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Third Year

13 year old Half-Giant
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Rudy Sweeney

Full Name: Rudolph Sweeney

Nickname(s): Rudy

Birthdate: April 1877

Age: 13

Occupation: Third Year

Blood Status: Halfblood, he’s a half-giant

Residence: Scottish Farmingland.

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: 14 in Dragon heartstring, Oak, Sturdy,

Family: Mother, Father and Half Sister Sarah.
  Half Giant, Rudy is thirteen and big. He is easily already about ten feet tall and has been told he’ll be between eleven and twelve when he’s finished growing. He has a habit of hunching his shoulders to seem smaller than he actually is though it does little to hide his bulk. He has auburn hair - or rather hair of a shade caught between red and brown and ruddy red cheeks. He is not a slender boy and manual labour is something that comes easy to him.
Contrary to his appearance Rudy has a gentle soul. If allowed he would’ve snuck a hoard of wounded animals into his rooms to heal and he cries over every death. He has a deep love of cute, small things and wants to work with animals and it is his aim to get good enough owls to work for the zoo or as an animal healer. He likes to be helpful and that particular trait will override his common sense and self-care. He has at one point or another tried to own multiple animals and a hoard of nestlings to the point his HoH is now constantly wary of what he could’ve brought in and now routinely investigate both his rooms and his person. His parents are now used to getting letters home about it.  He is not an aggressive person and the only way he would compete in something would be team spirit or for morale. He adores his baby sister and will happily have tea parties and listen to her every whim.
From the doc: https://charmingrp.com/misc.php?page=halfbreed While the logistics of their reproduction are…questionable, part giants do exist in the wizarding world! Part giants have at least one giant ancestor and at least one magical ancestor. From their human side they obtain the ability to use magic and attend Hogwarts. From their giant ancestor, they obtain remarkable height and broad builds—half-giants often mature between eleven and twelve feet, quarter-giants between nine and ten feet, and so on until arriving at normal human size. Their giant heritage often gives them a resistance to magical attack through to one-eighth giants. Unfortunately, their size makes them ill-suited to broom flight. Part-giants cannot use polyjuice potion.
[-0] 1876- Rudy’s father is sent out to monitor the local giant population. He does a little more than that (obviously) and soon receives word that one of the giantesses he’d dallied with was pregnant. His childless wife upon learning the likelihood of the baby being killed shortly after birth makes plans to adopt the child and love it as she would her own. It is probably lucky that her husband agrees with the decision. [0] 1877 - Rudy is born in April, and his mother immediately rejects her undersized offspring leaving the way open for his father to take over the rearing of the child. Rudy is roughly twice the size of a normal baby and his introduction into the household starts gossip around the town and they relocate to a remote, isolated location for some privacy. Rudy’s mother becomes friends with one of the local farming wives and his father’s work is unhindered due to the convenient ability of apparition and floo. [2] 1879 - An overly adventurous child he manages his first feat of magic by unlocking the doors to his room and house and going for a wander. His mother is frightened until she finds the boy at the neighbouring farm in the stable asleep next to a motherly dog and her puppies. [3] 1880- Rudy has his first accident due to his size. He accidentally trips and kills one of the chickens next door. It terrifies him and serves as a teaching moment to be very careful. [4] 1881- At four people are beginning to mistake him for a child of much older years and trying to get him to work. He tries his best. With varying results. He begins to help out next door under the strict eye of his mother and her best friend because he does indeed love to help. His menagerie of animals starts to grow when he brings home an owl who had lost it’s foot. Stumpy is only the first of his many small critter friends. Most of them are wild and leave once he had, with his mothers help, nursed them better but many remain. He learns that he cant save them all however cannot help but weap over every death. [5] 1882- Stumpy originally thought to be a boy turns out to be a girl when she goes to roost and lays an egg. The baby owl turns out to be super excitable and Rudy is heart broken when his mother gives it away once it had matured to one of her friends children. Stumpy, couldn’t care less and continues to her own life and goes on to have other hatchlings. None are kept at the cottage and all are given away or sold. [6] 1883- Rudy sticks his nose somewhere it doesn’t belong and gets attacked by pixies. His ear will forever bear the mark of their teeth. [7] 1884- Rudy finds a lost egg and tries to incubate it in his shirt. It does not work. [8] 1885- Rudy finds a Niffler burrow and tries to bring one home. His mother is unimpressed because shortly after all her jewelry goes missing. It takes a liking to him and decides that Rudy’s hair and head is a great vantage point. Stumpy is less than impressed. The two go to war and have to be seperated. [9] 1886- Rudy was nine when his adoptive mother finally added a daughter to their family and together he and his entire family loved and doted on their little princess, Sarah. It is very unlikely that Sarah’s feet ever touched the ground as she was constantly being carried or riding Rudolph’s back. [10] 1887- In 1887 the ban against halfbreeds directly effects Rudy’s chances of hogwarts and his parents are forced to discuss the realities of his ancestry with him as it appears he may not be able to attend school the next year though he is lucky that the ban is removed at the end of 1887 before his schooling would start. Rudy is told to keep the information to himself as much as he can however it is very hard to hide the fact when you are twice the size of everybody else. [11] 1888- They send Rudolph off to school though his mother really didn’t want to do so as they were worried he would be bullied and Rudolph initially confused at all the small children learned to love the experience. Rudy makes it his mission to befriend all the pets of the students. [12] 1889- Rudy’s Niffler tries to sneak its way into school and his luggage. Rudy meets the COMC teacher for the first time and is severely scolded for the Nifflers presence especially since it took a while for its presence to be detected and had amassed a nice little hoard for itself. Because of Nifflers success at the start of the year Sarah attempts to stow away at Christmas. She’s a bit too obvious especially because Rudy now needs to go through an extensive bag check. Sarah is displeased and Rudy contemplates not returning to Hogwarts. He is told he’s being silly and that if he leaves he will never get the OWLs required to work with even more animals or at the zoo or for a magiczooloigst. He returns - his dream already set basically in stone. [13] 1890- Rudy is excited to finally be able to attend COMC. He talks several of his friends into also attending.
Played By: Jen

