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Yasmina Khatri
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Full Name: Yasmina Khatri


Birthdate: February 6th, 1865

Age: 23

Occupation: Rare & Exotic Imports Employe

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: London, England | Mumbai, India | Buenos Aires, Argentina | Beijing, China | Cairo, Egypt | Chicago, USA

Hogwarts House: N/A

Wand: 13 ½” Jacaranda and Occamy feather

Blood Family
Reva Khatri — Aunt
Rakesh Khatri — Father †

Rush Khatri — Brother
Mei Khatri — Sister
Valentino Khatri — Brother
Farrah Khatri — Sister
Her eyes are a warm, dark brown and are typically her most striking features upon a first glance, in part due to her expressive brows which naturally draw the focus to her eyes. Her hair is only a fraction darker than her eyes. Overall her face has a soft, roundness to it which lends itself to making her look younger than she actually is, although she’s found ways around this with the careful use of cosmetics.

Yasmina is a modest 5’3” tall and the bulk of her height comes from her particularly long legs which she takes great pride in and dismays social customs which make showcasing them something of a difficulty. Her build is a healthy, curvy sort as opposed to particularly big boned or dainty.

Her manner of dress varies wildly depending on mood, location, season, and occasion and is eclectic as her upbringing. She is right handed.
— Headstrong
— Willful
— Spirited
— Stubborn
— Reckless
Skills & Interests
Spanish [Oral]
Mandarin [Oral]
Egyptian Arabic [Oral]
English [Oral]

1865 — 1869 | Yasmina’s mother is and always has been a mystery to her. The story she was told whenever she asked about her is that she died in childbirth, although she has never seen her grave and no one has ever really been very forthcoming with information about her. She only knows her paternal family and the absence of any contact with her maternal family is a somewhat touchy subject for her - they must know she exists and yet they’ve never attempted to contact her. As a result of all this, Yasmina privately suspects that her mother didn’t die at all but ran away, possibly with another man.

Besides some very hazy ‘memories’ that she’s uncertain whether they’re real or imagined, the earliest memories she trusts are real are those she can place to be just after the death of her father. It’s hardly surprising considering how she was taken from the only environment she’d ever known and suddenly deposited in the care of her aunt and grandfather. The only memory she suspects might predate these ones is of a face so jaundiced and haggard, so utterly monstrous in its frailty that she had nightmares for years afterwards. The nightmares are what make her both doubt the authenticity as well as suspect it for it was revealed to her later that it was a sudden and aggressive illness which took her father. The face of her father in these nightmares and recollections is rarely the same and never that of her actual father but the sense of it being him is consistently there.

1870 — 1873 | A troubled child - in part due to her recurring nightmares - it takes her over a year of living in the shop to finally come out of her shell. She’s timid and at times sullen up until this point when the addition of a boy a few years older provides her with a playmate for the first time. Wary of him at first, her natural curiosity soon won over and she learned how to play and be a child again. Her nightmares persisted but they now bothered her less during her waking hours.

Her first known act of magic came at the age of seven when she caused quite the scene by levitating a large vase into the eyeline of a muggle customer. The shop environment now seemed very much a natural home to her, especially as her early memories were rapidly fading into forgottenness; they were so far removed from her present that they seemed like glimpses of someone else’s past, not hers.

A year later, the family expands once more with the addition of a young girl called Mei. From Yasmina’s perspective this new addition is extremely exciting - she’s mature enough to evoke great awe and wonder in the little girl but young enough that she doesn’t seem as inaccessible as a full grown adult. Thus begins a phase of hero worshipping from imitation to finding any excuse to exist in her company. She eventually chills the fuck out.

By this time, education was seeping into her life from literacy to arithmetic. Foreign languages weren’t so much taught as absorbed - soaking them up from day one of her life in the shop, although some casual tuition did occur. At this age she wasn’t working in the shop but she found the influx of new people endlessly fascinating and would often watch from a discreet vantage point such as under tables shrouded by the tablecloth or peering over the top of the counter when it amused her to ‘help’ her aunt. On one such occasion a customer made the verbal assumption that she was Reva’s daughter. Yasmina was perplexed by this innocent mistake but quickly decided that she wanted a mother so much that she would claim one for herself, so henceforth she started addressing her as ‘Ma’ instead of ‘Auntie’ or ‘Auntie Reva’. Or at least, she might have if after the first few times she hadn’t been dissuaded from doing so which she took as a personal rejection. She was avoidant of her aunt for a few days after this, both embarrassed and hurt by this perceived rebuff. While she largely moved past this and probably seemed back to her usual self, she no longer felt able to be so emotionally unguarded around her aunt as she once had.

1874 — 1877 | Yasmina’s involvement in the shop started to grow at this point from a spectator to a casual helping hand. Being under the age of ten still, she wasn’t much help with the stock itself but she learned how to charm customers with large smiles, impeccable manners, and an eagerness to offer assistance in any way possible.

It finally comes to her attention that magic schools are very much a thing. On a journey outside the shop in Buenos Aires, she chances upon a couple boys around her age animatedly discussing things such as ‘wands’ and ‘spells’ within earshot. Intrigued, she elbows her way into their discussion and walks away knowing the names of several famous wizarding schools, but primarily Castelobruxo for that is where the two boys were about to start their schooling, and Mandira, being that it stood out to her as the school she thought she’d be invited to attend. Her excitement and hopes are soon dashed when she finds out that no such school lies in her future.

With the arrival and passing of her eleventh year with no sign of an invitation to school, she grows bitter and moody. There are other reasons for her moodiness that she fails to understand at the time.

