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Sixth Year
Sixth Year

16 year old Halfblood
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Violette Fernsby

Full Name: Violette Eloise Fernsby

Nickname(s): Vi (usually); Vivi (when she was younger but not so much now)

Birthdate: August 24th, 1874

Age: 16

Occupation: Sixth Year Student

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Vinewood, 13", Dragon Heartstring, Firm

Jonathan Fernsby, Father (1845-1882)
Bernadette Fernsby (née Delaroche), Mother (b. 1851)
Juliette Fernsby, Sister (b. 1871)
Nicolette Fernsby, Sister (b. 1873)

Tristan Delaroche, Grandfather (1822-1889)
Amelia Delaroche (née Morris), Grandmother (b. 1830)

-- Stands at a modest 5'3" and is not likely to exceed that number.
-- Being neither too thin nor too thick, Violette has soft curves that are accentuated by the use of a corset and appropriate padding.
-- In contrast to her elder sisters, Violette was the only one to have inherited her father's hazel-brown eyes rather than the signature Delaroche blue.
-- A round-shaped face is framed by thick, blonde hair that falls to mid-length down her back. For everyday purposes, she usually has it arranged in a simple braid or updo of some sort, but opts for more elaborate styles for special occasions.
-- Fashionable, but not ostentatiously so. She chooses her wardrobe according to what is a best fit for her coloring and figure, and can usually be found in the muggle fashions of the era when she isn't in school robes.
-- Lastly, she wields a wand with her right hand.

ESTJ. Virgo (but has some Leo traits from being born on a cusp). Confident. Determined. Ambitious. Driven. Passionate. Ambivert; feels comfortable in social situations, but does value her time alone. Creative. Privately sensitive. Realistic. Analytical. Hardworking. Critical. Loyal, especially to her inner-circle. Honest. Responsible. Poised and diplomatic. Stubborn. Impatient. A perfectionist. Detail-oriented. Organized. Has a good head for numbers. A strong sense of duty to make her family proud.
-- Pinterest board.
-- Feminine Arts: While she can't claim to be a virtuoso, she can play the piano and passably sing without any undue embarrassment on her part; her needlework is neat and detailed; has been instructed in sketching and watercolors, but leaves the wealth of the artistic talent to Nicolette. Very familiar with the rules of etiquette and is a graceful dancer.
-- Languages: Fully fluent in French; proficient in Italian.
-- Amortentia: Her mother's perfume, herbs (potions ingredients), and clothes fabric.
-- Boggart: Features herself, ten years from now, lonely and unfilfilled in life.
-- Hobbies: Potions (and by extent, Herbology); she enjoys experimenting with beauty potions and often likes to dabble in her own concoctions. Charms; knowledge that should always be in a woman's arsenal, in her opinion. Fashion; while not a designer herself, she does like to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends.
-- Transportation: After her father died from a splinshing accident when she was eight, Violette is incredibly wary of Apparation, and prefers to either travel by Floo or by Muggle means instead.
SUMMER OF 1874 | After a rather trying pregnancy, Violette Eloise is born as the third daughter and final child of Jonathan and Bernadette Fernsby. Her birth had come as somewhat of a disappointment to Jonathan, who had hoped for a boy to carry on the family name, but she had been loved all the same.

YEARS 1874 - 1878 | Naturally, as the youngest child, Violette's early years were spent being petted and somewhat coddled, and she had relished in the attention. She was more than happy to be the apple of her grandfather's eye and a willing participant in Nicky's games of dress-up — which were fun up until she was old enough to form her own opinions, and then that's where they clashed. It was during one of these games that Violette first showed her signs of magic at age four by changing her garish-colored "costume" into a more muted (and acceptable) tone.

YEAR OF 1879 | As a result of the Muggle Riots in 1877, the Fernsbys make the move from London to Hogsmeade, settling in the district of North Bartonburg. She's not entirely happy about being uprooted from her old home, but in time, finds that she rather likes the new one much better — at least she could play with the other magical children out in the open now! A magical entryway is created between the family shop in London to the village for ease of access for their magical clientele.

This is also the year that Violette joins her older sisters in lessons of comportment with their governess.

YEAR OF 1882 | Unexpectedly, her father passes away after fatally splinching himself trying to Apparate. At eight, Violette was (thankfully) spared the gory details, but she's never been able to view Apparation in a favorable light again, and is more than happy to go along with her mother's insistence that she and her sisters never learn how to.

AUTUMN OF 1883 | Juliette, the eldest of the Fernsby girls, departs for Hogwarts where she was sorted into Ravenclaw.

AUTUMN OF 1884 | Nicolette leaves for Hogwarts where she was also sorted into Ravenclaw, a popular house for the Fernsby ladies it seems.

SUMMER OF 1885 | Violette receives her Hogwarts acceptance letter in July, and wastes no time in acquiring her school supplies — including a long-eared owl named Hector and a firm 13" Vinewood wand with a Dragon Heartstring core.

SEPTEMBER 1885 - MAY 1886 | First year; To everyone's surprise, Violette was sorted into Slytherin rather than Ravenclaw like her sisters. While initially saddened by this at first, she's later secretly pleased at not having to constantly be in Juliette and Nicky's shadow — that she could forge her own path in school without being compared to what her sisters were doing. Academically, she was a bright student, and found that she had a natural propensity for Charms and Potions (and Herbology, by extension). She also joins the student clubs of each.

SEPTEMBER 1886 - MAY 1887 | Second year; In replacement of Magic Theory, Violette joins a third club in Leisure Sports.

SEPTEMBER 1887 - MAY 1888 | Third year; The Half-Breed Ban is put into place at Hogwarts, and in a charitable move that Violette thought was terribly risky for business, her mother decides to offer shop discounts to half-breed families for their troubles. This makes Violette and her sisters rather unpopular among the more anti-halfbreed students.

Violette adds Arithmancy and Divination to her OWL-level course list. She proves a good student in the former, but can't take the latter seriously.

SEPTEMBER 1888 - MAY 1889 | Fourth year; Just before Christmas break, Violette begins her monthly courses. She'd have been more shocked if not for the fact that she had two older sisters who already went through it.

SUMMER OF 1889 | Tristan Delaroche passes away peacefully in his sleep. Having always been close to her maternal grandfather, Violette had been terribly saddened by his death and had spent her summer before fifth year in mourning. As expected, her mother became the new owner of Maison Bellerose as was her inheritance.

SEPTEMBER 1889 - MAY 1890 | Fifth year; Violette passes her OWL with a handful of Os and Es. Her eldest sister graduates and debuts at the end of the school year in May, opting to become a debutante rather than go into the workforce.

SEPTEMBER 1890 - PRESENT | Sixth year; Violette continues her NEWT studies with Arithmancy, Charms, Herbology, Potions, and Transfiguration. And with her sixth year nearly finished and Nicolette slated to graduate come May, Violette begins to more seriously consider her future. It would be expected of her to choose debutante life as Juliette has, and while she supposes that wouldn't be too terrible, she also feels that she has more to offer to the world than merely becoming a socialite.

-- Her mother is the owner of a fashion business called Maison Bellerose, and it is known that she offers discounts to half-breed families.
Played By: Miri

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