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Nora Abercrombie

Full Name: Eleanora Juliet Abercrombie

Nickname(s): Nora

Birthdate: February 1st, 1869

Age: 19

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: pureblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Alumna 1887

Wand: 9" poplar, dittany stalk

Gerald Abercrombie [1825] | Father
Winifred Abercrombie née --- [1832] Mother
Everard Abercrombie [1855] | Brother and family
Delilah --- née Abercrombie [1858] | Sister and family
Gaston Abercrombie [1861] | Brother
Lydia Abercrombie [1865] | Sister and fiancé

Morcombe Abercrombie [1821] | Uncle
Bernadette Abercrombie née Flint [1829] | Aunt
Elwin Abercrombie [1850 | Cousin and family
Cosima Pucey née Abercrombie [1858] | Cousin and family
Callista Pucey née Abercrombie [1858] | Cousin and family
Nora stands at a petite five feet and boasts curves some would find appealing, though she considers herself to be on the chubby side and a corset can only hide so much- not to mention it’s more uncomfortable. Her cheeks and nose are dusted with a smattering of freckles. Her hair is a light, matte brown that holds no curls, but awkwardly waves between having volume and falling flat. Her ladies maid has her work cut out for her. Pale skin and thin lips round out an otherwise unremarkable look (in her opinion).

In reality, despite the freckles, her skin is otherwise unblemished and with a naturally even tone and warmth. It also helps that she is also always smiling, even when nervous or unsure. Light blue eyes sit beneath relatively dark brows, and help frame her face. She dresses fashionably, thanks to her mother's opinions and prefers lighter, spring colors to dark tones.
Demure; obedient; polite; family-oriented; shy; introverted; takes a while to warm up, but very loyal once she does; creative; artsy; avid reader; avoids the spotlight; sometimes awkward; genuine; musically inclined; self-conscious; anxiety-prone.
[February 1st 1869] | Eleanora joins the Abercrombie family as the last girl and final child. With two brothers and two sisters ahead of her, Nora’s birth is inconsequential, but celebrated nevertheless. Delilah starts Hogwarts in the fall, joining Everard.

[1872] | Gaston goes off to Hogwarts. For the first time, Nora feels the absence of her siblings, especially her beloved Gaston as he was the one to nickname her Nora. Now it is just Lydia and Nora at home and her sister is with the Governess while Nora is still with the Nanny, she is quite lonely.

[1873] Everard graduates and starts an internship.

[1874] | Nora displays her first sign of magic but animating her toys to dance for her- with no playmates anymore, she has to make due, though Everard does try to make time for her, despite working.

[1876] | Delilah graduates and debuts. Her first season is an immediate success; she has always been personable and outgoing; she secures a match by the end of the season and is married early in the following year. Nora wonders at her sister, as they are complete opposites in that respect and she cannot fathom how she will ever be able to do that herself.

[1878] Delilah and her husband welcome their first child.

[1879] | Gaston graduates and begins his internship.

[School Year 1880-81] | It is finally Nora’s turn to go off to Hogwarts; she is equal parts nervous and excited, thrilled to finally get to go to school, but immensely worried she is not going to fit in. Immediately she is sorted into Hufflepuff. HUFFLEPUFF. Nobody in her family has ever been sorted into Hufflepuff. An odd Gryffindor here and there, but mostly Ravenclaw and Slytherin. What is she supposed to do. She is loathe to write to her parents, but her mother assures her that her grandmother was a Hufflepuff and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the house. She decides to take Art as well as Music.

It takes Nora a while to get into the swing of things, but with the help of a new friend (and roommate) Nora is able to find some level of comfort in school. She quickly excels in Charms and Potions of all things.

[School Year 1881-82] | Much less anxious this year, Nora is starting to feel like Hogwarts is more her home than her own. Here she has people her own age and is never wont for company if she desires. With roommates and classmates, there is always somebody around and that puts her at ease. At home everybody is doing their own thing and she feels badly for bothering them. She spends copious amounts of time in her common room and the library.

Nora attends a quidditch  match on the request of her best friend (who fancies one of the house team players). Though she had been aware of the sport before this, Nora finds watching the match quiet enjoyable and starts to read up a little more on the subject.  

[School Year 1882-83] | Nora adds Divination and Ancient Runes as her electives. The former is out of sheer curiosity and the latter because she finds it fascinating. Both prove to be enjoyable, though she isn't’ sure Divination is something she would continue on with. Lydia graduates and debuts in the spring. Her first season, though not as successful as Delilah’s still goes well and again, Nora is left in awe.

[School Year 1883-84] | Fourth year is nothing spectacular, though it is the first time she harbors a little bit of a crush on a seventh year. Nothing comes of it obviously, though she admits it to her best friend. That move is almost disastrous, as her friend tries to make something out of nothing and the two have their first real fight over it. Fortunately the disagreement does not last long, but they decide not to meddle in one another’s “love” lives anymore.

[School Year 1884-85] | Fifth year leaves Nora focused on OWLs, though many of her female classmates have boys on the brain, it seems. This is the first year they are allowed to go to the Coming Out Ball at the end of the year. Most girls of her station are far more worried about debuting than exams. Thankfully Nora is not asked to leave school after her OWLs prove to go rather well.

[School Year 1885-86] | Nora decides to only keep Ancient Runes, Astronomy, Charms, Herbology, and Potions. Divination panned out like she expected and she was really embarrassed by her History of Magic grade. It wasn’t for a lack of effort, but she always struggled with the dates and which creature was rebelling when. She tries not to let it get to her, but it’s upsetting, she didn’t do well. She feels lucky to still be at school so she tries to live it up as much as she can, but that’s hard as an introvert.

Attendance at the COB this year is mandatory (per her mother) as she is intent on starting Nora early, despite her final year at Hogwarts still to go. It goes about as expected; she hides, her mother forces her to dance with eligible bachelors and it almost ends in an anxiety attack.

Lydia becomes engaged in December of 1886! Now Nora knows she may have to face her own debut instead of the Hogwarts one. The wedding is planned for December of the following year.

[School Year 1886-87] | Between anxiety over NEWTs and her debut at the end of the year, if Nora had her way, she’d have just hidden in the library until everything was over. Thanks to her BFF however, who is a social butterfly extraordinaire by now, she does enjoy some of the school year. She does incredibly well on her NEWTs, thanks to copious amounts of studying.

Class Name OWLs NEWTs
Ancient Runes A E
Astronomy A E
Charms E O
Defence Against the Dark Arts E --
Divination A --
Herbology E A
History of Magic P --
Potions O E
Transfiguration A --

[Summer 1887] | Debut time; Nora wants nothing more than to simply participate in the Hogwarts Coming Out Ball. Though she knows it will be gigantic, she would rather share the spotlight with however many other girls that are also debuting. However with Delilah married and Lydia engaged, there is not much she can say to get her mother to change her mind on that. In the middle of June, Nora has a splendid and mercifully smaller debut at her family home in London. It is nothing short of uneventful and though Nora manages to make it through without fainting or hiding, nothing comes of it either. Her first season passes much of the same way and no with it over, she is allowed to retreat to the family library, rather than attend ever social event.

[Currently] | Nora’s first season was tiresome, but she keeps plugging on as best she can, trying to find a friendly or familiar face at every event, even though she struggles sometimes.
Played By: Bee

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