell anyone about this. The siblings insist that their younger siblings are told, and it is a large debate between the four of them. Avril has a vision of going into Hufflepuff like her mother. She's disappointed and kinda weirded out.


1882 | Avril goes to Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw, and she doesn't know if she should be relieved or not. She hears about how much her mother pampers her younger siblings in her and Ace's absence through letters from her siblings, and is slightly weirded out. She also learns of Leroy's signs of magic.

Summer,1883 | The debate is finally won for the two oldest siblings. The family sits down and the secret is shared. They are all sworn to secrecy, though Sybille seems to not believe them, thinking it to be a joke. The family just lets her believe this. She has another vision, of Leroy getting sorted into Gryffindor.

1883 | Leroy joins the two eldest at Hogwarts, and was sorted into Hufflepuff. Avril is frustrated with her visions, and doesn't know whether to believe them or not. She knows that her mother must have been super excited when she heard about it. She has a vision of King's first signs of magic, but decides to keep that to herself, mainly to mess with her parents and because it's probably wrong.
1884 | The vision is true! King shows his signs of magic near when the owls are sent home, and Avril is really amused.

Summer, 1885 | She has a vision of Edgar not getting his letter at all. She worries about that.

1885 | Her cousin, Edgar, goes to Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor. She is disappointed by this. Ravenclaw pride and all. To her horror, she has a vision of her Grandmother dying that Winter. It never comes to pass, which she is grateful for.
1886 | The young Jolie has joined the group at Hogwarts on Ace's final year, which seems to upset Jolie that she doesn't have more years with her favorite sibling the traitor.

January 6th, 1887 | Avril gets a vision of her mother and... is that the Headmaster's wife with? Yeah, that lady. Well, a vision of those two arguing. It is slightly amusing, but Avril is worried that mother dearest is going to get them kicked out of school.

February 27th, 1887 | The fight happens. Oh, how the letter comes to her of her mother rambling on about such a rude woman.

Spring,1887 | Mother is so thrilled about Ace graduating. Avril feels that she shall miss her brother deeply at school.

July 1st, 1887 | Avril wakes up from what she thinks can only be a nightmare of Leroy and uncle Charles battling a flying tiger to protect King and Jolie. They end up being victorious. It is a family story to be told throughout years to come.

July 9th, 1887 Leroy... is dead. Dead. As well as uncle Charles. That is a cruel twist of fate. She hates her visions. They are cruel, stupid liar.

July 22nd, 1887 | Detail of her brother and uncle's death are featured in the Daily Prophet. Avril is heart broken that her vision was so cruelly wrong. If it had been true, she would have begged them not to go. Now, it is too late.


August, 1887 | More bad news comes at the beginning of the month when her mother tells her and her sisters that she shall be going to the Pendergast Rose instead of returning to Hogwarts. This displeases her greatly. And her mother continues to announce that upon the summer that each of her sisters turn 15. It is completely unfair in her eyes. But, Guinevere does not change her mind one bit.

Late August, 1887 | Guinevere, upon trying to sign her daughter up for PSYR, and is informed that it would not be a good fit. Flustered, she now has her daughter set for homeschooling, still wishing for her to be closer to home than Hogwarts would allow. Her mother also starts to debate doing this for each of her children after OWLs, and has mentioned this to her.

September, 1887 | Regina, one of Avril's friends from school, seeks refuge with the Lukesons for a few days. She always starts having contact with Acacia Ruskin, another former housemate.

December, 1887 | Avril tries to convince her mother to let her go back to Hogwarts with the half-breeds (and people who couldn't find proof that they were fully human), to no advil. Gwen claims that it wouldn't make sense for just one child to not have proof while the others did.

March 22, 1888 | The news of Ryder's death hits Avril's mother hard, causing Gwen to go into premature labour.

March 23, 1888 | Roselle enters into this world, just as Gwen exits.

March 24, 1888 | Avril informs her cousin, Edgar, of what had happened, while Ace informs the siblings at Hogwarts.

March 25, 1888 | Avril is misinformed about Aunt Jade taking guardianship of her and her underage siblings. She misinforms Edgar.

March 28, 1888 | Avril is informed that what she thought to be truth is a lie and she's salty that she was lied to.

April 2, 1888 | She owls Edgar and informs him that Ace is actually their guardian.
Summer, 1888 | Avril signs up for the expedition to free magic from the magic-retarding fog. Ace confronts her at the trainstation. Her wand is broken.

September, 1888 | Ace decides that she needs to "freshen up" on her etiqute, since she ignored him and went on to Irvingly. She still doesn't have a new wand.

December, 1888 | With the Christmas holiday coming up, Avril gets some freedom to go shopping. Aunt Jade is her chaperone. Ace still doesn't fully trust her, and she still hasn't gotten a new wand.

December 21, 1888 | Avril finally gets a new wand. And she has a vision of herself in a wedding gown.

January 10, 1889 | Avril is told by Aunt Jade that she is going to be married to Warwick Nott once mourning is finished and she's "officially" debuted. She is less than thrilled and doesn't pretend otherwise

February 1, 1889 | The Daily Prophet releases an article and she discovers that Ace had received a letter claiming that Mother could possibly be alive.

June 12, 1889 | Avril has a vision of Ace becoming a werewolf and warns him of the vision, even if it might end up being untrue (which she sincerely hopes it does)

June 26, 1889 | Avril marries Warwick and becomes Mrs. Nott instead of Ms. Lukeson, it's awkward and weird and she doesn't like her name change.

July 12, 1889 | Ace becomes a werewolf. Luckily, she was prepared with the salve to stop the bleeding bite (she'd warned him, and yet he'd insisted on going out on the night of a full moon!). She, out of survival instict, kills the wolf when it had tried to come after her while she fixed up her stupid older brother.

September 5, 1889 | Avril finds out she might be pregnant and elects to not tell Warwick about the possibility.

September 16, 1889 | Ace Elopes with Miss Lucille Flint, effectively cutting off the arranged marriage the girl had.
⁂ Avril has 6 siblings, 5 alive, 1 dead

⁂ Her mother took her out of school to keep her closer to home after Leroy's death

⁂ her family has close connections with one of her Uncles, who is a squib, and his family.

⁂ Avril was apart of a group that went on the expedition to free magic & that her older brother yelled at her to not go at the train station.

⁂ Avril debuted into society nearly two years after her mother pulled her out of Hogwarts

⁂ Avril's mother was "dead" for almost a year.

⁂ On June 26, 1889 She and Warwick got married.

⁂ Avril is a Seer
⁂ Avril was mentioned in a Witch Weekly article

⁂ her cousin, Percival Weston, was missing for several years and is still a child despite being several months older than she due to being transfigured into a stone when he was five.

⁂ Avril has an 'intuition' about things when it comes to her family. She usually knows when something is bothering them, though doesn't always know what it is.
⁂ Has a Father that has been a werewolf since before Ace was born

⁂ Knows some of Regina Lacey's darkest secrets

⁂ As of July 12, 1889 Ace has been a werewolf. This is a secret that nobody will get out of her.

⁂ Protecting her brother, she killed the wolf that bit him out of instinct.
Played By: Ocean

Contact: Candypaw(skype)
Oceanwings#2796 (discord)

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