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RE: Waltz This Way - OWL Etiquette December 6, 2020 – 2:41 AM 3
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As his former partner fled to a more appropriate partner switched partners Rudy tried not to pay attention to the fact he was left standing by himself for just a little bit longer than was probably appropriate but who could really blame them. He was a farm boy by nature and while he was very good at not stepping on people dancing had never really been something he intended to really learn. It had nothing to do with animals after all. The only type of dancing he did on a regular basis was with his baby sister Sarah and swinging her around in the air did not count.... And while he had the strength to do so with any of his partners here he had a feeling that their teacher would frown upon such things.

So he stood awkwardly trying to figure out where he put his arms, feet.... legs... so he didn't injure anybody spectacularly and look anything more than incredibly awkward dancing with a girl over five feet shorter than him.

He really wished he'd tried a little bit harder to beg to sit out and caught sight of Ric who was having similar issues though at 4 foot two he wasn't that much shorter than his partner.

He winced, and tried to smile apologetically at his new partner. If he didn't think he'd get into trouble he would've suggested her standing on his feet because his previous partner had been far too interested in where he put his than her own. His ears reddened as he looked at the girl and he tried to avert his eyes.

"This is so stupid." He muttered. "When am I ever going to need to dance?" He tried not to add, his private, most inner most thought who would ever actually want to dance with me? He would much rather be anywhere else right now but especially in Care of Magical Creatures..... He wondered what exciting thing Professor O'Connell would teach them next...

Social Class:  Middle Class
General Grasp of Etiquette: Okay - But he's kinda screwed since he's 10 feet tall and nothings going to make this okay.
Confidence in Social Situations: this situation? nononono.
Dancing Skills: Drunken Demiguise

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