Besides being a year of disappointment, 1876 also brought with it another adoptee, an Argentinian by the name of Valentino. While he’s the same age as Rush, he seems a lot older and more mature to her on account of having not grown up with him and that novelty factor. His confidence and charisma pique her curiosity and easily win her approval of him as the latest addition to the family.

At long last at the age of twelve, she is given a wand and not just any wand but the wand that had formerly belonged to her father - a palmyra wood wand with mooncalf hair core. What followed ought to have been her first lessons in magic, but instead being given her father’s old wand brought back memories of her nightmares which had long since stopped and perhaps due to her apprehension and the particular temperament of the wand in question, upon her first attempt at magic, it expelled all its magical potency for good right there in the palm of her hand. Ignorant of wandlore and lacking much in the way of residual affection for her father, she took this event as upsetting only in so much that it delayed her studies further. Her next wand would be presented to her a few weeks later and would prove to be better suited to her.

1878 — 1883 | Adolescence. Yasmina is largely unaware of how difficult she becomes to live with. Her temper suddenly becomes an issue where it never had been before and she grows self-absorbed. What she really craves is a female friend but Mei is too old and her aunt is obviously out of the question. She tries to befriend some muggle girls around her age in Mumbai and a few other places but their frequently changing location and the amount of information she has to hold back means that they fail almost immediately. She feels isolated from the rest of her family and it’s really the first time she starts to resent their way of life. How many opportunities has she missed out on? What if she doesn’t want to work in the shop for the rest of her life? What if she ends up an old spinster like her Aunt Reva?

As if in answer to the need she is unaware of, another stray finds their way into the shop via the Chicago entrance. Except Farrah is a good few years older than her and while Yasmina is initially intrigued by the new addition, the novelty wears off rather quickly as if she suddenly remembered to be a teenage pain in the ass. This isn’t to say she doesn’t like Farrah, however, but she’s hardly close enough in age to fill the void.

As she heads deeper into her teen years, Yasmina seems to settle into a perpetual shortage of temper and while still studying, her performance suffers as she becomes more interested in magazines she picks up in each location the shop stops in. She starts to take an interest in her appearance to the point of vanity and seems to be determined to push boundaries with frequently outrageous behavior. On one occasion she stormed out of the shop after a heated argument and didn’t come home for three days. She had only intended to stay away for one night until the shop returned to Chicago, just to worry them all a bit. Except she wandered too far and couldn’t find her way back and being a fifteen year old no longer in the throes of that awkward pubescent phase, she attracts questionable attention. One thing leads to another and she returns after three days smelling of liquor and unable to walk in a straight line without wobbling and bursting into fits of giggles. She’s in disgrace for weeks and resents every moment of it.

Her interest in the opposite sex also establishes itself around this time in the form of her first crush. A young man she met at a dancehall in Chicago on her escapade starts frequenting the shop much to her delight. This is is no coincidence she’d told him where to find her. She quietly makes eyes at him in the shop from behind people’s backs and if it weren’t for the fact that he never bought anything and she had a habit of disappearing briefly within ten or so minutes of his leaving, no one might have caught on to her. When she was finally caught it happened to be just after he’d made an unwelcome attempt on her virtue which had left her rattled and angry. After further argument and tantrums which she never let slip what had not quite happened, Yasmina confines herself to her room for several days, finally emerging contrite and seemingly as close to level headed as she’d ever been. Overall her attitude started to steadily improve as the months wore on, as did her studies.

At sixteen she seems to be back on the straight and narrow, and in many ways she is, but her aspirations and inclinations still lie outside the shop, plus she has learned how to be sneaky. Yasmina actually starts to enjoy working there again now that she feels less like the child of the family who can’t do anything right - probably something to do with her change in attitude - and sometimes thinks she wouldn’t mind too much if the rest of her life really was confined to the shop. She does love her family, after all.

This is always a short-lived pipedream though for she seems to have an insatiable thirst for life and excitement. At the end of 1881 she loses her virginity and for a month or so she seems to partially revert to short-tempered and moody. The reason for this is initially shame and then fear that her actions might have resulted in something more permanent than an impulsive rendezvous. She lightens up as soon as she realizes she’s in the clear.

In 1883 her education comes to an abrupt end with the retirement of her grandfather and the shift in responsibilities to her aunt who had been teaching her. Her education had exceeded the expected timespan as it was on account of her poor discipline and consequent slow learning pace. She’s sad to see her grandfather leave the shop, sadder than she could have anticipated, and she’s conflicted on the subject of her Aunt Reva being fully in charge. She really does love the woman but has found herself at odds more often than not throughout her more difficult teenage years. The start of her aunt’s affair with Mei in 1882 didn’t particularly help.

1884 — 1887 | When not working in the shop, Yasmina is erratic and elusive, although much less volatile and recklessly so than she had been in the thick of her teenage years. She tries relentlessly to have friends and a social life with mixed success and nothing that ever lasts.

One of the more memorable events of 1886 is the appearance of Rush’s cloud which was a source of great amusement for Yasmina at the time, although not too much at the detriment of Rush’s feelings. Not intentionally at least.

Whilst maturity has done wonders, it hasn’t rid her of itchy feet; her interest in the world outside their little shop bubble hasn’t diminished and she is often taken by bouts of great restlessness.

Played By: Olive

Contact: PM or Skype

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You're not my nursemaid and I don't ask for you to follow me about so I can't see how your mute bride is any of my doing!

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